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I forgot to ask. What about your weakness she laughs at his worried expression and kisses his cheek.It will also go after sometime. Don’t worry. They are just sighs of weakness. Eating well and fresh juice will slowly reduce it. He smile and hug her lying on bed bringing her in his embrace. It was the happiest day of his life. His geet will no more feel those terrible pains and will have to leave those medicines. His life couldn’t be better with the thought of his geet without her pains. He smile closing his eyes and slept with her with a peacefully sleep.






It was Sunday morning. Geet was sitting in maan lap kissing him. His hand was roaming all over her body; her top was out long ago. His hand brush over her bra and move to her back and waist caressing her body. She moves back hiding her face on his neck. We have to go. Chachu will be her soon. She mumbles kissing his skin. He moves her hair to one side kissing her shoulder to neck. Hmm.






She wrapped her sari, maan pin the pallu and give her a kiss. She smiles buttoning his shirt when there was knock on the door. Vicky peeps in with a smile in his face. Bhabhi, they are here. She smile and continue with maan buttons. Vicky stood beside her and looks at maan.I’m so nervous bro. He raised his eyebrow and than smirked. She finishes his button and move to Vicky. Don’t worry when my maan is here. He smile a little and look at maan with hopes. Everything will be ok. Wrapping his arm around him he smile, Vicky look at geet and than at him. I’m really sorry bro. Maan just hugs him tapping his back while geet stood smiling at both.




They went and greet both of them. Meera sat beside her mother with her head down while sameera sat beside their dad. She was somewhere scared from maan. It’s the first time she is with both of them in front of all. Hoping he won’t lose his temper and tell Ger parents about what she did.



Geet went to kitchen helping mom and Annie. Maan sat with Vicky beside him. He looks ahead but his eyes went to Sanders and the memory came his mind again. Clenching his fist he takes a deep breath and look away. This was his brother day and in no way he wants to ruin it. Chachu. I want to make things clear and fast. They both smile knowing his meaning while Vicky palm start sweating. We all really like meera. She can be the best bahu after geet. mom said.Chachu smile and look at meera proudly, meera mother keep her hand on her head blessing her daughter.




Geet, mom and Annie come with all the food and keep them on table. Sameera eyes caught her waist which had a deep mark but geet quickly hold the sari covering her bare skin and sat beside maan. The sight almost killed her. No matter how hard she tried but nothing can ever separate them.



They chatted for long when geet suggested making Vicky and meera talk alone. Maan got a call so went to study. All elder sat and talked. Annie went to her room. Feet went to kitchen where Sameera went behind Ger seeing no maan near her.  How do you do this geet? She turns around finding sameera and frowned by her word. How can you act so sweet all the time? Geet tried to speak but Ger eyes caught the image behind Ger. I must say you can act way too well. Logo ko bewakoof banana to koi tumse seekhe. She laughs and looks at Ger but seeing her looking behind Ger she turn around and gasped a loud finding maan with a most dangerous look n his eyes.



She step back terrified, he move forward to storm on Ger but geet caught his arm. Let’s go. Don’t forget there are people outside. He looks at sameera with his fire eyes and whispered furiously.Go with your parents from here sameera. If you want to live…. than go from here. He turns around and went to study trying hard to calm himself. He would have slapped her hard the moment if only there was no Chachu in the house and it wouldn’t be the day of Vicky.




Geet went behind maan and hold his arm. The moment he saw her he said. Why you let her speak to you?  Why were you quiet Han? She looks down. He was angry in this moment and she wanted to be quiet. Who is she to even say a word against you…?


I swear she need a tight slap…. she keep her palm in his lips looking at him terrified. How can geet say that? How can he even think like that? Maan. How could you? He rolled his eyes jerking her hand away and looks away. She move forward and cups his face. Forget everything for sometime. Let’s think about Vicky and meera only. He look at Ger for some time and hug her trying to calm himself. She is saying true. He has to be calm. He has to stay quiet.





Precap: sameera and geet.



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