Saathiya – part 31

23 Jan

She stayed quiet for sometime but than wisphered. Aap mujhe bhool to nahi jaayenge na? Maan frowned moving her he cups her face..kya keh rahi ho? She wipe her face looking at him..
Nahi aise hi poocha.. With that she looks down not knowing herself the reason of her sudden breakdown.. maan look closely at her eyes which were showing some restlessnes.. he hold her arm bring her close.. Somewhere a fear of loosing him was bisible on her face and the say she was holding him. the way she was clinging him showed him clearly how scared she is.. he hug her tight rubbing her back. Sshh. geet..  They stayed in eachothers embrace listening eachothers heartbeat in a great silence..

After a while he move back wiping her tears kissing her forehead. I can never ever forget you geet.

I’m really scared maan.. agar kuch hogaya to

He chuckled tracing his thumb on her cheek. Sab theek hoga.. tumne mere liye wrath jo rakja hai.. he wisphered tubing his nose with her. She blushed looking down with a sweet smile.. maan. She wiplsphered holding his collar. He lean forward muzzling his nose on her cheek. Her red burning cheeks were almost felt by him. He softly kiss her cheek cupping her face in his hand..

Your my life geet. Never think I will forget you.. he wisphered brushing  his lips with her holding her waist bringing her more close. She close her eyes leaning close keeping her head on his shoulder keeping her hand on his heart.

They reached home at late night. Every body was tired with the traveling so striaght way went to their room sleeping.. geet quietly took every thing and went upstairs.. the moon was full.. she smiling admiring it and waited for maan to come..

Soon she felt his arms around her from back with his soft breath falling on her skin. Sorry for late.. she smile but continuous to look at the moon. He look up and wisphered. My geet is more beautiful than this moon. He wisphered in her ear making her shiver.. looking down at his hands around her she keep her hand on his.

They staid like this for sometime. Feeling eachothers wramyh as long as they can knowing its the.last time they will be alone. Together.. he dipped his face on her hair inhaling her scent.. she close her eyes giving him space to her face.. he kiss there nuzzling his nose..

Aren’t you hungry? He wisphered bringing her out of her dream world. She smile biting her lower lip. How much he have changed her.. turning around in his arms she lean up kissing his cheek shocking him to the core and hide her face in his chest..

He chuckled holding her tight yo him. My angel.. kissing her head they stayed in eachothers embrace..

she turn to moon and completed all the retusls.. he sweetly feed ger water and than the sweet admiring her shingles face.. hogaya? He said keeping the tray but she pick one sweet passing it to his lips.. he raised his eyebrow in confusion to which she says.

Mujhe pata hai aapne wrath rakh hai.. now he was caught.. how on earth she know.about it. Nahi geet main.. she giggle pushing.g the sweet in his.mouth. don’t say anything.. wiping his lips she lean close cupping his face wisphereing softly. I know everything..


Leaning close she brush her lips with his but than gave haina a very very tiny feather like kiss making him feel thousand butterfly dancing in his body.. geet.. he wisphered wrapping his arm around her hugging her very close to him. Not wanting to loose this precious person in

Ofcourse she know he have kept fast for her too.. She would know when he clearly rejected to eat anything since mornjng.. When he was continuously making excuse whenever anyone was telling him to eat.. She felt the most lucky girl in this work having this person in her life and prayed he would always be in her life giving her every happiness of the world..



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2 responses to “Saathiya – part 31

  1. Najiah's Naina

    January 23, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    sweet update yaad agaya…
    cute maan ne bi wrath rakha… wo jarha.. kia hoga ab?

    zoya Zara frequent updates dia karo

  2. trs1391

    January 24, 2013 at 4:40 AM



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