17 Jun




She got ready for her collage and made her way downstairs where her brother was sitting with a phone in his hand, a frown was present in his face making her know the reason..  Chuckling  she sat beside him taking an apple from a bowl.. . Girlfriend ka phone nahi lag raha?





He glared at her by her usual teasing.. Looks like she has taken a degree in teasing him for the same topic 1000th time a day..  She giggles taking a bite. Ma’am ka phone q nahi lag raha. He muttered dialing her number while she giggles softly by her brother irritating with just a small thing.  He was about to dial the number again when He noticed her face and rolled his eyes. Geet.


Haan bhaiya. She said making an innocent face which he never believes at..  Why are you laughing?



No. I’m not. She made an innocent face and stood up. College time. Challo. Challo..  Holding his hand she drags him out before he may waste all the time in calling and  remembering his girlfriend… Vijay drive to her college looking straight but geet eyes were on his mobile searching his log making a naughty face. Giggling time to time.. Geet give me. He snatches the phone but she couldn’t stop her giggling sound. Stop that



Maine Kya kiya?



You know that.



Ufho apni girlfriend ka gussa mujhpe kyun utaar rahe ho?She made a cute pouting face and look away.





To tum ma’am ko kyun aise bolti ho?



Kaise?  She made an innocent face blinking her eyes asking him to which he rolled his eyes stopping the car in front of her college. Take care.. She smiled holding his arm and keeps her head on his shoulder.. Don’t talk to stranger hmm. She smiled at his usual words. He would always say these things whenever she is alone..  Ok bye. She kisses his cheek. Bye. And take care.


Jee. Saying so she went out rushing inside. When her college was finishing her straight way  went home and called Vijay. Bhaiya kaha hai?



Office main. Tum khaana kha lo geet..



Kya bhaiya aap rose aise karte hai.She complained making a face.. What can I do. There are working waiting for me.



Theek hai bye. Hanging the phone she made her way to the restaurant where she always goes cribbing about the usual schedule of her brother. He never ill have time to eat something in peace but still roam around his so called maam.. Mera to khayal hi nahi. Mama ko aane do.




Cribbing she sat on her chair and the first thing she did was to search for that ajnabi Person who would be here always. When she find him looking at her than look away ordering food for her.





Kuch kaam vaam nahi bus ghoorta rehta hai. Champu kahika.Making faces she ate her food but indirectly her eyes would again and again go to him looking at her.Concentrate geet. Maana k dikne main theek thaak hai  lekin iska mathlab nahi tu pagalo ki thara roz roz usse dekh.





Cribbing cutely she looks up at him only to find him chuckling. He always does that. Once look at me and then laugh at me. She looks up.Babaji main kya itni bhuri dikthi hu? She made a pouting sad face and ate a spoon full of salad.





But she didn’t know her this cute cute faces are the thing which always make him smile or giggle sometime. There was something which they couldn’t ignore..



Precap : geet planning something against ajnabi



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