Both somewhere were losing every limits, the loss of understanding and everything. They didn’t remember any limits, any guilt n nothing.. This moment the only thing which matter was they.. And now they just wanted to savior the moment being close to each other’s feeling their desires.. The only thing which mattered was their love. They only know what they felt having each other’s so close. Buy to their dismay geet cell rang hard bringing both out of their world and know what they were actually doing..

Her cell continues to ring a loud but both sat their quietly waiting for their breath to be normal back. She hides her face on his throat inhaling his scent while his finger softly and slowly was stroking her waist. Looking down at her neck he smiles a little seeing his teeth marks and her almost naked body. His shirt buttoned was ripped and skin was scratch from many places which he don’t know where but can feel the burning sensation.. They were not able to believe at which extent they have gone.. Maybe a little too much.. But whatever it is they know it’s not wring. Their feelings are much stronger than their intimate feelings. Maan look at geet fining her eye closed.. He knows this moment she can’t talk to anyone.. Kissing her lips softly he move his hand inside her pocket taking her cell.

It was Anjali calling her.. He looks at geet. Maan know if geet will come to know than it will scare her.. Anjali behavior knows a day’s only is making her scared from Anjali.. But he also knows she is also not wrong in her place. If geet mother would have been alive.. She would also behave the same as Anjali is now behaving.. If Anjali would come to know about their closeness today she will make the hell out of geet and this situation will only worsen the relation of geet and Anjali which he would never want.. Geet have got someone like her mother after such a long time and he would never want any misunderstanding between them.. Anjali is really important for her and he prays Anjali will solve the matter calmly seeing geet situation.

Taking a deep breath he answers the phone but Anjali call first.. Hello geet.. Maan smiled listening her restlessness voice.. The worry can Cleary be hear on her voice. Anjali.. Her name from his. Mouth scared both Anjali and geet. Geet hold his shirt tight looking up at him but he just shakes his head blinking her in assurance. Anjali kept quiet not knowing what she should think. This is the thing she was scared of and now Maan answering gee call.. What does that mean? Maan.. She called out.

Geet is with me.. Maan answered knowing well what she wants to know.. But Anjali didn’t know what she should say. Saying anything will make Maan angry but she doesn’t approve or even wants them to be close again. Maan. Geet ajay k saath nahi gahi? Maan smiled a little at her concerned. She must have been confirming it from ajay.. Nahi.. I will drop her.. Geet blink not knowing what the discussion is going on but she was scared of facing Anjali after this.. What if she comes to know after what happened between her and Maan..

Anjali stayed quiet for a moment and then say.. Theek hai.. Main papa k ghar hu.. Why don’t you pick me also?

It’s ok.. I will be there soon..

Ok.. Bye..

Hanging the phone he look at geet whose eyes were extremely scared and her hold on his shirt was only tightening.. Cupping her face he kisses her forehead. Chalo.  I will drop you home ..But she just hugs him tight nuzzling her face on his neck. Maan know her nervousness from Anjali and chuckled kissing the corner of her lip. His finger slowly close her buttons and fix her hair which was open by their intimations.  Chale geet.. He whispered softly caressing her cheek with his thumb. She moves a little back.. He smile sweetly kissing her lips and move back.. Her finger moves to his hair fixing his hair and then traces his cheekbones to his stubble looking at him lovingly..

Aise kya dekh rahi ho..He whispered finding her lost in his eyes. She smile kissing his nose and move back locking her arms around his neck. Aise hi.. Saying so she smiled melting his heart.. this girl have some really magic making him fall in love to her more and more with every passing second… pagli.. He whispered hugging her close to him..


Precap: how will Anjali react??



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Opening her arm she called ger. Geet went and sat besides her hugging her. Anjali look behind to maan gesturing him to take her away. Moving back she keeps her hand on her cheek. Will you make something for me? I’m hungry. Geet smile weekly and kiss her cheek, standing maan move his arm around her shoulder and wipe her tears going out. Ajay look at them going and turn to Sanaya.




Aap Bari hai Bhabhi. But it doesn’t mean you can say anything to geet. She look at him and then at anjali but she look away. You don’t know what geet to all of us is. You have no idea if bhaiya and dad will listen it what they will do. Sanaya look scared at him. You are coming to our family. The first thing you should learn is to love geet. And that’s also the last thing. He said very sternly looking at her eyes.






Bhabhi. She looks at anjali. Please don’t speak to her like that again. She said in her week voice. Both stopped when they saw geet and maan at the door. Anjali smile indicating ajay.  He turns around and smile looking at them.






Geet come and put the tray on side table sitting besides her looking at her sadly. I’m really sorry Bhabhi. Anjali shake her head hugging her.No geet. Don’t say that. Moving back she carsses her cheek.






After sometime brij and mohinder also came there. Ajay told them the good news. Par yea sab kaise? Mohinder asked suddenly. Sanaya open her mouth to say something when maan move in front of ger. Anjali felt dizzy uncle. And see, geet thinks it’s because of her. Mohinder look at geet frowning. Ab yea sab geet ko Kon samjhaaye, yea sab to ajay ki wajah se hua hai. He statr laughing making all the man laugh a loud, anjali become deep red looking down in shame. Sanaya look away, ajay slap his back.





All look at geet who was having a confuse look. All rolled their eyes. Now who will make her understand? She never will try to find the meaning behind any words.






Mohinder asked brij to drop Sanaya. All the drive Sanaya tried to say brij, she indicated the entire incident to him keeping her eyes on him only wanting to see that look in his face but he was only smiling, listening about geet. When they reach the destination. She speaks up. Don’t you think, geet should learn to be responsible? He frowned looking at her. I mean. She is such a spoiled…. she stopped in her track when brij show his hand to her with full angry face. Not a word against geet. Pointing his finger to her he says. Mind that. She gulped and looks down slowly nodding her head.









Maan was going back to work which was the hardest thing, when geet is there to stop him his waist. Mat jaona.  He smiles caressing ger hair. Geet. Have some work. She makes a face, keeping her cheek on his chest. He leans down keeping his cheek on her hair. You are so busy now a day.






I know. She moves a step making him step back untill his back hit the wall. She moves her one hand on his chest moving close to his ear. Maan tried not to react, he know she is on purpose seducing him so can’t go. But he has to. She kisses his earlobe softly moving close to the corner of his lips.





Uncle. He shouts, papa she jerk away turning around with her wide eyes but didn’t find anyone. He laughs hugging her from back. Meri geet kaise darne lag gahi? She pushes him by her elbow turning around. It’s all because of you. He giggles holding her waist and moves her to the wall hiding his face on her neck nuzzling there. Her arm move around his neck.






Bhabhi. She whispered trying to love him but he push himself more on her. Maan Bhabhi. She again whispered and pushes him hard. He made an annoying face. She eyed him, he turn around to find anjali actually coming to her room. Both strengthen themselves and smile looking at her. Maan. You still here?  He looks down.Was just going. Bye. He said and almost ran making anjali giggle at his red face. He always becomes so shy in front of everyone.







Precap: wedding started






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I forgot to ask. What about your weakness she laughs at his worried expression and kisses his cheek.It will also go after sometime. Don’t worry. They are just sighs of weakness. Eating well and fresh juice will slowly reduce it. He smile and hug her lying on bed bringing her in his embrace. It was the happiest day of his life. His geet will no more feel those terrible pains and will have to leave those medicines. His life couldn’t be better with the thought of his geet without her pains. He smile closing his eyes and slept with her with a peacefully sleep.






It was Sunday morning. Geet was sitting in maan lap kissing him. His hand was roaming all over her body; her top was out long ago. His hand brush over her bra and move to her back and waist caressing her body. She moves back hiding her face on his neck. We have to go. Chachu will be her soon. She mumbles kissing his skin. He moves her hair to one side kissing her shoulder to neck. Hmm.






She wrapped her sari, maan pin the pallu and give her a kiss. She smiles buttoning his shirt when there was knock on the door. Vicky peeps in with a smile in his face. Bhabhi, they are here. She smile and continue with maan buttons. Vicky stood beside her and looks at maan.I’m so nervous bro. He raised his eyebrow and than smirked. She finishes his button and move to Vicky. Don’t worry when my maan is here. He smile a little and look at maan with hopes. Everything will be ok. Wrapping his arm around him he smile, Vicky look at geet and than at him. I’m really sorry bro. Maan just hugs him tapping his back while geet stood smiling at both.




They went and greet both of them. Meera sat beside her mother with her head down while sameera sat beside their dad. She was somewhere scared from maan. It’s the first time she is with both of them in front of all. Hoping he won’t lose his temper and tell Ger parents about what she did.



Geet went to kitchen helping mom and Annie. Maan sat with Vicky beside him. He looks ahead but his eyes went to Sanders and the memory came his mind again. Clenching his fist he takes a deep breath and look away. This was his brother day and in no way he wants to ruin it. Chachu. I want to make things clear and fast. They both smile knowing his meaning while Vicky palm start sweating. We all really like meera. She can be the best bahu after geet. mom said.Chachu smile and look at meera proudly, meera mother keep her hand on her head blessing her daughter.




Geet, mom and Annie come with all the food and keep them on table. Sameera eyes caught her waist which had a deep mark but geet quickly hold the sari covering her bare skin and sat beside maan. The sight almost killed her. No matter how hard she tried but nothing can ever separate them.



They chatted for long when geet suggested making Vicky and meera talk alone. Maan got a call so went to study. All elder sat and talked. Annie went to her room. Feet went to kitchen where Sameera went behind Ger seeing no maan near her.  How do you do this geet? She turns around finding sameera and frowned by her word. How can you act so sweet all the time? Geet tried to speak but Ger eyes caught the image behind Ger. I must say you can act way too well. Logo ko bewakoof banana to koi tumse seekhe. She laughs and looks at Ger but seeing her looking behind Ger she turn around and gasped a loud finding maan with a most dangerous look n his eyes.



She step back terrified, he move forward to storm on Ger but geet caught his arm. Let’s go. Don’t forget there are people outside. He looks at sameera with his fire eyes and whispered furiously.Go with your parents from here sameera. If you want to live…. than go from here. He turns around and went to study trying hard to calm himself. He would have slapped her hard the moment if only there was no Chachu in the house and it wouldn’t be the day of Vicky.




Geet went behind maan and hold his arm. The moment he saw her he said. Why you let her speak to you?  Why were you quiet Han? She looks down. He was angry in this moment and she wanted to be quiet. Who is she to even say a word against you…?


I swear she need a tight slap…. she keep her palm in his lips looking at him terrified. How can geet say that? How can he even think like that? Maan. How could you? He rolled his eyes jerking her hand away and looks away. She move forward and cups his face. Forget everything for sometime. Let’s think about Vicky and meera only. He look at Ger for some time and hug her trying to calm himself. She is saying true. He has to be calm. He has to stay quiet.





Precap: sameera and geet.



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Maan came home very late; it was almost 2am he made his way to their room extremely tired and hungry.  He saw geet already sleeping so went to change his cloth.


After coming he sat beside her and strokes her hair gently, moving down he softly kisses her lips. She stirred and turns her back to him. Smiling he lay behind her holding her tight and kiss her cheek and rub her arms she turn around and hug him. Aa gahe, she said in her sleepy voice still with her closed eyes. He removes her hair from her face stroking her face gently. Hmm. I’m hungry. Her lye on her back opening her eyes and stares at him. He smile and move to her neck kissing there softly and trace his lips there. She smiles again closing her eyes. He move back and kiss her eyes. I’m hungry. Giggling she open her eyes and open her arms to him. He holds her and made her sit.



Both made their way down, geet warm the food which she made for him and sat beside him looking at him eating, his eyes were really red due to restless nights and work load. What have you told Vicky?  She frowned by her question. Did Vicky tell him everything? You know, he wants to join me in every work. Strange. He looks at her while eating and smile happily. She smiles, than look down.It’s good. She stopped not wanting to talk more. He just nods his head and again starts eating.





She brings him close to her brushing his hair. Don’t wake me in morning. I want some rest. He mumbled closing his eyes and holds her waist tightly holding her, hiding his face in Ger neck fully. She kisses his cheek brushing his hair till he went to deep sleep.






Next morning geet was sitting reading some book while man was still sleeping beside her. Suddenly there was knock on the door. She look up only to find Vicky, he look at her and immediately look down. Come. She whispered slowly keeping the book aside and dims the light for Maan.



Vicky sat infringement of her still looking down, I’m sorry. He mumbled slowly, it’s ok. She said casually, but Vicky knew she is still not forgiving him. He looks up at her. Bhabhi… he tried to speak but she cut him.Vicky, go from here. You can see your brother is sleeping. If you care… so go. She looks away after saying it. He look at her hurt by her this behavior but knows very well he really deserve it. Sighing he got up and turn to leave.



Maa. Stirred by the sound and slowly open his eyes to see Vicky back. Vicky? He called out; opening his eyes and keep his head on geet lap. Vicky turns but looks down only. Come.  He again sat but was looking down only. Maan find it rather amazing seeing both of them quiet, he have some doubt that something must have happened. Sitting he rest his back on geet and look at Vicky. I’m going to talk to mom about you and meera. Vicky head shot up and look at him dumbstruck, he look at geet who was only looking down. Tracing her finger in Maan arm. Meera is ready. Don’t worry. He smile and turn to look at geet but frowned finding her quiet.



Geet. Say something. She looks at him and then looks here and there; she didn’t want to be part of this discussion. Not in front of Vicky, after what he said. I have to go. She stood to leave from there but Maan hold her hand making her stop and turn. He looks at her and than Vicky. What happened between you two? Geet look up at him and find him looking at both suspiciously. She tried to move her hand from him which made him hold hard. Vicky.  What have you done? He asked very strickly knowing very well it can be some of his stupid act which has brought this situation between both. He makes geet sit beside him and look at Vicky only.



Vicky looks up at geet. Bhabhi, please. I’m truly sorry. Maan look at geet and smirked, he can see her controlling herself really hard. Only he knows she can never be angry with anyone, and being angry with Vicky. That’s simply impossible. He smile and keep his head on her lap closing his eyes. He just wants to see how far can his sweet, cute wife can go.



Bhabhi. He again called out looking at her with his puppy eyes. But she still look down now at maan and start brushing his hair.Please say something. Please. She finally looks up at him and finds him in urge of crying. Sorry. He whispered holding both his ears, she look down pouting. You know I can’t tolerate a word against Maan. Maan open his eyes, by her shaking voice, her tears were coming down. Vicky move forward but Maan brought her in his embrace glaring at Vicky. Which made him guiltier?





Precap: will geet forgive him?


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