He hired a detective against him and sends some trusted person behind him to collect information about him and his work which can be helpfully. He made sure to make Rahul regret whole his life to do this with his geet. Maan Singh Khurana’s geet.





Next day when maan came out of shower and saw her getting ready. Geet. She looks at him. Where are you going? He stands beside ger. Office. She was back to her usual cold self, she have become so soft after so long time and again have become the same. You shouldn’t go. She looks up at him. I will. With that she went out in another car.





Sitting in the car she still can remember what Rahul did with her and she will never ever let him do that. Again. She was week, shocked at that moment, somewhere she was broken badly, for once she trusted maan and this happened, for once she tried to do what he say and ger did this. But she won’t keep silence anymore. How can Rahul even think she won’t reply back to him, she can do anything she wants?



She enters the office where she was told Rahul was already in conference room. She inhaled and entre the room to find Rahul and rajjat, Rahul was having that dirty smile and evil eyes were all over her but she don’t care anymore. She sat on her chair, open ger file and took the first letter passing it to rajjat. Your resignation letter. Sign it. Rajjat look at her shocked and look at Rahul who chuckled. I thought this company runs by maan.



Yes. But you also forgot I’m his wife Mr. mehra. She said sternly straightly looking in his eyes. He frowned; she was so week before and just now this?



  Sign Mr. Rajjat. Rajjat take the paper sign it passing a look at her. You are dismissed for five years. She looks at him. You won’t work for any company for five long years. Another shock came for both of them. What? Rajjat whispered looking at her curiously. Yes. Now get out. He sat there shocked, not knowing what he will do now. His career is over for Five years. Out. She said again finding him lost. He stood and quietly left from their looking at Rahul angrily.






Rahul stood up coming to ger. That was great. He leans down to her bringing his face very close to ger. Her jeep her hand on his hand and push him hard standing up. Stay in your limits Mr. Mehra. Don’t forget it’s my office where you are standing. He look down at his shirt and up at her smiling amazingly. Wow. So many attitudes.  She ignores him and takes the file throwing at him. The contract is cancelled. You should get out of here right now. He takes the file and read it. His all contract was canceled and he got loss of 25 lakhs.  He looks up furiously at ger. How dare you? Throwing the file he storm toward her bit she slap him hard on his cheek. He looks at ger furiously with his hand on his cheek. Told you. Stay in your limits. I was not able to react before but you have to pay for even coming this close to me. With that she slaps his other cheek really hard.



He steps toward ger wanting to slap her but his hand stop in mid way by a strong arm around his wrist.  Grunting he look at maan furiously looking at him. How dare you? He pushes him hard so he jerks to floor lying. Maan storm to him kicking his stomach and hitting his hands. How dare you put you filthy hands to my wife. Geet called the security and they arrived. Take him. She ordered and all guards took the bleeding Rahul outside but she stops him standing in front of him. You have made the biggest mistake to come back Rahul. You just Mess with geet khurana. Count your days. She threatened him, he look at her furiously while geet stood beside maan, both glaring him.





Geet came home after that, and told maan she no more wanted to work with him in office, he quietly accepted what she told. She stayed in house not believing what happened in few days. How many things have changed? No matter how much she tries to trust maan but he always do something to hurt her deeply. If he would have been little concupiscence about his work this wouldn’t have happened.  He always takes things so lightly about her. Because she was dealing the project ger didn’t even once thought to check the file, didn’t even checked with whom he is sending her to do the project.  He is still the same careless about her.



But what can she do? Why does she love him so much that whatever he does with her, her heart never wants to punish him, never want to see him suffer Than why he always make her suffer?  How long will she wait?  How long she have to lament? How much more time will he take to understand her.



She lean back her head to window and a tear escaped from her eyes. Why he only have to hurt her so much that it become so hard for her to forget and come close to him.





Precap: maan Singh khurana faces Rahul






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It was almost evening when anjali called geet. She ran down to her. Geet. Can you please go to office? Ajay as usuall forgot his file. Geet giggle and take the file. She entre the office and turn to ajay cabin when she hit someone and was about to fall but was saved by two strong arms.





She opens her eyes to see someone holding her and looking at ger amazingly. She stood up smiling. Thank you. I thought I’m gone. He smiles.  It’s ok. She was about to go when he call out. Do you work here?  Turning around she smile. No.  I’m geet handa. She said proudly.


Oh. The daughter of handas.  Good to meet you.

He forwards his hand which she takes.  I heard a lot about you. Lovely meeting you. She giggles and moves her hand. Geet. A voice came from her back. Turning she sees maan. Maan. Smiling she went to him. You here?


Yea. We have a meeting. And you?







Wo. Bhai forgot his file. And see he help me to fall Down.

She said giggling and looks at him. Maan look at him. He is our client and brij friend. Anurag. Anurag smile at geet bowing down. She giggles and then looks at maan but maan didn’t like this. Geet being so close to someone didn’t liked by him. Anurag take this file and go to brij and ajay. He nodded and looks at geet. Ok geet. See you soon. It lovely meeting you.



She smile and again shame hand. Maan hold her hand and bring her to cabin. She smiles seeing his red angry face which clearly show how much he is jealous. She suppressed her smile and tries to put more oil. Anurag is so sweet Na. Such a lovely boy. She said making cute face burning maan more. He look at her angrily and hold her arm jerking her to him. Lovely, sweet.  She smirked moving close. Haan. You know. He have some image, I like it.



With this she start singing animatedly


Aanknon hi aankhon


main ishara ho gaya.


Gifted bachate jeena ka


Ishaara ho gaya…


Song idea by


Love u.



As she says that he twists her hand bringing it behind her back hurting her. Ouch. But he didn’t care and glued her body to him pressing her hand from behind.






Say it again. She tried moving her hand but his hold didn’t lose. Losing her calmness she yelled. Uuffhh. He is much better than you. More handsome more smart and more more and more lovely. Saying this she look at him angrily and he too glare at her. But soon his face softened and holds too. She frowned by this and looks at him smirking. Moving his hand around her waist he kisses her cheek. Say whatever you want. I know your only my. only mine.





She pouts and hit his chest. Then why you did that? He bring her close rubbing his thumb on her lower lips making her smile shyly and blush hard. He smile and move close very softly kissing there.I hate it when someone sees you like that. She sighed and move back not forgetting the place where they are.I will go now. He smile and nodded hugging her close to his heart.






She come home and went to anjali room.  She was sitting on bed but seems like was in deep thoughts. Smiling she sat beside her. Bhabhi. She jerks and looks at her smiling. Kya soch rahi hai anjali smile and jeep her hand on her cheek. Nothing. You say. Geet smile.






Bhabhi. I don’t know why Sanaya Bhabhi behaves like this to me.

Anjali frowned but soon understand what she is saying.Geet. She need time to be part of us. Everything will be ok. Geet look down nodding her head. Hmm.



Anjali look at her for some time and say. Whenever someone says something about you. Learn to give answer sweetie.






But you always told me to give respect.

Anjali smile.





I know. You should. But at least let people know what you are and what you have.




Geet thought for some time. Maybe it’s right. She should have told Sanaya that she know what responsibilities are. She knows what home is. If she doesn’t have a mom it doesn’t mean she don’t know anything.







Precap: marriage preparation main


 good news.













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He keeps the phone smiling. This girl is really mad. How can Dadi say her innocent? She is clearly avoiding and rejecting him again and again. But he reminded of his career and his smile vanishes. He is falling on these stupid things, and wasting his thoughts. This girl is really pushing him in unnecessary things.






Some days were passed. There was no change in their relation. Dadi was really tensed that not once maan have talked or asked about geet and not even survinder have talked about geet. What if geet is not ready?  And what if maan is not ready?  There was not any from either of them.



She called maan to her room. He smiled and sat beside her. Beta. Did you like geet? He looks at her frowning. Aapne Hume koi Jawab nahi diya.  He sighed looking down for some time. May be its time he should h
Say her what he want. Dadi. I have seen geet. She is nice. But I need time. I want to make myself something. I don’t want to think of marriage now.



He sighed after fininshing. Finally he said what he wanted to say from so long. Looking up at Dadi he can say she is disappointed by him. Dadi. Aap ne jaisa kaha maine kiya. Please now let me do what I want. Dadi shake her head. Her maan always does what geet want. But she won’t let him do that now. Agar unhone humse kuch pucha to?



Wo nahi puchenge I’m sure. Geet is studying and I’m sure she wants to continue her study Dadi. Wo bhi yahi chahti hogi.  That’s why they not once have asked or told anything on this.



Now her so called intelligent grandson has closed the entire door for her so she tried her last luck. Hum to bus yahi chahte te. Jaane se pehle apni bahu ko dekhlu. Maan rolled his eyes by her usual drama and excuse. Whatever maybe the situation she will use this threat for everything. But he won’t accept it now. Aap kahi nahi jaayengi Dadi. She twists her lips making a very sad face which made maan sigh. Fine. We will go there for one week. You discuss this issue with geet Dadaji and let’s see what they think. Ok?



After a long time she nods her head not fully accepting it. He shakes his head and kisses her forehead before leaving. The more geet stays the more she will force him. It’s better to work than listen to his Dadi demands. Now he should speak to geet to convince her Dadaji. He wants to concentrate on his business now. He just need some time for himself. But will she listen to him. He has seen her showing attitude to him and what if she again shows her attitude and disagree him which is her favorite thing.







Sam enters the room and fined geet lost in her thoughts, holding her book. She smile and sat beside her. Kiske khayalo main ghum ho. She asked teasingly which bring her out of her thoughts and look down nervously.Bolna.  What were you thinking? Geet rolled her eyes looking at Ger finding the teasing smile. Di I’m not like you. har waqt galat soch. Sam gasped hitting Ger shoulder while geet giggle looking down at book.



Ok now seriously. Tell me do you like maan? She asks with her raised eyebrows. Geet look down for some time and then say. Pata nahi di. This is so odd. Aik hi mualaqaat main sab pakka.  Why??



Oh. That’s fine. They will come for one week. tab soch lena.



She sighed and keeps the book on table lying die. She just doesn’t want to talk about this topic. All this stupid issue, not liking how they just called and fixing everything. Not once have anyone asked for her opinion. Not once have anyone asked what she wants? What she like?  Just doing anything with her life and expecting her to be happy.



Sam look at her from behind, her eyes were closed but she can see a small tiny drop of tear in corner of her eyes. Holding her she kiss her cheek and lied behind her. She knows it’s hard for geet but somewhere she like maan and his family. They were so sweet and nice plus it’s the only wish Dadaji have seen all his life. He is really happy with this relation.




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Precap: maan in geet collage

            and is shocked.
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Anjali smile looking both of them together and geet arm around maan. She saw her hugging Sanaya and wishing her kissing her cheek. Maan shake his hand with brij and move a little back letting geet meet Sanaya. She looks how maan was only and only looking at her and was only beside her. She can see how much he wanted her to be with him which cannot be happen like this. There are many people and having no choice she find geet leaving him and went to brij and ajay. She saw him getting restless and stayed away from everyone in one corner. The only time his smile got back when she went to him again.



The entire guest went late night. Geet went in her room quickly throwing her heavy dupatta on bed and turn to her mirror to take her necklace out when she saw behind maan sitting bed with her dupatta. He smile and come toward her wrapping his arm around her bare waist. What are you doing here? She asked angrily pushing him and tried tto take her dupatta from him which he didn’t let go. Maan. Give. He smirked and again jerks her to him. She struggle but he calmly hold her tight. After getting tired she sighed and looks at him. He smile and kiss her cheek throwing the dupatta on bed. Why are you angry? 



She again tried to move but he locks both his arm around her. Bhai and bhaiya were talking I didn’t spend time with them today. It’s all because of you. Making a face she pouts playing with his button. He chuckled hiding her face in her neck mumbling.I’m sorry. Kissing her skin he move back seeing her smiling a little and keep her head on his chest. You should go. Bhabhi said she will come.

he didnt say anything, move his hand to her cheek making her look up and slowly, kiss her lips. she close her eyes keeping her hand on his heart feeling his thudding beats. they kissed softly feeling the soft lips of eachothers. he nibble her lower lip moving his hand on her hair bringing her more close deepening the kiss. she moaned with the pleasure. his step move forward making her step back and stick between wal and his body. his hand roam around her waist to her back feeling th epoed skin. she move her arm around his neck moving her tongue in his mouth. their tongue played while his fingers moved to her stomach feelings her sking. they didnt wanted to move back but unable to breath he move a little back making her gasp and close her eyes keeping her head on wall both breathing heavily.
His face move to her neck kissing softly. they stayed ineachothers amr for sometime catching their breath. after sometime He made her sit on bed and sat in front of her caressing her cheek. You made my life so beautiful. She smile and kiss his cheek softly keeping her head on his shoulder. He holds her waist bringing her more close. He didn’t say just hold her for some time when there was knock on the door. Geet.



Bhabhi. Both look at each other’s scared.Go. She whispered pushing him to window. He went down but again peeped up kissing her cheek and went.



She straight herself and open the door. Anjali frowned by her behavior. She never locks the door. What took you so long? It makes her stammered and turns her face hiding her red embarrassed face.I was just changing bhabhi. Anjali come inside and take her night dress from cupboard.  Change and come. I need to ask you something. She nods her head and went to change her dress.




After coming she sat in front of anjali. She smile and keep her palm on her cheek. You never told what happened when you went with maan. Geet look down smiling shyly. Did he propose you? She look up frowning and then realized, all the while none of them have clearly confessed.  They didn’t once tell each other are clearly their feelings. Geet. She looks at anjali and slowly shakes her head. Anjali look at her curiously. What??



But Bhabhi I know he have feelings for me and he also know it now. Anjali shake her head dejected.  This girl will never change; no matter what she can never do anything without any explanations. Bhabhi. He proved it. Sachi.  Look.  Extending her hand she shows her ring which popped anjali eyes. Maan gave her the ring. A ring. What will happen to both of them? The one who is claiming her again and again his only and here this stupid girl who not once tried to make things clear or wants to see from that aspect. You should tell him what you feel for him. She tells holding her hand. Geet smile moving her hand and keep her head on her lap. He knows Bhabhi. More than me. Anjali smile and stroke her hair and prayed silently for both of their happiness. These hidden things won’t bring any problem in their life and they can be as happy as or happier than she is with ajay.



She knows maan live her way more, than ajay love her. Their love is very stronger and pure. Bus kisi ki buri nazar na lage.





Precap: geet and sonali shopping.



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The meeting still going on?


No sir. Mr. Mehra went far before. He looks at her curiously and frowned. Why is geet in conference room than. He nods his head and went to conference room to see hat taking her so long.




He opens the door and become shock to see her sitting down crying hard. Rushing to her he sat besides her holding her shoulder. Geet kya hua? She looks up by his voice and hugs him hard crying more. He was shocked by her red face and full of so many tears. What could have happened that made Ger like this. Geet. She cried tightening her hold hiding her face in his neck making his skin wet. He slowly close the door and hold her waist making her stand but she was feeling so week that couldn’t even stand.




He moves his hand and locks the door stroking Ger hair. Kya hua?? Bolo geet. She sniffs moving away but looks down, tears only rolling down. He cups her face moving her face up. WO. WO… he nods wanting her to continue. He came again… and… And… She again starts crying hiding her face in her palm. Feeling ashamed to even say it. She knows how miserable he will feel after knowing what happened.




Maan hold her face, who came?  What happened?  He whispered bringing her in his embrace feeling Ger becoming week and shake from crying. Rahul. She whispered hiding herself in his embrace taking his breath away. How can this happen?  Rahul came back? But how? What have the done which made geet like this? His fist clenched just by the thought, what if he again mislead with her. If he really did it than god save him.




Holding geet tight he made her sit on a chair and give her a glass of water. She sniffs and drinks few sips slowly. Keeping the glass he turns to her wiping her face and that’s when his eyes fell on her skin which has teeth marks. His anger reached in its peak and touches the marks softly which made her flinch and look at him with new tears filling her eyes. He cups her face shaking his head and kisses her forehead.




Khushi must be waiting. Let’s go home. She sniffs and nods her head. He hold her waist for support knowing well how week she should be at this moment. She holds his hand and his other hand support her waist helping her to walk. They reach the cabin where Khushi was drawing. Baby. Let’s go home. She looks up and smile walking to them. Maan reach his hand for her and hold both his girls going out.




He wanted to kill that person who dared to touch his wife for the second time. Rahul really have to pay for this. He has to deal with maan Singh khurana now. He was driving but his mind was not at all there. Rahul must have forgotten about past but he will now make sure geet will get the most terrible pain in his life for giving pain to his wife. He may think that’s its only maan who can only beat him and nothing else. But he forgets he is the maan Singh Khurana and he won’t tolerate a single pain on his jaan. Rahul have to pay all his life now.




Slowly turning to geet he saw her silently looking outside with her head on window. His heart ached to see this sadness in her eyes. Reaching for her hand he slowly holds her and looks at her. She looks at him and tightened her hold bringing his hand close to her heart. She needed his support more than anything. He was the one who vanished such a terrible memory from her and she needed him to do it again.



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Precap: nightmares….




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They will just check my blood circulation system and many other tests but not the previous one.


He looks at her as if confirming she is saying truth she smile blinking Ger eyes assuring him.


aGeet name have been announced. She stood up to go but stopped looking at him. Why don’t you wait here for me? He frowned than move forward. No… Not at all. Holding her hand he went inside. She smile feeling him flinch when the needle inserted her, he look at her worriedly and his hold only tightened at every step. That’s the reason she wanted him to stay out knowing very well about his reaction.




Finally when the test was over he sighed heavily coming out of the room and move his arm around her. You OK. She giggles nodding her head and both sat in the waiting room. Have you talked to mom? He lean back taking her hand in his and play with her finger. Hmm. She is ready. She was really happy. She smile and look forward to see they are now alone. A sudden thought occur on her mind.




Maan. Have you thought about what I told? He looks at her curiously. There is really someone stalking me all the time when I’m alone. She whispered slowly looking at him with her pleading eyes. He looks at her, geet never ever have seen any such things before nor she ever have frightened about any such things. There is sure something going on which is making her thinks about it only. He should take it seriously weather it’s her thoughts or real. An if its real Han that person have to pay for this.




Maan. She called him keeping Ger hand on his shoulder. He keeps his hand on her cheek. You don’t worry mishti. I will do something. She feel relief knowing he believe her.








Both sat in doctor cabin holding each other’s hands. The result has come. Doctor looks both of them and smiles. Mrs. Khurana. I must say. You have progressed way too well. A sigh escaped from maan lips while geet smile looking at the doctor. Yes. Your stages have decreased which is very good news. But you have to control you blood pressure. She smiles nodding her head. He gave some prescriptions which maan took. I am decreasing your medicines. Just take better care of yourself otherwise congratulations. Maan smile squeezing her hand and look at her She smile back.








They return home happily and told others about it. Vicky was way too happy and hugs her tight. Both went to their bedroom where she sat with her back stick to his chest. He holds her kissing her neck.I can’t believe it. I have progressed so well in no time. He smile muzzling her neck and caress her waist under the shirt. It’s all because of you. She turns around capturing his lips and sat on his leap. He hold her close nibbling her lip and hold the back of her neck to bring her more close. She closed her eyes brushing his hair and kissed him happily. Finally she is now well from all those pain. Suddenly he move back and look at her curiously. I forgot to ask. What about your weakness she laughs at his worried expression and kisses his cheek. It will also go after sometime. Don’t worry. They are just sighs of weakness. Eating well and fresh juice will slowly reduce it. He smile and hug her lying on bed bringing her in his embrace. It was the happiest day of his life. His geet will no more feel those terrible pains and will have to leave those medicines. His life couldn’t be better with the thought of his geet without her pains. He smile closing his eyes and slept with her with a peacefully sleep.







Precap: meera parents.




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