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But suddenly he gets an idea and told his mom that he want to go home right now so went to meet everyone. When he went to anjali he can see geet sad eyes when he tells them he is going.


Saying bye to everyone he went out and stood beside his car but inspire of sitting inside he smirked and entre the handa mansion again with the perfect idea to meet her.



Geet was talking with sonali when her phone vibrate, looking at the screen she saw maan msg.


Waiting in your room.. Come fast. A smile crept on her face to finally be able to meet him alone. Excusing herself she almost ran upstairs to her room and open the door. Anjali saw her running to her room and assumed it as she wants to be alone so just let her be.



The moment she enters the door close behind her and she was jerked against the door. Ma..





Ssshhh… He silenced her keeping his finger on her lips. The lights of room were switch off so they were not able to see each other’s but can clearly hear the loud thudding of their heart, the twinkle of each other’s eyes and can feel a smile on their lips





He lips move to her kiss, just feeling her soft and delicate skin on his cheek. She gasped closing her eyes and holds his shirt for support. They were so desperate to meet alone, and this moment only brings his desires more and more passionately.






His lips slowly move to her jaw to neck and give very soft and short kisses all the while making her shiver. Moving a little back he again kiss her neck but this time biting it slightly and sucking her soft skin in his mouth.






Maan. She moaned holding him tight. Her knees felt so week at that moment, thousand butterflies danced in her body feeling his tongue on her neck and traveling to her throat making her so week to even stand. Holding his hair she can’t do anything hut to let him do what he wants to.





He moves back breathing heavily but still with his face on her neck when he felt her shudder and hold him really tight. Both were breathing heavily catching the moment, he scooped her in his arms and made his way to bed making her lye and gently lied on top of her removing a strand from her face. The light of moon was teasing inside a little on her bed which helps him to see a glimpse of her shining face.





Her face has turned crimson red in shy, she mentally thanks to the darkness that he can’t see it.  But to her dismay he can feel and can see the heat passing through her cheek.  Bending down he kiss her cheek lightly making her jolt in the tickling sensation on her belly by his so light soft lips. He then kisses her lips taking the lower lip in his and nibbles the soft texture.  She capture his upper lips circling her arms around his neck and start playing with his hair while he nibbled her lips






His hand freely went to her waist and removes the piece of sari touching her bare belly. She groaned pulling his face closer.  His kiss become intense moving his hand more above wanting to feel her bare skin which  was only awakening his desires. She could feel his cold finger roaming on her body wildly and were just about to touch the blouse which brings her to reality where they are really heading to.





She holds his and brings it down to her waist moving herself away from his kiss.Maan please stop… she whispered gasping and holds his hand tight. Maan too realize they were heading a little too far if she wouldn’t have stopped him. Sighing he move down and hug her tight. What have you done to me? He whispered breathing heavily. She didn’t replied but closes her eyes calming her senses.




They stayed in eachothers embrace until their breath got normal. He kisses her neck and move away facing her.I will again get busy from tomorrow.  She giggles stroking his cheek, now she knows why he was so much restless. Somewhere she knows, these days were best as they met daily and almost for too long. They have almost slept together at night. This wedding has brought them so close to each others that it is now really difficult to stay away for just an hour. Somewhere they have become so used to each others that thinking about usual days must have brought the fear of leaving without each others in his heart.






Cupping his face she move up and kiss his cheek. They stare at each other’s for sometime wanting to capture the moment and would be able to stay close to each others as much as they want. Even in the dark they can see the twinkle of each other’s eyes which is enough.  You should go now. She whispered realizing where they are and what if someone realizes her sudden absence from the wedding.




No. He replied directly. His hold only tightened around her.


Maan… everyone is waiting for me out there.



This makes him know that there is also a word outside this room, except him or her they also have someone else. Wedding is almost finishing. He tried to reason himself but she giggles ruffling his hair. Yea but..






No. most of them have gone. There’s no need of you now to go.. She smiles locking her arms around his neck. Haan. Par aapko bhi ab jaana chaiye Na. he only groaned moving his face to her neck kissing her skin.Maan.. Please jao. Bhabhi mujhe dhoond rahi hogi Na. he took his time inhaling her aroma for sometime and than move away starring at her he kisses her forehead and went out from window.



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Precap:  geet in maan office with her mini skirt. Lolz…

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He keeps the phone smiling. This girl is really mad. How can Dadi say her innocent? She is clearly avoiding and rejecting him again and again. But he reminded of his career and his smile vanishes. He is falling on these stupid things, and wasting his thoughts. This girl is really pushing him in unnecessary things.






Some days were passed. There was no change in their relation. Dadi was really tensed that not once maan have talked or asked about geet and not even survinder have talked about geet. What if geet is not ready?  And what if maan is not ready?  There was not any from either of them.



She called maan to her room. He smiled and sat beside her. Beta. Did you like geet? He looks at her frowning. Aapne Hume koi Jawab nahi diya.  He sighed looking down for some time. May be its time he should h
Say her what he want. Dadi. I have seen geet. She is nice. But I need time. I want to make myself something. I don’t want to think of marriage now.



He sighed after fininshing. Finally he said what he wanted to say from so long. Looking up at Dadi he can say she is disappointed by him. Dadi. Aap ne jaisa kaha maine kiya. Please now let me do what I want. Dadi shake her head. Her maan always does what geet want. But she won’t let him do that now. Agar unhone humse kuch pucha to?



Wo nahi puchenge I’m sure. Geet is studying and I’m sure she wants to continue her study Dadi. Wo bhi yahi chahti hogi.  That’s why they not once have asked or told anything on this.



Now her so called intelligent grandson has closed the entire door for her so she tried her last luck. Hum to bus yahi chahte te. Jaane se pehle apni bahu ko dekhlu. Maan rolled his eyes by her usual drama and excuse. Whatever maybe the situation she will use this threat for everything. But he won’t accept it now. Aap kahi nahi jaayengi Dadi. She twists her lips making a very sad face which made maan sigh. Fine. We will go there for one week. You discuss this issue with geet Dadaji and let’s see what they think. Ok?



After a long time she nods her head not fully accepting it. He shakes his head and kisses her forehead before leaving. The more geet stays the more she will force him. It’s better to work than listen to his Dadi demands. Now he should speak to geet to convince her Dadaji. He wants to concentrate on his business now. He just need some time for himself. But will she listen to him. He has seen her showing attitude to him and what if she again shows her attitude and disagree him which is her favorite thing.







Sam enters the room and fined geet lost in her thoughts, holding her book. She smile and sat beside her. Kiske khayalo main ghum ho. She asked teasingly which bring her out of her thoughts and look down nervously.Bolna.  What were you thinking? Geet rolled her eyes looking at Ger finding the teasing smile. Di I’m not like you. har waqt galat soch. Sam gasped hitting Ger shoulder while geet giggle looking down at book.



Ok now seriously. Tell me do you like maan? She asks with her raised eyebrows. Geet look down for some time and then say. Pata nahi di. This is so odd. Aik hi mualaqaat main sab pakka.  Why??



Oh. That’s fine. They will come for one week. tab soch lena.



She sighed and keeps the book on table lying die. She just doesn’t want to talk about this topic. All this stupid issue, not liking how they just called and fixing everything. Not once have anyone asked for her opinion. Not once have anyone asked what she wants? What she like?  Just doing anything with her life and expecting her to be happy.



Sam look at her from behind, her eyes were closed but she can see a small tiny drop of tear in corner of her eyes. Holding her she kiss her cheek and lied behind her. She knows it’s hard for geet but somewhere she like maan and his family. They were so sweet and nice plus it’s the only wish Dadaji have seen all his life. He is really happy with this relation.




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Precap: maan in geet collage

            and is shocked.
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Bhabhi. He again called out looking at her with his puppy eyes. But she still look down now at maan and start brushing his hair. Please say something. Please. She finally looks up at him and finds him in urge of crying. Sorry. He whispered holding both his ears, she look down pouting. You know I can’t tolerate a word against Maan. Maan open his eyes, by her shaking voice, her tears were coming down. Vicky move forward but Maan brought her in his embrace glaring at Vicky. Which made him guiltier?





He wipes her tears bringing her close to him. You can tell me whatever. But you can’t just call him heartless. Vicky look down in shame, tears threatened to come, maan didn’t care, and it’s nothing new to him. Always everybody call him this, he never have cared what people think about him. He always knew his own family also somewhere have this hatred toward, he can never remove it. Somewhere he was as also wrong, leaving his family at the time they needed him most. He was lost in his own misery, to bring the business back in level where his dad wanted him to, but somewhere lacked to watch out to his family.




Geet. He called, he knows this would be really painfully for her; she can’t tolerate a word against him, its ok sweetheart. Don’t cry. Vicky looks at him, how easily he said it’s ok. He have called him with so ruder but inspire he didn’t even say a word about it. I’m sorry bro. I really didn’t mean it.



It’s ok. He nods assuring him. He moves his one hand and patted his cheek. Don’t be sad. Vicky sighed in relief and both look at Geet, he wipe her tears and smile, she look at Vicky who was looking at her with his pleading eyes. Moving from maan arm she move forward and slap him playfully. He only looks down. She slaps him again and hugs him, he wraps his arm around her and tears roll down. I’m sorry. He mumbles hugging her close.  She hit his back sobbing. Dare you say like that again?


I won’t… promise. Maan only smile looking both of them. Moving back she wipes her tears and wipes his tears pulling his cheek. Ab Rona band kar. Maan smiled hugging her from behind. Now stop this crying session. Both chuckled, Vicky look up at him. He was so wrong to even think about his own bro like that all the while. He is really something else. Hmm. To shaadi karna chahte hai aap? Maan said finding him lost. Geet giggle but Vicky looks down shyly. Ok now smile later and go. He looks up at both and rolled his eyes. No matter what happens but his bro will never ever learn to speak lovely or softly to them.bye Bhabhi. Hugging user again he went out closing the door.



Maan lyre down holding her so she fell on his chest, he smirked tracing his finger on her back, she giggles moving close muzzling his neck. Office nahi jaana.  He turns around bringing her beneath him putting his hand under her shirt and start kissing her lips. She starts to giggle inbetween kissing him back. They missed to be close to each others. Wanting to be as close to each others that nothing can separate them. Moving back he looks at her and kisses her cheek. Tumse door jaane ka mann nahi hai.  Keeping her hand on his hair, she moves his hair back playing with them. Kisne kaha main door jaa rahi hu. Yahi to hu. Smiling he again move close kissing her neck.






Next day both went to hospital. Maan was more nervous than geet. He remembered the pain she went through in previous test and was now against this test,


They sat in a waiting room where she looks at him tapping his foot on floor nervously and looking here and there. She smiles keeping her head on his shoulder. Why are you worried? He looks at her and then sighed looking down holding her hand. Maan. It won’t be the previous test.



They will just check my blood circulation system and many other tests but not the previous one.


He looks at her as if confirming she is saying truth she smile blinking Ger eyes assuring him.


Precap: the result.


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Maan came home very late; it was almost 2am he made his way to their room extremely tired and hungry.  He saw geet already sleeping so went to change his cloth.


After coming he sat beside her and strokes her hair gently, moving down he softly kisses her lips. She stirred and turns her back to him. Smiling he lay behind her holding her tight and kiss her cheek and rub her arms she turn around and hug him. Aa gahe, she said in her sleepy voice still with her closed eyes. He removes her hair from her face stroking her face gently. Hmm. I’m hungry. Her lye on her back opening her eyes and stares at him. He smile and move to her neck kissing there softly and trace his lips there. She smiles again closing her eyes. He move back and kiss her eyes. I’m hungry. Giggling she open her eyes and open her arms to him. He holds her and made her sit.



Both made their way down, geet warm the food which she made for him and sat beside him looking at him eating, his eyes were really red due to restless nights and work load. What have you told Vicky?  She frowned by her question. Did Vicky tell him everything? You know, he wants to join me in every work. Strange. He looks at her while eating and smile happily. She smiles, than look down.It’s good. She stopped not wanting to talk more. He just nods his head and again starts eating.





She brings him close to her brushing his hair. Don’t wake me in morning. I want some rest. He mumbled closing his eyes and holds her waist tightly holding her, hiding his face in Ger neck fully. She kisses his cheek brushing his hair till he went to deep sleep.






Next morning geet was sitting reading some book while man was still sleeping beside her. Suddenly there was knock on the door. She look up only to find Vicky, he look at her and immediately look down. Come. She whispered slowly keeping the book aside and dims the light for Maan.



Vicky sat infringement of her still looking down, I’m sorry. He mumbled slowly, it’s ok. She said casually, but Vicky knew she is still not forgiving him. He looks up at her. Bhabhi… he tried to speak but she cut him.Vicky, go from here. You can see your brother is sleeping. If you care… so go. She looks away after saying it. He look at her hurt by her this behavior but knows very well he really deserve it. Sighing he got up and turn to leave.



Maa. Stirred by the sound and slowly open his eyes to see Vicky back. Vicky? He called out; opening his eyes and keep his head on geet lap. Vicky turns but looks down only. Come.  He again sat but was looking down only. Maan find it rather amazing seeing both of them quiet, he have some doubt that something must have happened. Sitting he rest his back on geet and look at Vicky. I’m going to talk to mom about you and meera. Vicky head shot up and look at him dumbstruck, he look at geet who was only looking down. Tracing her finger in Maan arm. Meera is ready. Don’t worry. He smile and turn to look at geet but frowned finding her quiet.



Geet. Say something. She looks at him and then looks here and there; she didn’t want to be part of this discussion. Not in front of Vicky, after what he said. I have to go. She stood to leave from there but Maan hold her hand making her stop and turn. He looks at her and than Vicky. What happened between you two? Geet look up at him and find him looking at both suspiciously. She tried to move her hand from him which made him hold hard. Vicky.  What have you done? He asked very strickly knowing very well it can be some of his stupid act which has brought this situation between both. He makes geet sit beside him and look at Vicky only.



Vicky looks up at geet. Bhabhi, please. I’m truly sorry. Maan look at geet and smirked, he can see her controlling herself really hard. Only he knows she can never be angry with anyone, and being angry with Vicky. That’s simply impossible. He smile and keep his head on her lap closing his eyes. He just wants to see how far can his sweet, cute wife can go.



Bhabhi. He again called out looking at her with his puppy eyes. But she still look down now at maan and start brushing his hair.Please say something. Please. She finally looks up at him and finds him in urge of crying. Sorry. He whispered holding both his ears, she look down pouting. You know I can’t tolerate a word against Maan. Maan open his eyes, by her shaking voice, her tears were coming down. Vicky move forward but Maan brought her in his embrace glaring at Vicky. Which made him guiltier?





Precap: will geet forgive him?


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