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He talked to her and finished the call. Dadi bhi Na. Looking up him saw that girl looking at her and just look away finding him looking at her. She looks away and twist her lips which make him chuckled. The girl is something really cute. Making really amazing faces every second.

Next day again maan went to the same restaurant and sit on his usual table.. He look here and there automatically his eyes searched for the same girl for some weird reason he himself also doesn’t know why but today she was not here. Maybe she came for one day only. He sighed looking down at his mobile..

You order sir? He look up at the same waitress and her stupid smile maan rolled his eyes and was about to speak when his eyes fell on the door where the same girl entered with her cute cute frown face. He smiles looking at her. Sir? The waitress called him making him look at her Han? Oh order.. Coffee..

She smile sweetly and went away leaving him to look at the girl who came and took the menu. After sometime she ordered her food and her eyes fell on him looking at her. He looks down immediately being caught by her for the second time. His heart thudded loudly.. Is baar pakka nahi choregi..

For long time he didn’t dare to look up at anyone and look down only cursing himself starring at some unknown person at an unknown hotel.. Par.. Wo bhi to baar baar yahi dekthi Rehti hai.. Haan. Wohi hai jo mujhe ghoorti hai. Consoling his heart he smiled.. He is not the only one starring but she also glance at her time to time.. Hmm.. agar chillayi to keh dunga.. You were watching..

He cleared in his mind that he is not the only one starring. Convincing himself he again glance at her and sighed. She is not looking. Great.Bach Gaya..He inhaled a long breath smiling.. But soon straightened himself… why is he smiling just like that… yea pagal larki mujhe bhi Pagal bana degi.. Cursing himself and her he continued drinking his coffee.. And not to forget starring at her…

Few days past. It became his regular routine to visit the restaurant and drink his coffee starring again and again at that unknown girl. He noticed her always entering with her cute cute frown and sit there for hours. He always notice her making faces every second.

There were many times when their eyes met for mili second and both look away feeling embarrassed. He could always feel her gaze on him when he would be looking down. He tried to avoid this but nothing went like that.

It was like a habit for him to come to the hotel and search for her and both would glance at each other’s particularly.

One day when he was drinking his coffee looking at her she also glance at him and look away frowning which make him chuckle by her usual habit.

He actually liked her making faces. Every moment there will be different expression on her face which makes her extremely cute. Must be the cutest thing in world.

One day he was sitting there when he got a call from his Dadi. Ji Dadi.

Beta Hume aapse kuch kehna hai.


Wo. London k office humaara aik assistant hai. Vijay.. Unki maa India aa rahi hai to Maine socha unko mansion main bhula Lu.

He frowned by the brilliant idea of his Dadi. What do you mean? She is bringing some ajnabi to their mansion and asking him like she is doing a great job..

Beta wo buhat ache log hai. Vijay ko to jaante Haina.. Humaare dil k buhat kareeb hai. Sachi. Dadi tried to convince him.. But maan rolled his eyes..

Great. Now she will bring every dil k kareeb people to their mansion.Fine. Do whatever you want. Saying this he cut the call.


Precap: time to know something about AJNABI







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Geet. Saaf saaf Bol. Anjali asked really strickly making geet shiver in fear. Never have she spoke like this. What will she do now?

Her silence was making anjali more and surer about the doubt she was having. Was maan here in morning? Geet only look down not knowing how to answer her. Geet main kuch puch rahi hu? Anjali threatened her to say something but she was only and only sitting there quietly..

Not getting any answer she sighed frustrated and stood up holding geet wrist she made her stand looking in her face which was only down. Jawab do mujhe? She asked firmly but still the same silence.

Kaise aata hai wo tere room main? The next thing she thought asked her making geet more scared.. But anjali was not more angry.. Geet.. Geet move a step back whispering very slowly..Window. Anjali stood there not believing what she heard.. Maan is coming to this house to geet room god knows from many days and here she is standing with a love bite in front of her.. Does she even know what it means?

How can they be so catch-up and forget the limits.. How can maan do this when she always has thought of him as a very mature person.. This is really very wrong.. What if someone else see them? What if papa or her brother comes to know about these things.. Everything will be ruined.. Everything will shatter…

Do you have any idea what you are doing? She asked finally coming to reality seeing her with her head bowed.. Geet this is wrong.. You both should know your limits. This time she looks up but anjali couldn’t find any guiltiness in her eyes which shock her more than anything..

We know our limits Bhabhi ..And don’t say it is wrong ..We love each others.

Yes I know ..But this is ..You both are not even engaged? Anjali tried o reason herself but geet only frowned at her..

Aapki aur bhai ki bhi sagai nahi Hui ti Bhabhi ..Aap dono to milte Te ..

Geet..She shouts holding her arm tight. We always knew our limits ..She shouted glaring at geet who look away but a tear escape from her eyes feeling hurt by her words ..Anjali never have talked to her like this ..She thought anjali will understand their relation but she can never understand how they feel for each others.

But how can anjali make her understand the difference between her and maan relation.. There is so much difference.. At least ajay and she were family friends.. But maan.. He is from big family.. And this geet.. She is one of the innocence.. How difficult it will be for her to understand everything about being a wife.. A daughter in law.. She doesn’t even know how to talk to people than how can everyone will think of her marriage..

Anjali sighed seeing her tears and softened her hold making her sit on sofa sitting beside her she wipe her tears softly. I didn’t mean to hurt you baby. Holding her chin she makes her looks up. It’s just ..I’m really scared ..Geet sniff holding her hand which was on her cheek.

Mujhe maan pe khudse Ziada bharosa hai Bhabhi ..

I know ..But still ..She looks down and then looks up at her after a moment. I think it’s time everyone should know about you two.

This made geet look at her scared.. She never has thought about it.. And now what will all behave when they will come to know about them.. Somewhere this idea was scaring her but she knew anjali is right.. Geet stare at her for some moment making anjali scared that maybe she won’t accept it but she smile lightly nodding her head..

Agar aapko Aisa lagta hai to main maan se baat karungi. Anjali smile at her ..Cupping her face she kisses her forehead and hugs her tight.. This is the first time she have shouted at her and was really sorry but whatever happened was good for her.. Geet should know this is wrong..

Later in the evening anjali was working in kitchen and geet sat in living room thinking about her words. Now she has to talk to maan and they have to talk to all others.

She was somewhere scared of how will everyone react after knowing that her and maan relation is not friendship but love. Will they all be able to understand the depth of their feelings? Will they ever know the depth of their hidden feelings?






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He knows he is wrong, but that moment nothing went in his mind other than work. Ok now sleep. We will talk in morning. He slept and closes the light. Maan too went to his room and didn’t know what he will do now. He knows he have hurt her, but she was the one who never expected anything from him than why was she angry so much.






She got up and immediately got ready and made her way down. Sam was making breakfast for all. She turns around to see ger in hurry. Geet. She stops at door and turn around. You are. Again going? Geet rolled her eyes and went out not answering her which made Sam know she must be in her full mood. Shaking her head she went to kitchen again.






Geet went out but yesterday thoughts were still on her mind. She was still feeling really sad don’t know why, what is the main reason behind her feeling?  Is she feeling so bad because of all people ignorance?  But that’s what happens always than why is it hurting her today more by him showing his this attitude toward her. She move ahead but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she found Samar.  Where are you lost? She looks at him. He smile at ger being lost but the moment her red eyes and pale face come in his view he put his hand on her cheek worriedly. You OK? She nodded and hugs him. He holds her, sensing her sad face. Something again must have happened.  Without antithetical word he made ger sit on bike and drove to collage.







Maan who stood at the window watch everything down, he clenched his fist seeing geet in Samar arm and him cupping her face. And then she sat in his bike holding him from back keeping her head on his shoulder. He hated their closeness, didn’t approved a single of it. He wanted to punch Samar face hard, but somewhere he knows he is wrong, he did wring with geet and ger have to apologize.






They reached the collage, all the way he let her keep her head on his shoulder and sleep for sometime peacefully while he purposely drove slowly not to jerk her. He slowly stops the bike and moves his other hand to her cheek. Geet. She slowly opens her eyes inhaling a deep breath move away. Let’s go. Nodding her head she slowly stand and both entre inside.







She finishes her presentation and sat quietly in her other class. Samar sat beside her all the while.  When they were alone he asked ger. What have happened? She sighed looking down only.  Geet. He called again finding ger so silent but what shocked him more was a thin line of tear on her cheek. Not wasting time he moves his arm around ger. Hey what happened? She sniffs wiping her tear and shakes her head. Kaise kuch nahi?  Bata kya hua? She moves close to him finding comfort and peace. Why this always happens to me. Why always I have to wait?  Why I always have to listen to others?  I at least didn’t expect this from him Samar. I didn’t expect him to take me as lightly as other take. I’m nothing to him too.



He tightened his hold stroking her hair, but deep inside he wanted to deal with this person, how he dare behave like this to geet. How can he even do this? He has to pay for it. Very heavily.  Ssshhh bus. He engulfed her in his arm soothing her but burned inside seeing her so broken. He knows, somewhere she was building very tiny hopes from him but he too have become a jerk. He know somewhere she always wanted to marry a person who understand her, who respect her,  who can fulfill her all desires and at least ask her for one time before making any decision.








Samar wanted her to come home with him but she told she have to go home as Sam told ger to be. As much as he hated all these but he have to agree and let her go.







All were having breakfast together when maan mom spoke up. Where is geet? Sam looks here and there. Aunty, she is in college.  She smile and again start eating. All finish and went away leaving Sam dev and maan. When will she come Sam? Dev asked knowing well maan is desperate to know.She will come after two hours. She thought for something and suddenly gasped a loud making maan and dev look up at her. Oh my god. How can I forget? Both frowned. Today was her important presentation. And I didn’t even drop her. She sighed shaking ger head. Tabi subah itne gussein main thi. Maan and Dev exchanged a look where Dev give him a blaming look. He cleats his throat and look at Sam. Can I…. can I go to pick her. Sam looks at him for some time and time smile nervously.







Precap: Samar angry at maan.









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