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Hidden Feelings part 62

Anjali and sanaya were busy in kitchen.. it was Sunday so all men are at home.. anjali was keeping the bowl on dining table when she saw geet running down and ajay behind her.. geet ki bachi rukh jaa..


Nahi.. she yelled and came straight to anjali hiding behind her. Bhabhi help me.. She pleaded hiding behind her.. Anjali hold her hand looking at both Tom and Jerry confused


Move anjali.. Ajay threatened looking at geet but she shows her tongue above anhali shoulder.. Aise baat karte hai aap bhabhi se han? all giggle at their usual fight.. They were light to their family.. Ajay again tried to catch geet which made geet hold Anjali more tight..  Arey what happened? Geet laugh huging her tight from behind.. bol du bhai?


Geet.. dare you say anything.. he threatened pointing his finger but was too late as geet wisphered in anjali ear. Bhabhi.. bhai na.. always loved to sleep.. with chaddi only at night..


Anjali gasped a loud.. her eyes popped out looking at ajay.. Ajay glared geet.. her big mouth can never be shut.. Teri to main.. geet laugh a loud running and bumped to maan who just entered inside and hold her waist tight.. sambhal k geet.. He wisphered worriedly looking at hom.. she laugh and hide behind him.. maan please inse kaho jao.. She complained to which all laugh at her.. Maan come beta.. Mohinder asked maan standing up.. Ajay geet ab bus b karo..


ajay came running toward her but she hold maan arm tight.. bhaiya.. she pleaded brij having no other option left who instantly raise his voice. ajay.. ajay stopped glaring at geet who smirked evily..


Choro na ussey.. rolling his eyes ajay warned her with his eyes walking away while she show her tongue to him and look at maan. Hey.. whispering she smile widely.. his arm move around hher shoulder walking inside and sit with others..


They all ate together and geet took maan to her room when everyone was busy in their talking.



Entering she close the door turning around but maan bring her body to him hugging her waist. She smile moving her arms around his neck. So Mr busy.. she taunt him to which he smile kissing her cheek softly.. She twist her lips looking ahead avoiding his gaze.. he chuckled turning around still holding her and walk ahead thudding their body on bed putting all his weight on her..


Yes love.. he wisphered kissing her cheek and than bite their hard. Oww.. she made a crying face to which he nibble her cheek succking their.. maan.. she move back smiling shyly.. I wana eat you.. He wisphers nudging his nose with her to which she giggle shyly.. 


Hato.. hitting his chest she tried to move but he hold her both wrist pinning them on her either side.. pushing himself on her.. Aahh.. maan.. you are fat.. she said angrily.. I’m fat han.. with that he push himself more on her making her close her eyes. Maaannn..


He smirked bending down nuzzling her cheek.. hmm.. bolo na.. Sun to raha hu.. she just made a face moving her finger on his hair.. aap buhat badmaash ho rahe ha.. he giggle looking at her than kiss her chin.. Kya kare.. No other options.. She laugh ruffling his hair.. Hmm.. So how’s work going? He just sighed kissing her forehead.. Headache hain. There was some sadness in his voice which she could clearly feel.. Sometime she clearly not understand why his parents are making him do things which he have no interest in.. But tum hona.. My energy pill.. He wisphers softly kissing her lips.. 


Suddenly they hear a loud noise of anjali calling geet to which she pushes him and tried to stand but he hold her wrist again making her fall lying beside her.. Maan bhabhi aa jaayengi.. 

Hmm.. One thing just.. Smiling he bent down kissing her nose and leave her.. She smile  standing and ran only to stop at door.. turning she give him a flying kiss which he keep on his heart.. giggling she ran out before anjali comes running here.
Precap: sanaya Confused
 PART 61
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Aise kya dekh rahi ho..He whispered finding her lost in his eyes. She smile kissing his nose and move back locking her arms around his neck. Aise hi.. Saying so she smiled melting his heart.. this girl have some really magic making him fall in love to her more and more with every passing second… pagli.. He whispered hugging her close to him..

They reached at anjali house.. Geet was quiet scared to face her.. If she comes to know about whatever happened between them she will surely be angry with her.. Maan tried to assure her all the way buy her nervousness was only increasing her heartbeat.

Reaching the doer he rang the bell.. Geet hold his arm tight.. He knows she is really very scared. Sonali open the door and smiled hugging geet. Hey maan. He smiled and entered inside..

Anjali came down and look at geet who was totally avoiding looking at Her and the look on her face itself told her that something have happened which she wants to hide.. Sighing she came down. No matter what this girl is making things only difficult day by day.. Whished not understanding that being like this may bring some misunderstandings or can build some issues in their life.. But what can she do? Maan have told her to stay quiet..

Anjali dad came and wanted them to stay a little but anjali told them they have to be home soon. So maan took them and drive to handa mansion.

All the drive everyone was silent.. No one spoke a word.. Here anjali was lost in her thought while geet was hell scared to face her.. Reaching the mansion geet and anjali bid bye to maan and entre inside.. Anjali sit on sofa closing her eyes.Uuffhh.. She sighed tired of all the things.. taking a deep breath she open her eyes finding a glass of water in geet hands standing in front of her.

Anjali smiled, no matter what she is such a sweet and adorable.. Holding the glass and hold her arm making her sit beside her. Itni chup kyun hai?

Geet look down fidgeting with her finger not knowing what she should answer her.. Naraaz ho mujhse? Geet look up at her and then hug her keeping her head on her chest. Naraaz to aap mujhse hai. She complained cutely making anjali chuckled stroking her hair.

I’m not angry at you geet. I just want you to be happy.. Geet look up at her other her innocent face. I’m happy with maan Bhabhi.

Anjali smile cupping her cheek. I know gudiya..

Phir mujhe daanta kyun? She complained pouting her lips to which anjali giggle pulling her nose.. Itna bhi nahi kar sakthi? Rubbing her nose she smile lightly and snuggle close hugging her tight. I love you Bhabhi..

She whispered making anjali smile kissing her forehead. Hmm. Bhook nahi lagi hai?


Both smiled and stood up.. Geet was about to go when anjali hold her arm catching her attention.. Standing in front of her she close her button making geet look down forgetting to close it.. Giving her a look she patted her cheeks.. Ab Chalo..

A week was passed.. Brij and Sanaya finally came back from their honeymoon. Maan work load was increasing more and more.. Geet would sometime complain to him but him ausaul usual will manofy her with his sweet kisses and smile.. Whenever he gets free time he would visit her in mansion..

Sanaya many times didn’t approved of their so close friendship but none of the family member paid attention saying geet is like this.. But anjali was scared by her so interested in geet life..


Precap: Sanaya suspecting more…

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