Slowly and steadily he moves his finger to her waist and start to tickle her making her jerk open her eyes. Maaan… maaann please … maaann… but he didn’t listen any of her pleading went to his ear and he continuous tickling.. Maan please.. Sorry.. Maaan… he stopped finding her breathless while laughing.

How was it? She hit his chest still giggling trying to steady her heartbeat.. Bringing her in his embrace he kisses her forehead. Sleep now.. Sleeping beauty..She smiles leaning close.. And both slept happily in each other embrace.

Next morning maan slowly open his sleepy eyes bringing geet close to him. She groaned snuggling close to him. But suddenly he remembers they have to visit to doctor today. Looking down at her his thumb softly strokes her cheek. She looks so calm and innocent.. God knows what doctor will give them the information..

Moving close he kiss her forehead to which she frowned cutely moaning his name and again goes to sleep. He can only pray everything goes well and their baby should be safe with his sweet wife. He doesn’t want her to suffer any more pain.. Especially when their baby is inside her.. She already has gone through so much but not now.. She shouldn’t feel all those horrible pains when she is having their life inside her..

Both got ready and sat on dining table.. Somewhere geet was totally nervous.. She knows her this condition will surely bring some side effect to her pregnancy but she didn’t want maan to know about it.. Now this visit.. God knows how will be the report.. She only prayed everything goes well. She has seen maan quite nervous and anxious this morning.. He is all the while only thinking.. She was  just scared to face him the moment when he will know the risk of her pregnancy..  She tried many times to ask him to go to work but he is adman ant to join her in hospital..

In her nervousness she clearly rejected to have breakfast but maan and mom didn’t let her leave the mansion without eating. She seems lost and quite scared, which maan surely noticed but didn’t say anything.. Her eyes were today’s speaking something else which was only scaring him more and more..

Reaching hospital both sat in the waiting room.. Finally the time came where they don’t know what future will bring for them.. Maan safely secured geet in his arms knowing the turmoil she must be going through. He knows this time is much harder for her than for him.. If he is feeling this nervous than it will be more for her.. I’m so scared.. She finally whispered snuggling close in his. Embrace. He rubs her arm kissing her head. Sab theek hoga I’m sure..

Hmm. she just stayed quite now waiting for the moment she never wanted maan to face.. Soon their name announced and they went inside.. Geet was sent to a ward where maan insisted to join her.. Maan please wait outside. But he already holds her by shoulder entering inside. No. I will be with you.. Saying so he made her sit on the bed. A nurse came bringing all the belonging which speedup maan heartbeat. He remembers previous test.. They are so painfully.. Looking at geet he saw her eyes scared..

Wrapping his arm around her he sit besides her bringing her close to him. Geet psychiatric came smiling and hold started doing her test. Ok.. This is going to be little painfully.. Please lie down.. Seeing the type of injection geet clearly understood what’s going to come next. Gulping her slowly lied down slowly..

Maan stood confuse but geet hold his hand making him sit on bed beside her. The thing shocked him a lot that the doctor inserted the injection on her neck making her moan. Geet.. He whispered seeing a layer of tear than lean down..

It’s ok. It’s over.. The doctor takes the thing with the help of nurse going out. Maan sat their brushing her hair for sometime.. . Her eyes were closed but tears were not stopping. Mishti..He whispered stroking her cheek.. She moves her face to a side feeling his touch.. Maan saw her neck turning little blue.. Leaning down he very slowly brush his lip on the mark. This is incredible.. He never thought this can be so much painful. Why his mishti have to always go through all this?

Now here they sit outside waiting for geet result.. She was being really very week leaning on maan.. he hold her tight seeing her being really week and know very well how much she must be in pain. Why does she always have to go through so much painfully test again and again.. Why can’t she be treated like normal people?

Mishti. Looking down at her he first kiss her close eyes. Is it paining. She slowly opens her eyes snuggling close to his neck. Hmm. She just mumbled muzzling her face on his neck. Kissing her cheek he brushes her hair trying to sooth the pain..


Precap: maan shocked with the reports..

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He talked to her and finished the call. Dadi bhi Na. Looking up him saw that girl looking at her and just look away finding him looking at her. She looks away and twist her lips which make him chuckled. The girl is something really cute. Making really amazing faces every second.

Next day again maan went to the same restaurant and sit on his usual table.. He look here and there automatically his eyes searched for the same girl for some weird reason he himself also doesn’t know why but today she was not here. Maybe she came for one day only. He sighed looking down at his mobile..

You order sir? He look up at the same waitress and her stupid smile maan rolled his eyes and was about to speak when his eyes fell on the door where the same girl entered with her cute cute frown face. He smiles looking at her. Sir? The waitress called him making him look at her Han? Oh order.. Coffee..

She smile sweetly and went away leaving him to look at the girl who came and took the menu. After sometime she ordered her food and her eyes fell on him looking at her. He looks down immediately being caught by her for the second time. His heart thudded loudly.. Is baar pakka nahi choregi..

For long time he didn’t dare to look up at anyone and look down only cursing himself starring at some unknown person at an unknown hotel.. Par.. Wo bhi to baar baar yahi dekthi Rehti hai.. Haan. Wohi hai jo mujhe ghoorti hai. Consoling his heart he smiled.. He is not the only one starring but she also glance at her time to time.. Hmm.. agar chillayi to keh dunga.. You were watching..

He cleared in his mind that he is not the only one starring. Convincing himself he again glance at her and sighed. She is not looking. Great.Bach Gaya..He inhaled a long breath smiling.. But soon straightened himself… why is he smiling just like that… yea pagal larki mujhe bhi Pagal bana degi.. Cursing himself and her he continued drinking his coffee.. And not to forget starring at her…

Few days past. It became his regular routine to visit the restaurant and drink his coffee starring again and again at that unknown girl. He noticed her always entering with her cute cute frown and sit there for hours. He always notice her making faces every second.

There were many times when their eyes met for mili second and both look away feeling embarrassed. He could always feel her gaze on him when he would be looking down. He tried to avoid this but nothing went like that.

It was like a habit for him to come to the hotel and search for her and both would glance at each other’s particularly.

One day when he was drinking his coffee looking at her she also glance at him and look away frowning which make him chuckle by her usual habit.

He actually liked her making faces. Every moment there will be different expression on her face which makes her extremely cute. Must be the cutest thing in world.

One day he was sitting there when he got a call from his Dadi. Ji Dadi.

Beta Hume aapse kuch kehna hai.


Wo. London k office humaara aik assistant hai. Vijay.. Unki maa India aa rahi hai to Maine socha unko mansion main bhula Lu.

He frowned by the brilliant idea of his Dadi. What do you mean? She is bringing some ajnabi to their mansion and asking him like she is doing a great job..

Beta wo buhat ache log hai. Vijay ko to jaante Haina.. Humaare dil k buhat kareeb hai. Sachi. Dadi tried to convince him.. But maan rolled his eyes..

Great. Now she will bring every dil k kareeb people to their mansion.Fine. Do whatever you want. Saying this he cut the call.


Precap: time to know something about AJNABI







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Jald hi. Har kisi ko saathi ki zaroorat hoti hai zindagi main. Saab ji ko bhi is baat ka jaldi ehsaas ho jaayega.

Dadi just prayed whatever Nakul said will become true and fast. She wants him to be like all and spend his life normally like others.

Finishing his work maan made his way again at the mansion. It was usual late night and he thought like usual his Dadi must have slept but entering inside he saw her sitting waiting for him.

Nakul take his files and laptop from him and went to keep them in his room. Maan sat beside Dadi. Aap Soyi nahi?

Aap Jaisa pota ho to kis Dadi ko neend aayegi.

He rolled his eyes by her usual self. Nakul came back and hurriedly went to make his coffee and his dinner. Kaisi hai aap? He asked after a little silence..

But dadi says.. Rehne dijiye beta. She sighed sadly. Fikar hoti to yea sab nahi karte app.. She said sadly making him sigh… this is her usual dialogue due to which he never sit and talk with her because she will usually start complaining..

They sat in a silence when nakul bring his coffee. Dadi. Mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai.


I have to go to London. Kuch kaam ke silsile main.

Dadi sighed sadly. Kuch naya Kahiye.

It’s for three months. This make Dadi shock looking at him. Teen mahine. Maan aap yea kya keh rahe hai.

Jaanta hu Dadi. But it is an important deal.

I don’t care. You will not go.

Dadi. Aap baat Bara rahi hai. Main hamesha to jaata hu.

She shakes her head standing. Jaise Aapka man kare kijiye beta. Hum kon hote hai aapse kuch kehne waale.

With that she went away sadly. He always think about business and other stuff but can he for once will think about her. For once will he come to her and talk to her all about his day. Ask her what she did. Ask her how she is. No nothing.

But nothing of her word affect maan and he straight way went to his room where nakul ran behind him with his dinner tray. Saab main aapke bag pack karu.

Hmm. Sab kuch dihaan se karna.

Jee. He went and takes his bag out packing all his cloths, watch, socks and every single thing he will need there. He will be out for three months which means many things to be needed.

Aap Kab Jaayenge. He asked when maan was about to take his bite. Kal subah.

Nakul nodded again looking at the bag but was not able to be quiet..Saab jee. jaate jaate Dadi se..

Tum bag pack karo aur jao nakul.

This made him be quiet instantly and begun to work. No matter how much he want to tell him to just talk once with Dadi before going but nothing can change mind of maan sing khurana.

Packing his all things nakul went to Dadi telling her that maan will he going in the morning but dadi didn’t paid any attention. Jaane dijiye nakul. Agar wo nahi mil sakte humse to hum bhi unke Dadi hai.

Next morning he got ready. Nakul Dadi ka khayal rakhna. The only sentence he said before leaving but didn’t try once to go in her room and talk to her.







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Rahul is under arrest. She frowned and looks at him curiously. What? He smile and sat in front of her. Yes. Now he will pay for all his life. She gasped with her wide eyes. But before she could say anything they heard a loud noise. PAPA. Khushi yelled from behind making him turn in a jerk. There she sat by her knee in front of both of them with her tiny hands on her waist and puffy cheek.




She comes forward angrily.I’m talking and you both are not listening. Why? She asked cutely, with her raise eyebrows. Both chuckled, she look adorable with her cute cheeks turned red. Geet bring her in her lap. Haye, mera Bacha, we always will listen to you baby.  Maan kiss her cheek. Baby, take this and play. Khushi jump in joy taking his blackberry and went to couch playing games.






He turns to geet who was looking at him suspiciously.  Keeping his hand on her cheek.Yes geet. Everything is perfect now. He will never even think of seeing you. Forget about touching, he will think twice taking your name. She looks at his eyes to make it sure he is saying truth. He smiles assuring him making her sigh in relief and move in his embrace. He won’t come back. Will he?  She looks up at him. No jaan. He will never.








Few days were past and geet almost forgot the Rahul issue. She neglects to go to office anymore and told maan, she will stay at home. He listened her and agreed simply.






Maan came to home little late and saw his two loves one engrossed in their playing. He quietly changed and than lied on his side seeing both. Khushi jump on him. Papa. I love you. She kisses his cheek smiling cutely. He smile and stroke her hair. Love you too baby.





Papa, I am your princess Na. He nods his head. Ofcourse baby.





Mama. She called looking at geet. She looks at him nervously and then takes a paper passing to maan. He curiously looks at her and then paper than Khushi. Sitting straight he opens the paper and looks straight at Khushi after reading it. She made a cute innocent face which could melt anything. He sighed and folds the paper.






I think you know Khushi. You never went and never will go for any trips. He said keeping the paper. Khushi pout looking at geet. Maan. Please let her go.





No geet. No discussions. He again lied closing his eyes. Geet look at Khushi and than keep her hand on his cheek. Maan. It’s for week only.




No. he said strictly.



She wants to go.



Geet. A no means no. She sighed and looks at Khushi, gesturing her to come near. Papa, please papa. She pleaded kissing his cheek. I want to go. Pleaaassseee. She made a cute face.






After some silence he opens his eyes looking up at both of them. Geet move forward to his ear. If you agree. There’s a surprise for you. Moving back his eyes lightened by the name of surprise. Wow another date. He looks at Khushi and immediately smiles. Of course you can go. Khushi jumped in joy hugging him tight and thanking both of them.








Precap: will there be really any surprise???







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Opening her arm she called ger. Geet went and sat besides her hugging her. Anjali look behind to maan gesturing him to take her away. Moving back she keeps her hand on her cheek. Will you make something for me? I’m hungry. Geet smile weekly and kiss her cheek, standing maan move his arm around her shoulder and wipe her tears going out. Ajay look at them going and turn to Sanaya.




Aap Bari hai Bhabhi. But it doesn’t mean you can say anything to geet. She look at him and then at anjali but she look away. You don’t know what geet to all of us is. You have no idea if bhaiya and dad will listen it what they will do. Sanaya look scared at him. You are coming to our family. The first thing you should learn is to love geet. And that’s also the last thing. He said very sternly looking at her eyes.






Bhabhi. She looks at anjali. Please don’t speak to her like that again. She said in her week voice. Both stopped when they saw geet and maan at the door. Anjali smile indicating ajay.  He turns around and smile looking at them.






Geet come and put the tray on side table sitting besides her looking at her sadly. I’m really sorry Bhabhi. Anjali shake her head hugging her.No geet. Don’t say that. Moving back she carsses her cheek.






After sometime brij and mohinder also came there. Ajay told them the good news. Par yea sab kaise? Mohinder asked suddenly. Sanaya open her mouth to say something when maan move in front of ger. Anjali felt dizzy uncle. And see, geet thinks it’s because of her. Mohinder look at geet frowning. Ab yea sab geet ko Kon samjhaaye, yea sab to ajay ki wajah se hua hai. He statr laughing making all the man laugh a loud, anjali become deep red looking down in shame. Sanaya look away, ajay slap his back.





All look at geet who was having a confuse look. All rolled their eyes. Now who will make her understand? She never will try to find the meaning behind any words.






Mohinder asked brij to drop Sanaya. All the drive Sanaya tried to say brij, she indicated the entire incident to him keeping her eyes on him only wanting to see that look in his face but he was only smiling, listening about geet. When they reach the destination. She speaks up. Don’t you think, geet should learn to be responsible? He frowned looking at her. I mean. She is such a spoiled…. she stopped in her track when brij show his hand to her with full angry face. Not a word against geet. Pointing his finger to her he says. Mind that. She gulped and looks down slowly nodding her head.









Maan was going back to work which was the hardest thing, when geet is there to stop him his waist. Mat jaona.  He smiles caressing ger hair. Geet. Have some work. She makes a face, keeping her cheek on his chest. He leans down keeping his cheek on her hair. You are so busy now a day.






I know. She moves a step making him step back untill his back hit the wall. She moves her one hand on his chest moving close to his ear. Maan tried not to react, he know she is on purpose seducing him so can’t go. But he has to. She kisses his earlobe softly moving close to the corner of his lips.





Uncle. He shouts, papa she jerk away turning around with her wide eyes but didn’t find anyone. He laughs hugging her from back. Meri geet kaise darne lag gahi? She pushes him by her elbow turning around. It’s all because of you. He giggles holding her waist and moves her to the wall hiding his face on her neck nuzzling there. Her arm move around his neck.






Bhabhi. She whispered trying to love him but he push himself more on her. Maan Bhabhi. She again whispered and pushes him hard. He made an annoying face. She eyed him, he turn around to find anjali actually coming to her room. Both strengthen themselves and smile looking at her. Maan. You still here?  He looks down.Was just going. Bye. He said and almost ran making anjali giggle at his red face. He always becomes so shy in front of everyone.







Precap: wedding started






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Her life is being decided, always have decided by Dadaji or Sam. Not once have they asked during all this, weather she want all this, what she wants to do?  What she feels about maan? 



She went upstairs to meera the person, the person who is going to change her life. As she approached him, who was facing his back to her and talking in phone. She clears her throat to gain his attention. He turns around and smile looking at her, gesturing her to sit and again got pro his call.



She sat on the swing looking at him engrossed in his call. His talks told her he is making some office call so look above the sky.


Two hours past.



Maan was still in his phone making excuses again and again to her. Geet was pissed off now. She rolled her eyes and stood up. By the time he finishes his call and turn to her smiling.Hi. She glares him. Mr. Khurana. If your time, calls, work and family are important for you than let me tell you, my time, family and work are also important. He tried to say but she cut him raising ger hand. If you wanted to work than why did you called me in first time?




She turns around to walk. Geet please listen. He stands in front of ger. It was important.



I also had some important work, but I left that because of you. She points her finger to him. I was stupid to come and waste my time here. With that she went away. Maan stood there, feeling extremely guilty. What have he done. Uuffhh how can he forget geet is not the kind of girl whomever he always met. Waiting hours for him for just a word. Running his hand in his hair frustrated, he thought of the way now to manofy her.







She storm to her room highly irritated with this person. What does he think of himself? She waited for her for two damn hours and he, he can’t even say a sorry. Angrily she sat on her desk opening her book. She has a presentation tomorrow. But for him she left it to prepare later and went to him. Give a chance to their relation as all wanted. But what happened, looks like he doesn’t really want anything. Bus showoff. Samajhta kya hai apne aapko?



Then realization has drawn her. Why is she expecting? From when is she expecting anything from anyone? This is what happens to ger every day, every moment. No one has valued her time, her wish, and her desires. No one has waited for her. No one has asked her ever what she like or what not, except Samar and his family. That’s why she is so close to them than anyone. That is the place she gets love from only.



Maan is also like others, wanting her to do what is told, and she have to. But somewhere she was expecting at least something from him and that too went in vain today. A tear slipped from her eyes, why is her life so difficult why can’t she get just a little thing she want. Peace, happiness.



Geet. Let me sleep. Switch off the light. Murmuring Sam turn to other side. Feet wipe her tears and switch off the lamp taking all her books and went to the place where she always study alone, sit alone thinking about ger life. She sat in the balcony taking the small torch and Starr preparing her work.







On the other hand maan discussed his issue with dev who accused him badly.How can you do this maan? He sighed sadly. This was the moment you should spend with her not office.


But dev.


Oh shut up. Work could have been done later,  tu mujhe bol deta, main kar Leta. This was so important man.



He knows he is wrong, but that moment nothing went in his mind other than work. Ok now sleep. We will talk in morning. He slept and closes the light. Maan too went to his room and didn’t know what he will do now. He knows he have hurt her, but she was the one who never expected anything from him than why was she angry so much.








Precap: sad geet


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Suddenly they hear anjali voice from near calling geet. She move back and was about to run when he hold her and kiss her. Cheek quickly before disappearing.  She smile and went to anjali.



Where were you?  She looks down fidgeting with her finger. WO. I’m tired. Let’s go home. She nodded and went to Sanaya.






It was almost late night; maan didn’t yet give her the dress she was pacing in her room, ab kya karu. He didn’t even bring the dress.  What will I wear tomorrow? Sighing she lye on her stomach playing with the chain. She waits for some more time but he didn’t come. Getting tired she keep her head on pillow closing her eyes. After some time soft lips touch her cheek making her simile and slowly open her eyes. Maan. She whispered turning around to find him looking at Ger and bend down kissing her forehead.



Sorry. Was in important meeting. She twists Ger lips pulling his tie and makes him drop on top of her, loving her arm around his neck. He smirked hiding his face on her neck inhaling the fresh aroma of Ger shampoo. She closed her eyes feeling tickling sensation by his breath. His one arm moves under her head keeping it above it and softly kiss her neck making her gasped and titled her neck.  Maan. A soft moan escape from her lips, he move to her throat rubbing his nose their and kiss her sensitive spot. She grabs his hair with the proximity he was building in her. He toes become curled.



The loud noise from outside bring both of them in reality. She open her eyes and maan too move away realizing where they were heading. He looks at Ger who immediately look away outside the window turning deep red. How can she face him after whatever have done between them. His finger move to her cheek stroking the pinkish shades when she closes her eyes. Smiling he move forward muzzling her cheek.Your dress is on the table. He whispered kissing her cheek and move little away just to look at her. She slowly look at him and look down, a shy smile stayed on her lips making him move down and very softly kiss her.

Miss me. With that he move away from her body and stood up. She turns to her left looking him going out of window, but giving her a flying kiss before going.






He wore his cloths hurriedly wanting to meet her as soon as possible. Wanting you see how will she look like with his dress. He got ready and went to there house which was filled with lots of people, lights, foods, juices. But his eyes were only searching of his feet. Where is she? He move forward and saw anjali and ajay together standing with brij and talking to him.


He from there and look here and there and finally spotted her standing with sonali and giggling. She was looking the most beautiful girl with her gagra choli dress. He smile and move forward to her amazed by her cute giggling sound, just like some music. She was engrossed with Somali when she feels Someone gaze on her. Turning her head she saw him standing with his genuine smile looking extremely handsome. She smile and look down than to Somali again. Geet. I want to show you something. Come. She nods her head and walk ahead of him.



Sonali watch both of them leave and went to maan mom, who frowned and look ahead to find geet going somewhere with maan beside her. She notices how his hand slowly move you Ger waist bringing her close. She was lost by the way he was holding geet. He can’t hold her in such a way. They are just friend and nothing else. She has to talk to maan.





He take her away and both stood in other side where there were very less people and most important to family members. They watch silently as Sanaya came and stood beside brij. She was all the while looking down. Geet giggle seeing anjali wisphering something in her ear which made her turn deep red and shyly look at brij who look down blushing. Maan look down at her finding her lost in her family. Looking down he take her hand admiring her ring and softly kiss there. She looks up and keeps her head on his shoulder, looking the ring ceremony. All clapped a loud and mohinder wished both hugging them. Geet move forward but he holds her hand. Stay with me. She holds his arm and drags him along with her to brij and Sanaya.



Anjali smile looking both of them together and geet arm around maan. She saw her hugging Sanaya and wishing her kissing her cheek. Maan shake his hand with brij and move a little back letting geet meet Sanaya. She looks how maan was only and only looking at her and was only beside her. She can see how much he wanted her to be with him which cannot be happen like this. There are many people and having no choice she find geet leaving him and went to brij and ajay. She saw him getting restless and stayed away from everyone in one corner. The only time his smile got back when she went to him again.





Precap: maan and geet in room. Anjali outside.



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