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Jald hi. Har kisi ko saathi ki zaroorat hoti hai zindagi main. Saab ji ko bhi is baat ka jaldi ehsaas ho jaayega.

Dadi just prayed whatever Nakul said will become true and fast. She wants him to be like all and spend his life normally like others.

Finishing his work maan made his way again at the mansion. It was usual late night and he thought like usual his Dadi must have slept but entering inside he saw her sitting waiting for him.

Nakul take his files and laptop from him and went to keep them in his room. Maan sat beside Dadi. Aap Soyi nahi?

Aap Jaisa pota ho to kis Dadi ko neend aayegi.

He rolled his eyes by her usual self. Nakul came back and hurriedly went to make his coffee and his dinner. Kaisi hai aap? He asked after a little silence..

But dadi says.. Rehne dijiye beta. She sighed sadly. Fikar hoti to yea sab nahi karte app.. She said sadly making him sigh… this is her usual dialogue due to which he never sit and talk with her because she will usually start complaining..

They sat in a silence when nakul bring his coffee. Dadi. Mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai.


I have to go to London. Kuch kaam ke silsile main.

Dadi sighed sadly. Kuch naya Kahiye.

It’s for three months. This make Dadi shock looking at him. Teen mahine. Maan aap yea kya keh rahe hai.

Jaanta hu Dadi. But it is an important deal.

I don’t care. You will not go.

Dadi. Aap baat Bara rahi hai. Main hamesha to jaata hu.

She shakes her head standing. Jaise Aapka man kare kijiye beta. Hum kon hote hai aapse kuch kehne waale.

With that she went away sadly. He always think about business and other stuff but can he for once will think about her. For once will he come to her and talk to her all about his day. Ask her what she did. Ask her how she is. No nothing.

But nothing of her word affect maan and he straight way went to his room where nakul ran behind him with his dinner tray. Saab main aapke bag pack karu.

Hmm. Sab kuch dihaan se karna.

Jee. He went and takes his bag out packing all his cloths, watch, socks and every single thing he will need there. He will be out for three months which means many things to be needed.

Aap Kab Jaayenge. He asked when maan was about to take his bite. Kal subah.

Nakul nodded again looking at the bag but was not able to be quiet..Saab jee. jaate jaate Dadi se..

Tum bag pack karo aur jao nakul.

This made him be quiet instantly and begun to work. No matter how much he want to tell him to just talk once with Dadi before going but nothing can change mind of maan sing khurana.

Packing his all things nakul went to Dadi telling her that maan will he going in the morning but dadi didn’t paid any attention. Jaane dijiye nakul. Agar wo nahi mil sakte humse to hum bhi unke Dadi hai.

Next morning he got ready. Nakul Dadi ka khayal rakhna. The only sentence he said before leaving but didn’t try once to go in her room and talk to her.







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Geet. Saaf saaf Bol. Anjali asked really strickly making geet shiver in fear. Never have she spoke like this. What will she do now?

Her silence was making anjali more and surer about the doubt she was having. Was maan here in morning? Geet only look down not knowing how to answer her. Geet main kuch puch rahi hu? Anjali threatened her to say something but she was only and only sitting there quietly..

Not getting any answer she sighed frustrated and stood up holding geet wrist she made her stand looking in her face which was only down. Jawab do mujhe? She asked firmly but still the same silence.

Kaise aata hai wo tere room main? The next thing she thought asked her making geet more scared.. But anjali was not more angry.. Geet.. Geet move a step back whispering very slowly..Window. Anjali stood there not believing what she heard.. Maan is coming to this house to geet room god knows from many days and here she is standing with a love bite in front of her.. Does she even know what it means?

How can they be so catch-up and forget the limits.. How can maan do this when she always has thought of him as a very mature person.. This is really very wrong.. What if someone else see them? What if papa or her brother comes to know about these things.. Everything will be ruined.. Everything will shatter…

Do you have any idea what you are doing? She asked finally coming to reality seeing her with her head bowed.. Geet this is wrong.. You both should know your limits. This time she looks up but anjali couldn’t find any guiltiness in her eyes which shock her more than anything..

We know our limits Bhabhi ..And don’t say it is wrong ..We love each others.

Yes I know ..But this is ..You both are not even engaged? Anjali tried o reason herself but geet only frowned at her..

Aapki aur bhai ki bhi sagai nahi Hui ti Bhabhi ..Aap dono to milte Te ..

Geet..She shouts holding her arm tight. We always knew our limits ..She shouted glaring at geet who look away but a tear escape from her eyes feeling hurt by her words ..Anjali never have talked to her like this ..She thought anjali will understand their relation but she can never understand how they feel for each others.

But how can anjali make her understand the difference between her and maan relation.. There is so much difference.. At least ajay and she were family friends.. But maan.. He is from big family.. And this geet.. She is one of the innocence.. How difficult it will be for her to understand everything about being a wife.. A daughter in law.. She doesn’t even know how to talk to people than how can everyone will think of her marriage..

Anjali sighed seeing her tears and softened her hold making her sit on sofa sitting beside her she wipe her tears softly. I didn’t mean to hurt you baby. Holding her chin she makes her looks up. It’s just ..I’m really scared ..Geet sniff holding her hand which was on her cheek.

Mujhe maan pe khudse Ziada bharosa hai Bhabhi ..

I know ..But still ..She looks down and then looks up at her after a moment. I think it’s time everyone should know about you two.

This made geet look at her scared.. She never has thought about it.. And now what will all behave when they will come to know about them.. Somewhere this idea was scaring her but she knew anjali is right.. Geet stare at her for some moment making anjali scared that maybe she won’t accept it but she smile lightly nodding her head..

Agar aapko Aisa lagta hai to main maan se baat karungi. Anjali smile at her ..Cupping her face she kisses her forehead and hugs her tight.. This is the first time she have shouted at her and was really sorry but whatever happened was good for her.. Geet should know this is wrong..

Later in the evening anjali was working in kitchen and geet sat in living room thinking about her words. Now she has to talk to maan and they have to talk to all others.

She was somewhere scared of how will everyone react after knowing that her and maan relation is not friendship but love. Will they all be able to understand the depth of their feelings? Will they ever know the depth of their hidden feelings?






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She just hugs him tight not wanting to be away from him for just a single moment now. They will live together now and won’t leave each others..

Maan open his eyes next morning and look down at geet who was already awake playing with her managalsutre. Moving his hand to her waist he strokes her bare skin.. This felt alive under his touch.. She looks up at him and for a moment..  Smile again looking down at her managalsutre.

His hand strokes her bare body while she keeps her forehead on his chest. Why you never wore any? She smiles by his word. Somewhere ready for this question.. She knows what he adores and looks up at him. Tumne kabhi pehnaya hi nahi. Her simple statement again makes him lost in past memory again.

Even after they got married he never have brought any managalsutre for her. He never has cared whether he should give her the first thing of their marriage. Never have he cared if she would want anything? Never he bothered to ask her what she enter and what not. What she likes and what not. Why was he lost in his life that he always had forgotten about her? How can he even be so stupid? She must have suffered more being so close to him but yet felt hurt every second being with him.. He didn’t left any choice for her but only to laments loving him..

A tear escape from his eyes which she wipe as soon as it came out. Maan.He sniffs. Hold her shoulder. I’m sorry. He whispered as this is the only word left for him to repeat again and again. What more is left for him now. No matter how much he tries but he can never undo everything he did or did nothing for her.. He has ruined her life.. She loved him without any expectations, she listened every curses of their family when they came to know about Khushi.. But not once tried to blame him.. But he.. He just let her go like that from her life..

Maan. She hug him moving her arms around his neck he stroke her back kissing her neck. Remember what I told? Forget everything. Nodding he hold her tightly close to him and she brush his hair lying on bed for some more time feeling the warmth of each other’s body. She just can’t let him remember their past and lament.. That was gone and now they have to move on and enjoy their present…

Few days were past and it just added more love in their life. Geet made sure to make every second a joy for him while he tried all his level best to fulfill her every wish and every desire.

They always went out for dinner or lunch. There were only two days left so they sat for a longer time in the restaurateur talking with each others.

Kitna acha Haina yaha. He smiles holding her hand. I love everywhere I’m with you. She smiles looking down at their hands.

Let’s do something. He frowned asking what.

Let’s make some promises. He smile accepting and kiss her hand. Accepting everything she says.. Promise me. You will forget our past. He looks at her for sometime not knowing how he can reply her. How can he ever forget what he did to her. Par geet.

Maan. We have to forget everything. Please.

I know jaan. She smiles making a sweet face to him who made him sigh and whisper.. Ok. I promise I will try to. She smiles delight.

Now. My turn. He said.. To which she smile..

Promise me. Whatever may happen. You will never leave me and Khushi geet..

His single line snatches a smile on her face and remembers the day when his single word made her leave everything. May be it was her fault. She took it so hurtly that not even thinking twice she left everything.

You know I’m a stupid and say thing which even I don’t understand.

She looks down. Yea he is right but that moment was so hard for her. How will she define how it felt when the only person you love says you to leave. How it feel when you leave your own daughter who wants you the most.

Maan. I. But she cut him. Main jaanta hu main Galat ta. Buhat Galat. But I can’t live without you.

I’m sorry maan. I never wanted to leave. But. She sighed looking down. No matter how much they try but they can never ever forget the memories of past. They can’t stop lamenting thief love. It is a part of their life now.Remember geet.. We should forget our past.. Looking up at him she couldn’t help but smile at her sweet husband.. no matter but his cute dimple always made her smile and agree for whatever he ask her..

I promise. I won’t leave you. Ever. He smiles stroking her hand kissing her fingers.. I love you..  they stayed there promising eachothers in every single or silly things.. maan as usual started with his demands and she will as usual accept it…







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Thank you. She whispered keeping her head on his shoulder once they again settle on bed after their cake session. He holds her waist bringing her close. Thanks to you geet..For coming in my life.. He looks at her for sometime than smile. Good night. Kissing her forehead both close their eyes so happy and contented. He stroke the corner of her lip with his thumb feeling the smile which he died to see from so many year and now will make sure it remains forever with her. Leaning he kiss the corner and both slept peacefully.




Next morning maan open his eyes, and the first thing he felt is her soft breath on his neck, her bare body hugging him tightly, her soft trances teasing her cheek.. removing the strand he lean down softly kissing her which make her frown and moan hiding her face in his chest.. He smiles at the bliss of his life. Never have he thought these beautiful days will also come in his life. He never even imagned that geet would be so close to him ever again. But even after so much she still is the same, still believing him and hoping for the best.





But now this time he will never let her down and make her life a heaven. He will love her from the bottom of his heart and make her life full of happiness. She is the world to him and will make sure she won’t be again getting to see his stupidness again.



Jaan.. He called tracing his finger on her back making her shiver.. Its morning.. Wake-up Na.. He said it so cutely which make her smile and open  her eyes slowly looking up at her.. He smiles kissing her forehead. She just snuggle close closing her eyes again. Chalo Na Kahi Bahar..




Mujhe Kahi nahi jaana hai.. She said sticking her body with his holding him from waist.. He pouts bringing her little up so she is level to his face..But I want to go out..  He said making an innocent face..



Hmm.. Maan.. She moaned frowning.. Opening her eyes she looks at him and chuckled at his cute frowning face and complaining lip all ready. Pecking him she says. Theek hai Chalo.. He smile kissing her lips and take her in his arms making his way inside the bathroom together repeating everything again…





They came out of the hotel holding each other’s hands… to.. Where you want to go?  She asked him .. He smiled squeezing her hand.. I know a place here.. And just wanted to go.. Kissing her cheek .. She smiled and went with him where he was leading her..






After a little walk she saw a mandir where he was leading and smiled.. So he wanted to come here. Without any questions she went with him but the thing which shocked him when he brought a sindoor and managalsutre.






Maan yea kya?? He keeps his finger on her lips silencing her and holds her waist entering the mandir .. We are starting a new life.. Main chahta hu k jab bhi tumhe dekhu .. You look like by wife.. My jaan.. He smiled tying the managalsutre around her neck and applying the sindoor ..




She can understand the depth of his words.. It’s been so many years.. They never had a proper wedding and now when they were together .. She was never wearing any sign of her marriage..  No matter how wrong he was but still their life have paid the biggest price than that. They suffered more that what was needed.




Touching her managalsutre she can feel how much he felt hurt seeing his own wife without their marriage symbol.. Living together yet so far.. Getting her after so many years but still he couldn’t have her fully..





She smile looking at him and says. I will wear this always.. He smile cupping her face and kiss her forehead.. I love you.. Not wasting any time she hugs him .. No matter how wrong he was but she can still feel how much it had hurt him every moment. She can feel laments in every words and every action of him..



She just hugs him tight not wanting to be away from him for just a single moment now. They will live together now and won’t leave each others.













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But suddenly he gets an idea and told his mom that he want to go home right now so went to meet everyone. When he went to anjali he can see geet sad eyes when he tells them he is going.


Saying bye to everyone he went out and stood beside his car but inspire of sitting inside he smirked and entre the handa mansion again with the perfect idea to meet her.



Geet was talking with sonali when her phone vibrate, looking at the screen she saw maan msg.


Waiting in your room.. Come fast. A smile crept on her face to finally be able to meet him alone. Excusing herself she almost ran upstairs to her room and open the door. Anjali saw her running to her room and assumed it as she wants to be alone so just let her be.



The moment she enters the door close behind her and she was jerked against the door. Ma..





Ssshhh… He silenced her keeping his finger on her lips. The lights of room were switch off so they were not able to see each other’s but can clearly hear the loud thudding of their heart, the twinkle of each other’s eyes and can feel a smile on their lips





He lips move to her kiss, just feeling her soft and delicate skin on his cheek. She gasped closing her eyes and holds his shirt for support. They were so desperate to meet alone, and this moment only brings his desires more and more passionately.






His lips slowly move to her jaw to neck and give very soft and short kisses all the while making her shiver. Moving a little back he again kiss her neck but this time biting it slightly and sucking her soft skin in his mouth.






Maan. She moaned holding him tight. Her knees felt so week at that moment, thousand butterflies danced in her body feeling his tongue on her neck and traveling to her throat making her so week to even stand. Holding his hair she can’t do anything hut to let him do what he wants to.





He moves back breathing heavily but still with his face on her neck when he felt her shudder and hold him really tight. Both were breathing heavily catching the moment, he scooped her in his arms and made his way to bed making her lye and gently lied on top of her removing a strand from her face. The light of moon was teasing inside a little on her bed which helps him to see a glimpse of her shining face.





Her face has turned crimson red in shy, she mentally thanks to the darkness that he can’t see it.  But to her dismay he can feel and can see the heat passing through her cheek.  Bending down he kiss her cheek lightly making her jolt in the tickling sensation on her belly by his so light soft lips. He then kisses her lips taking the lower lip in his and nibbles the soft texture.  She capture his upper lips circling her arms around his neck and start playing with his hair while he nibbled her lips






His hand freely went to her waist and removes the piece of sari touching her bare belly. She groaned pulling his face closer.  His kiss become intense moving his hand more above wanting to feel her bare skin which  was only awakening his desires. She could feel his cold finger roaming on her body wildly and were just about to touch the blouse which brings her to reality where they are really heading to.





She holds his and brings it down to her waist moving herself away from his kiss.Maan please stop… she whispered gasping and holds his hand tight. Maan too realize they were heading a little too far if she wouldn’t have stopped him. Sighing he move down and hug her tight. What have you done to me? He whispered breathing heavily. She didn’t replied but closes her eyes calming her senses.




They stayed in eachothers embrace until their breath got normal. He kisses her neck and move away facing her.I will again get busy from tomorrow.  She giggles stroking his cheek, now she knows why he was so much restless. Somewhere she knows, these days were best as they met daily and almost for too long. They have almost slept together at night. This wedding has brought them so close to each others that it is now really difficult to stay away for just an hour. Somewhere they have become so used to each others that thinking about usual days must have brought the fear of leaving without each others in his heart.






Cupping his face she move up and kiss his cheek. They stare at each other’s for sometime wanting to capture the moment and would be able to stay close to each others as much as they want. Even in the dark they can see the twinkle of each other’s eyes which is enough.  You should go now. She whispered realizing where they are and what if someone realizes her sudden absence from the wedding.




No. He replied directly. His hold only tightened around her.


Maan… everyone is waiting for me out there.



This makes him know that there is also a word outside this room, except him or her they also have someone else. Wedding is almost finishing. He tried to reason himself but she giggles ruffling his hair. Yea but..






No. most of them have gone. There’s no need of you now to go.. She smiles locking her arms around his neck. Haan. Par aapko bhi ab jaana chaiye Na. he only groaned moving his face to her neck kissing her skin.Maan.. Please jao. Bhabhi mujhe dhoond rahi hogi Na. he took his time inhaling her aroma for sometime and than move away starring at her he kisses her forehead and went out from window.



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He presses them lightly when she moves him smirking. Good night. Whispering she turn around giving her back to him and close her eyes. He frowned looking at her and hold her waist from behind kissing her neck. Good night jaan. She just smiles with her close eyes holding his arm around her and both slept happily.






Next  day when she woke up a sweet smile spread her face seeing him sleeping so peacefully, she have many plans to make him more happy. So for that she quietly move away from his arm and went to shower not waking him.




She finish making breakfast and keep them on table, the first thing she wanted to do is talking with Khushi. So simply dialing her number she talked to her. Mama yea sab buhat acha hai. Khushi explained excitedly everything she was doing. Maan came and hug her from back taking the phone. Missing you my princess. Khushi giggle excitedly and start talking with maan. Geet smile and let him talk while she feed him lovingly.




She has been making some plans for they from long but sometime things were out of hand and sometime situations. Though she never told him any of this. They don’t get the chance to spend some times with each other’s and haven’t had any real alone time for awhile. Unless she count the times that they spend together behind closed and locked doors, only fighting or accusing.





She has done some preparations for this evening’s meal ahead of time so she can concentrate on them only. She wanted to give this marriage a chance which couldn’t be possible if they are so close yet so far…






They spend some time together when geet insisted him to go out for some time and bring some gift for her. He tried to understand the sudden demand of gift but she just dragged him out wanting to concentrate on the task.






When maan went she hurriedly went to kitchen making all his favorite dishes, she wanted to make this night the most beautiful night of their life. It’s almost the sixth year of their marriage tomorrow and she wants it to be the best day. She knows he didn’t remember it, which is nothing new but she wants to bring a new life to their marriage in this day.






After preparing all the dishes it was almost late when she hear his keys in the door as she finish setting the table. She smiles knowing that he will walk through the door at any moment. And then she turn looking at him coming smiling back at her but when he look at the table and then at her,  she can see in his eyes that he  isn’t  sure what’s going on. But she also knows that he will love the surprise. Something special? He asked looking behind her shoulder all his favorite dishes.







She smile moving close holding his tie and whispered huskily. Yes… his arm move to her waist. Well there is something special here… you… she can see his eyes glitter.  I wanted to make a nice dinner for us since we will be alone after you finally decided to leave you daughter for a week.




This makes him chuckle and move his arm around her waist bringing her close. Moving close to her he cups her face and kisses her softly, moving back he whispers in her ear. You’re pretty special too. He said kissing her earlobe. She can feel the passion and lust in his kisses, knowing that they both just couldn’t control anymore tonight.




They knew from the look of eachothers that what they need. He move an inch away to look at her but she moves close capturing her lips with his moving her one hand to his hair bringing his face more closely. He closes his eyes kissing her. Crushing his body with him. His lips were so demanding that it made her groan and push her body more close not leaving any gap between them.





He slowed down and move away from her lips but keeping his forehead on her both chuckle because they know what exactly is going to happen here tonight. And somehow she probably does too, though they both try to hold on their beating heart and hug each others.





Somehow they find some restraint and make their way into the dining table. They sat together when he take his hand and look in her eyes. You look beautiful. A blush crept on her cheek looking down and finds the sari she bought only because he loves to see her in sari.





They have a nice dinner talking with some added flirting of maan again and again that that is just stroking their passion even more.






When they finish the dinner both clean the table, she was waiting for this moment from many day but when it came there was some nervousness in her to see that look in his eyes and wonder what’s going through that mind of his. She was continuously playing with her pallu while arranging things on kitchen counter when he hold her wrist turning her and keep his hand on either side.






Dinner was nice.. But.. What now? She blushed looking down and tried to move but he lock her tightly holding her waist. Bolo Na geet. This made her turn more red and hide her face in his chest giggling softly.




Precap: happy six anniversary







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Geet look up at him feeling his hold loose and find him lost. Maan. He snapped out and looks down immediately.  She frowned by his unusual silence. You mean… I’m just nothing for you.





he waited for her to say something making him wrong but the thing which hurt him a lot was she look at her brother again not even answering him..



His dreams shattered to think he might be not become the part of her. But what will he do now to win her heart? What will he do to gain her trust? To make her understand how much he loves her. How can she not feel his hidden feelings? He always thought they know each other’s too well but what happened now? His live is nothing for her in front of her family?




 He was lost in his thought when her giggles got his attention. Looking down she look at him and giggling softly. He frowned whispering. What’s so funny?



Budhu ho aap bilkul. He frowned. Budhu? She finds him budhu? From where does he is budhu?  He made a weird face which makes her giggle more. It makes him angrier, here he is trying to fight with his feeling and she is making fun of him. Jerking his hand from her he look away but she again holds him.





Arey, jab app  aapke dil main special jaga bana sakte hai meri.  To main kyun nahi? She smiles looking at him while he looks at her in awe.




Itni bhi bewakoof nahi hu jo aap ke aankhon ko par na saku.





He smiles by her unlimited love, possession and so much respect for him. Her family which is the world for her but she is giving the most special place to him in her heart. How can he even think anything wrong about her, how can he forget no one can be so pure and so innocent than his angel in this whole world.






Hope there would be no people and he would have taken her in his arms thanking her to make him feel so special in his life, to show this beautiful side of the life. He never knew life is so lovely…


I don’t want to leave papa.. Never.. She looks up at him. But for you… I can leave anyone..    I will die if I didn’t get you maan..




They gazed each others lost in their eyes. None realized where they are standing what is the surrounding but the only thing they could see is the most blissful person of their life..




Lost in their own world they didn’t realize when anjali came and stood behind them. She shakes her head looking at them. Babaji, ab aap hi samjao inhe. Aise sab k saamne. Clearing her throat loudly, she look at them breaking there eye lock and strengthened them. Bhabhi.. Aap..



Haan main. Nazar to aa rahi hu na.. Tum dono ko..




Both glance at each other’s and look down. She come forward to them and whispered. Sharam nahi aati tum dono ko han? Maan look down immediately. What if someone see you? She looks at them angrily.



Bhabhi hum to?




Tu to chup hi kar.. Aik number ki besharam hai Tu.





Geet pout cutely making a face while maan dare not look up his eyes roam all around the hall. Now come with me. Holding her hand she move away and went to other family,






Maan stood there looking at her, she turns around and smiles at him, he smiled and looks down blushing cutely.






Much later when all the ceremony was finished, many guests were left and only family members were left. It was almost late so everybody let brij and Sanaya to their room. Anjali stood beside geet who so badly wanted to go to maan. He was again and again looking at her but couldn’t say anything as his mom stood beside her with sonali and looks like they won’t be able to meet alone now.

geet glance at him and pout making a face. he blink his eyes assuring her but inside he himself didn’t knew how will he go to her when anjali is hell bent on bringing geet with her everywhere she was going and his mom not letting a chance to let him be alone.



But suddenly he gets an idea and told his mom that he want to go home right now so went to meet everyone. When he went to anjali telling them he is going home, he can see geet sad eyes but couldn’t do anything infront of anyone.





Saying bye to everyone he went out and stood beside his car but inspire of sitting inside he smirked and entre the handa mansion again with the perfect idea to meet her.





Precap; kaise milega ab maan apni geet se





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