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Maan enter the room and sat beside geet closing his laptop. Maan I selected this dress for meera. Maan directly look at mom and then at geet. Hmm. Nice. He just smiled looking at geet. But geet wants him to participate or at least let her do something. She sure can’t see Vicky being sad in his so important pace of life.

She stayed out of room all day preparing her to manofy him.. She knows how stubborn he is and once he made any decision no one can ever change it.. And especially when it includes sameera.. It was night time when geet entered her room. Maan was with his phone changed in his night dress already so she simply changed her dress.

After changing she stood in front of him. Maan.


He mumbled lost in his mobile. I need to talk.. She whispered scare but he was just lost looking at his mail and sat on bed.. Bolo.. Now how will she talk with him being so stupid.. Cribbing she sits beside him.. Actually WO Na.. She gulped trying to say something but one look at him irritates her to the core.. Here she is trying to talk and her husband doesn’t even have time to look back at her.. Frustrated she snatches his mobile.

Geet kya kar….

He stopped when she made herself comfortable on his lap hugging him and keeps her head on his chest. He smiled moving his one hand to her hair brushing them and to her waist.

Dekha baby. Papa doesn’t have time for us now.. She complained cutely making him smile brushing her hair.

Papa has all his time for your baby.

She pout moving look at him. Mathlab mere liye nahi?

He made a serious thinking face. Hmm.

She frowned hitting his chest.


She was about to move when he hold her waist.

I have my whole life for you mishti.

His mear word made her smile snuggling close to him snacking her arms around his neck.

Yea Hui Na baat.

He giggles taking her lips in his giving her a soft and smooth kiss. She closed her eyes leaning on him and kissed him back with the same passion. She smiles in her victory making him fall on her and now the time came to ask him the question she is wanting from morning..

After moving back she kisses his cheek smiling sweetly. Maan… Can I go with mom tomorrow?

At first he didn’t get what she was saying but her scared face and mom visiting makes him know the situation.

Stiffening he look down. How can he make her understand. Sure he can’t say no to her but he also doesn’t want her to interfere in anything. Everything is settled after so long.. Finally now everything is calming and now he doesn’t want anything single thing wrong.. He knows geet interference means connecting with all meera family which he doesn’t wants her to do.. Whatever sameera did and whatever dadi did he won’t forget that..

Maan. She whispered finding him lost he look at her for some time and smiled cupping her face. If I’m here where will you go leaving me all alone.

He faked a pout but it didn’t work as she knows what he is trying to do. Please maan. Vicky will feel really bad agar hum Dono hi Na jaaye. She made a cute face snuggling close kissing his cheeks, lips, chin but nothing melts him..

Bus mishti. Mujhe is baat pe aur behes nahi Karin.

Par. He silenced her keeping his finger on her lips. Hold her tight making her lie down lying beside her.

I’m too tired plus our baby is also tired. So let’s sleep honey.

Kissing her lips he brings her in his embrace closing his eyes totally indicating end of discussion. She sighed in her defeat and holds his waist.. No matter what no one can ever change his hatred or love for any person. Now she know if she tries to push him he will become angry.. Looking at him her lean up kissing his cheek keeping her head on his arm closing her eyes.. Maan open his eyes finding her sleeping and sighed.. He knows he have disappointed her but it’s important.. And no one can change his decision..






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She pouts cutely finishing the milk finally but one look at everyone she pouts more. Aap sab mera mazak bana rahe hona? Maan giggle wiping the corner of her lips.No sweaty. Nothing likes that.. Kissing her forehead he passes her the breakfast which she eats really slowly being full by that weird haldi waala doodh only. But maan being maan didn’t let her move for one long hour before finishing her breakfast.

It has been a month now after maan came from hospital. His wound has healed pretty well but he was still he have to see his steps which irritates him sometime too much. He is the man of his own and now listening to others was only frustrating him more and more.

It was usual day geet enter the room to find him working on his laptop as usual. Rolling her eyes she closes the door. Bus kaam kaam aur kaam… Babaji aapne isse kabhi kuch sochne ko kaha bhi hai.. All the week he sometime is in his call or his laptop. His going office was better than working 24 hours in home.. At least than she was having an excuse to tell him not to work at home.. But now.. Sitting beside him she keeps her hand on his thigh.

You are working from long. Kuch dair araam karlo. To which he only nods absent mindedly and continuous to work. She sighed but didn’t argue anymore knowing now a day he is only getting angry at little things. God knows her mood swings are transfer to him. Kab gussa kare kuch pata hi nahi chalta.. she sat there waiting for him to at least look up at him but man he is so engrossed how can he spend or say waste his second to watch her…

After sometime there was a knock on the door and geet open it to find mom. Hey mom. Aayona. She smile and enter inside with some cloths. Both sat on bed. Main aur Annie kal shopping pe gahe the?

Geet frowned not knowing the reading but mom smiled. Vicky ki engagement k liye. Geet smile looking down at the dresses.You should have told me. Main bhi aa jaanti.

Mom look at maan nervously who was lost than look at geet. WO beta.. She again looks at maan not knowing whether she should tell geet but decided otherwise. WO. That’s why I came here, so you can choose one dress for meera .. For her engagement.

Geet smile and select a dress. This is nice.

Yea. It’s nice.

Maan got a call so he went out from room. Vicky kal Hume jeweler k paas le jaayega.

Mom I will also come. Mom stares at her and then looks behind confirming maan is not there. Beta maan ne Hume mana kiya hai.


Unho ne saaf saaf kaha hai tumhe insab se door rakhne k liye..

Geet frowned not exactly getting her. He doesn’t want to involve himself in these things.

Par kyun mom.Mom looks down not knowing should she tell her. Beta you know what sameera did. Aur maan jab Aik bar kuch soch le to bus.

Geet sighed looking down and understood the situation well. He strictly told all of us to not involve him or you in any preparations.

Geet know very well know once he have made his mind than no one can change him. She knows why he doesn’t want to interfere in anything as her interference may poke to Dadi or sameera out there and he won’t like that.

But he doesn’t understand doing this how much Vicky will be hurt. How much he is excited for his engagement and the preparations.. But now his most two important people are just sitting and doing nothing for him will surely hurt him which she never wants.

Maan enter the room and sat beside geet closing his laptop. Maan I selected this dress for meera. Maan directly look at mom and then at geet. Hmm. Nice. He just smiled looking at geet. But geet wants him to participate or at least let her do something. She sure can’t see Vicky being sad in his so important pace of life.





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We have to go for your checkup? His words make her think that he wants to do her test again. But why? She is fine now? Looking at him he can read her confuse look and chuckled. Whispering.. For the baby..

This makes her giggle and kiss his cheek. Theek hai.

Good night.

Good night.

Next morning geet open her eyes with a new bless, fresh fragrance and sweet aroma seeing his angel face so near her..  breathing softly in his deep sleep. Smiling her lean close to him wrapping her arms around his waist and tangled her leg between his. He moans a little holding her waist bringing her closer inhaling in her hair. She always get confuse about his this little act.. He hands or face eventually finds their way to her hair and he gets lost in them or always strokes his finger in them. But whatever it is she loves it. Planting a kiss on his neck she smiles feeling his breath on her hair.

What could be more beautiful than this moment. Very complete moment. Having the person so close to you with a little life inside you. She traces her finger on his neck seeing him frown stirring. She smile and almost forget about his injury moving more close which makes her head hit his chest and he yelp a loud. Ouch geet.

Terrified she look up finding him lie on his back rubbing his chest with his right hand..I’m sorry. I almost forgot. She caresses the bandage looking at him worried. Dard ho raha hai? He didn’t answer but just close his eyes in pain.

She sat rubbing his bandage but than irritated says. Who told you to lye like this?

And who told you to come close? She pout hurt by his word but didn’t say anything. Moving from bed she takes his ointment and sit on his side. Let me see. She whispered slowly removing his bandage but he jerks her hand. Don’t. I’m fine. He said without realizing his statement were only hurting her more and more and keep his right arm above his eyes.

She sat there looking at him for some time and than stood up. Tears rolled down from her eyes by his word. She didn’t do it purposely. He was so close to her after so many days she just wanted to sleep with him.

Sitting beside window she looks at the morning sun. How beautiful it looks but nothing felt nice by his words. Why was he so ride with her. A sniff escape from her lips and she raise her hand to wipe her tears but instead she felt a finger wiping them.

Looking up she saw him standing and wipe her both cheek sitting in front of her.. She sniffs looking away from him. But he continuous to wipe her faces.. You know.. I just wanted to experience. A frown build on her dace by his word not understanding but he just chuckled looking at her. You know..Hmm..  mood swings.. She frowns more but his chuckled turn to laugh and then she understand his joke.

Maan. Hitting his arm she pouts cutely looking away. I felt so bad.

Oww.. Come my mishti. Wrapping his both arm slowly he bring her close in his embrace kissing her hair. I’m sorry.. But you were looking cute..

That’s not fair. She pouts wiping her tears. He cups her face kissing her lips. Did I really hurt you? She asked to which he simply shake his head. No. How can it hurt me being close to you?

She smile leaning close keeping her head on his chest. But I love that. She smacks him giggling softly. Moving away both kiss each other’s feeling bless being so close and happy after which seems like eternity.

Her arms move around his neck coming close to him while nibbling his lips.. He too reached his hands wanting to make her sit in his lap but suddenly yelp in pain.. She move back worried kya hua?  He breathes in sitting and closes his eyes.. She moves close caressing his face than lean down kissing his chest. Sorry.He shakes his head not letting her..

Both came down for breakfast where all were already sitting and talking. Maan sat in his chair geet sitting beside him. Mom stood and went to kitchen.. Morning love birds. Vicky announced making geet giggle and maan glare at him. Mom came with a glass and put it in front of geet.

Yea kya hai mom?

Haldi waala doodh. Tere liye acha hai.. But geet make a face looking at the glass. Mou mat bana. Pee le. Pichle kuch dino se waise tuney khaana theek se nahi Kaya.

Maan. She tried convincing him but he simply moves the glass to her lips. Nautanki nahi. Piyo. Making a baby face she takes a sip and move it away .yuck..

Vicky laughs at her and says.Now you have to listen Bhabhi. Buhat suni humne aapki. Geet frowned and smack him hard. Tu chup kar. Maan smile and again pull the glass near her.lip.. Maan please. It’s so tasteless.

It’s good for the baby geet. Mom said sitting on her chair and eyed maan to make her drink. Without wasting time he convince her talking sweetly finally make her drink making a yuckiest face after that making all laugh at her.

She pouts cutely finishing the milk finally but one look at everyone she pouts more. Aap sab mera mazak bana rahe hona? Maan giggle wiping the corner of her lips. No sweaty. Nothing likes that.. Kissing her forehead he passes her the breakfast which she eats really slowly being full by that weird haldi waala doodh only. But maan being maan didn’t let her move for one long hour before finishing her breakfast.







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Hmm. He mumbled holding her hand making sure she is near him and slept peacefully. She stroke his hair letting him sleep and sat beside him all the time .she make sure everything is ok with him before taking him home not wanting to take any risk.

Finally it was a day when maan was being discharged. He made it cleared to everyone that geet will be with him and no one else in hospital to bring him home. Geet advised mom to make his favorite food for him which she happily agreed.

They both entered the mansion holding each other’s hand. Mom took both of their aarti. Dono KO Kisi ki nazar Na lage ab. Applying tika on both of their forehead she led them inside. They sat in living room enjoying this day by sitting close to the person they have missed so much in these days. This house seems so dull without him everyone now know this. Somewhere this incident makes them know his importance in their life and in this house. It was late night when maan discomfort while sitting was able to seen in everyone eyes so mom decided he should go and rest and both made their way inside their room.

Entering their room He smiled inhaling the aroma of this room which he missed terribly. It has some kind of magic which always relax his mind. The aroma always makes him forget everything. The aroma of his and geet love.

He sat on bed where geet put pillow behind his back and sat in front of him. Vicky entered the room smiling and sits on bed. Finally home sweet home Han bro? He asked smiling which made geet too smile holding maan hand but maan rolled his eyes at his brother.

Enough? Now you can go and live your own life. This makes Vicky frown cutely. Dekha bhabhi. Na thanks Na kuch bus jao. He always wants me to go. Bus.

Geet giggle turning to Vicky so her back to maan. And why should I say thanks to you? Vicky gasped a loud looking at him and then at geet not believing his own brother. I did so much. Maan chuckled shaking his head. Whatever you did was your duty. This is not only my family that I should thank you. It’s your too.

Vicky looks at geet who was also smiling at him. He smiled and went to maan. Sorry bro.

It’s ok.

No… Not for that… but.. For the way we all behaved with you. All the while.. He didn’t know how he should express what he means for them. He can’t express what he went throw in just a Day and he has been handling all tithe family alone all the while.. Alone after dad was gone.. How alone and terrible he must have felt at that moment.. Now he knows why he has become so arrogant.. Handling everything alone s not so easy.. when he almost died seeing his bhabhi so week for two days only but maan had spend so many years.. How difficult it would be for him seeing mom like that, seeing Annie and him so lost..

Now don’t be sad.. geet said standing beside him and pulled his cheek. Meera se baat ki hai? She asked to lighten his mood which works as he looks down shaking his head with a shy smile. Go. Talk to her.

Saying bye to both he went out leaving maan and geet alone. Geet lock the door and goes to take her night dress. Changing her dress she make him.lye down and lyed on right side of him keeping her head on His chest tracing her finger on other side. The bandage still makes her so sad.

He wraps his arm around  her. Both were feeling really lightened and for a change didn’t have anything to discuss or talk about. Enjoying the silence they just stayed awake holding each other’s feeling so close after so much they have went through. This feels so beautiful feeling each other’s so close after so many days. Staying away was terrible and that too like this. When he know his wife needs him the most now.. And now she is not alone. Someone else is also growing inside her. Someone which should be taken care but they were alone in this time..

Feeling geet silence he sighed. Why not sleeping? Finally whispered when they have spent 1 hour in great silence. She sighed holding his waist. Just feeling you. She too whispered slowly. I still can’t hold you fully. She smile moving up and look at him. When will I be able to move my hand?

Few more days. He sighed than close his eyes..Geet smiled at his restlessness leaning down softly kiss him making him open his eyes..I love you.. He smiles moving his arm around her waist.. Stroking her..

Hows my baby? She giggles again keeping her head on his chest. Perfect. Missed sleeping with papa. He smiles closing his eyes. They again lyed with a silence for some time when he opens his eyes.

We have to go for your checkup? His words make her think that he wants to do her test again. But why? She is fine now? Looking at him he can read her confuse look and chuckled. Whispering.. For the baby..

This makes her giggle and kiss his cheek. Theek hai.

Good night.

Good night.



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Vicky rolled his eyes at geet. Theek hai. Main raat KO aayungi to app Ghar jaana. She just twists her lips looking down. He moves forward kissing her forehead. Take care Bhabhi. Looking at maan he smile hugging him and take Annie and mom home for some time.

Next morning she entre maan room early. Vicky was not there so she simply sat beside maan who was still sleeping due to seductions. Bringing the rose near his cheek she caresses his face than whispered softly. Morning my love. He smiled a little with his close eyes feeling her touch, moving a little he tried to open his eyes and talk to his mishti but she whispered slowly keeping her finger on his eyes. No sleep.. I’m here .. She saw him again sleeping holding her hand bringing it near his heart. Kissing his lips softly she sat there admiring him for longer time not moving from her place. .

After half hour Vicky entered with two cups of coffee. Seeing geet he smiles he knew well she will of course come this early to meet her husband and knowing from the reception he grab a cup of coffee for her ..He knows well she must not have eaten anything and just ran here.. You came? He smiled giving her the cup. He Is still sleeping. Vicky whispered looking at maan..

Yea ..Seductive. Both giggle softly. Vicky sat on a sofa .How are you now? He asked her.

I’m fine. She looks at Vicky ..This person has changed so much in such a small time. This time was not so easy for him too ..For taking up everything and nothing was in place ..How well he has e managed everything in maan absent ..Of course not like but he still tried and did quite well. Smiling she entangle her fingers from maan than went to sit beside him keeping her head on his shoulder. Thank you Vicky. He frowned looking down at her. When maan was not here. You hold everything very nicely.

He smiled. I’m not like bro Bhabhi. He is something else. She smiles looking at maan. Yes. Maan is different. Very different. Vicky look at her finding her lost in her husband and smiled happily. Finally the spark on her beautiful eyes is back. Finally her beautiful smile is back on her face. Only one person in this world can bring this happiness on her face .. Her cries and tears drenched his heart very much. She is the person who has brought so much happiness in their life and seeing her in pain was something he was not able to hold. She looks better with her strength and happy nature..

That’s how he wants to see here. Always. And that can only be done by his bro. He is the only person who can bring this happiness in her life.

Three more days were past. Maan was still in hospital. Geet visit him daily. she is the only person he waited all day to see and talk. Otherwise Vicky or Adi have to bear his anger. If she will be 5 minutes late he would shout at them.

She entre with a smile and a rose in her hand meeting Adi outside at maan room. Oh geet. Kaha ti tum? She giggle at his frustrated voice and entre the room only to find her annoying husband with a file in his hand and vicky sitting in sofa with his head on his hands. It’s been two days he is insisting to go to home or even visit his office but doctors are not allowing for it so this person have made Adi and vicky bring all the information of every projects and every paper to him..

She chuckled entering and snatch the file from his hand making him look up to shout at the person but his eyes spark seeing her. Hey. She smile sitting on his bed and kiss his cheek. How are you?

He is perfect Bhabhi ..But I’m not. Vicky called standing beside her. She giggles looking at him while maan rolled his eyes. It’s time for you to go.

Yea yea. He mimicked going out finally sighing that his Bhabhi came to handle the biggest storm in this earth.

How are you? He asked her keeping his hand on her stomach stroking with his thumb. She keeps her hand on his. We are fine. Missing you. Bending down she kiss him than keep her head in his chest.

I want to come home. He complained when she move back stroking her cheek. Just two more days. 

I just hate this place.. geet giggle than kiss his lips softly. now? he smile holding her neck pulling her down letting her lips touch his again. this is the only thing i love here.

she chuckled moving back .He sighed than close his eyes. The seductive never let him talk to her for long. She smiles kissing his forehead. Sleep for sometime honey.

Hmm. He mumbled holding her hand making sure she is near him and slept peacefully. She stroke his hair letting him sleep and sat beside him all the time .she make sure everything is ok with him before taking him home not wanting to take any risk.

Precap: coming home.


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They stayed in that position for longer time. Her head resting on his cheat tracing her finger in his skin. He continuous to stroke her hair. I still can’t believe we are going to be parents. She smiles tracing her thumb near his bandage.

I was so desperate to tell you this.He kisses her head. He can understand how she must felt knowing the greatest happiness of their life and yet he was not there to her to make it a happiness and share it with each others. The time when she needed him the most, he was not there. He cursed himself silently for even giving her this pain.

Why did you go to brij? Her simple question made him stiffen..

I wanted to finish everything geet and it is now.


He is dead now. She than remember listening many bullets sound. That must be for him. Sighing she closed her eyes. And voice of those bullets reaches her ears. How can she explain him what went to her when he left her in such a position. She only knows how she has survived. After a little silence he whispered.I’m having some weird feelings. She frowned looking at him.Jaise ab sab theek ho jaayega. He smile move her hair behind but she didn’t smiled.

I don’t have any such feeling. You still are not well. I almost losted you maan. Her voice cracked which made his sigh in defeat again hugging her. Her tears are the thing he hates the most and here his little wife is only crying in his arms from hours and that too in this condition.. Hey mishti ..Don’t cry yar.

Main buhat dar gahi ti maan. I felt so empty.

I know. I know. Rubbing her arm he holds her tight letting her cry. She sat there shedding tears silently.. Maan smooth fingers were gently stroking her hair making her calm which really worked ..After sometime wiping her tears she move back and stare at him with love, smile and happiness.. Leaning down kissing his lips. He brings her closer closing his eyes. She nibbles his lips brushing his hair entering inside playing with his tongue. They so much missed to touch each others like this..

But soon He groaned when she keep her hand in his bandage lightly for support .she move away frightened looking at his chest. Sorry. She whispered leaning and kiss there. Mishti. Looking at him she smiles again kissing him softly. I love you.

Love you too.

Later again everyone entered and sat in his room. But maan stayed quite only holding her hand not leaving her for once.

Bhabhi. Aapko Ghar jaana chaiye ab.

Vicky suggested seeing her pale face but she directly refuses.Bilkul bi nahi. Main Kahi nahi jaaungi. She said stubbornly holding maan hand tight.

This makes Vicky sigh and shake his head. Bro aap hi samjao inhe.

Maine kaha Na mujhe nahi jaana. Vicky looks at maan shaking his head. Maan smile at geet of course he only know how stubborn his wife his. Bechara Vicky, he must have suffered a lot of stubbornness.

Geet. He whispered slowly but she cut her.Chup. Mujhe jaane KO kaha to acha nahi hoga. She said frowning with her pouted lips. And how exactly you will stay at night here?

She thought for sometime knew well there is no escape but she didn’t want to leave. Looking at him and pout her lips which made him smile tracing his thumb in her cheek. He just wanted to hug her and be with her but this hospital and his stitches.

Bhabhi chale. He knows very well she will never deny maan. But she looks at him angrily. Main raat KO jaaungi. Abhi nahi. maan chuckled and look at vicky. Let her stay for now.

Vicky rolled his eyes at geet. Theek hai. Main raat KO aayunga to app Ghar jaana. She just twists her lips looking down. He moves forward kissing her forehead.Take care Bhabhi. Looking at maan he smile hugging him and take Annie and mom home for some time.






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Nahi. Now .. go to café and eat your breakfast there.


She sighed in disappointment knowing very well he won’t let her meet maan until she just eat something. Pouting her lips she curses him making her way to café.




She came from the café and glare at Vicky who only smile and let her go meet her soul finally.. He opens the door and let her entre inside walking behind her..




Once she entre inside.. She sees him in sitting positing with a bandage on his left shoulder.. Body covered with a single sheet only and talking to mom.  Tears fought to fall but she holds them.. Not now.. But she just needs him and nothing else.. Like he felt her and looks up at her who was lost in him. After so much dreadfully day here her maan is sitting in front of her smiling at her.. The smile, his eyes his arms which she has missed more than anything in the world..





He looks at her and smiled lightly.. Geet.. Ayo Na.. Than only she realize she was still standing at the same place looking at him only. Moving in small steps she went to him looking at him ..he smile looking at her but could see the pain in her eyes and tears threatening to fall any moment… vicky eyed mom and Annie to come out as they should spend some alone time together.. His moment is there and they should left alone..






When she went near him he holds her hand making her sit beside him slowly on bed looking at her.. Her face was looking so pale.. He doesn’t need any one to say his wife must have cried a lot these days .. His fingers move to her cheek wiping a single line of tear which finally made its way .. No one have to say him that she must be so scared not knowing what happened to him or where is he.. His thumb strokes her dark circle, her pale cheek.. Making his heart twist when a little moaned escaped from her lips..





Maan.. She moaned and keeps her head on his chest crying hard hugging him close to her.. I was so scared maan.. I was so scared.. His right arm move around her.. She kept weeping her heart out. Letting all the tears fall in his embrace.. Letting all her fear out hiding her face in his embrace inhaling his scene making sure to her he is finally there with her.. He understands the moment she entered hat she needs his support, his warmth .. Stroking her hair he let her cry out as much as she wants and take everything out from her heart.





After a long time he sensed her little calm.. Itna Miss Kiya mujhe?? He whispered slowly.. She moves back wiping her tears.. Hadh se ziada.. Sab se ziada.. Cupping his face she says.. Don’t ever do this to me.. He smiles shaking his head bringing her again in his embrace .. Kabhi nahi.. Whispering he kiss her head..







Acha ab Rona to band Karo .. She just sniffs moving her hand to his chest ..Caressing his bandage.. Buhat Dard ho raha Haina.. He moves her back wiping her tears.. Nothing can give me pain more than your tears geet..





She can see his eyes in pain and quickly wipe her tears.. But something suddenly caught ger mind and she smiled looking at him making him confuse by her sudden change of expression.. Just now she was crying and now there is a strange glint in her eyes..





I have to tell you something.. His finger move to caress her cheek with his thumb.. Bolo.. She looks at him..When you we’re not here.. I felt so alone and just wanted to end my life.. His thumb Move to her lips shaking his head. How can she even think like that..





She smiles.. This time you didn’t saved me maan.. Someone else did.. He frowned.. She keeps her hand on his cheek.. I’m having a part of you in me.. She whispered looking at his eyes taking his hand moving it to her stomach.. We got someone safe here.. She whispered softly seeing his eyes getting moist..





She smiles nodding her head.. You’re going to be papa. He moves his hand inside her sari feeling her skin.. Baby.. Our baby?? He whispered surprised.. He didn’t even though his could have happened.. His geet is pregnant.. They are going to be parents.. He prayed for this day so much and finally this happened. She chuckled seeing he shocked.. She lean down and kiss his lips softly which he didn’t let her move and hold her hair tightly kissing her .. Thanking her for everything she Sid for him.. I love you.. He whispered moving back and bring her again close to him kiss her forehead. She smiles keeping her head on his chest.. Hearing his heartbeat.. My baby? He whispered still not believing but she giggles wisphering in his ear. Your baby..






Aa happy tear escaped from his eyes feeling so contented having his love and his child in his arms when he have woke up with a new life. He tightened his hold around her making his life save.. Now they are his world and he will make sure they are safe and sound.. Around him always.. Happy..










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