10 May


Next morning he got ready. Nakul Dadi ka khayal rakhna. The only sentence he said before leaving but didn’t try once to go in her room and talk to her.

He reached London but the main problem was. All talks of Dadi have made him forget to see a good hotel and book it for him. Now he doesn’t have time to do it now at this time so simply went to the first good hotel he saw and booked there.

Finishing his meeting he went to a nearby restaurant to spend some alone and peaceful time for himself. Sitting in his table he ordered for himself a black coffee with less sugar. The girl smiled sweetly and went..

He sat there and noted the restaurant which was filled with many people and almost couple with their little romantic moment every now and then. Rolling his eyes he looks down. People won’t change. Instead of romancing in their house god know why they always start everywhere. If he would have booked a hotel for himself he wouldn’t have seen these kinds of people.. Dadi always screw his mind from his work which he hates a lot..

When his coffee came he simply took it but the girl stood there smiling at him.. He raised his eyebrow to which she giggle going from there.. Stupid.. Murmuring he look at everyone when suddenly his eyes suddenly fell on a girl sitting alone in one corner. . This is very strange for this restaurant. She was sitting and eating her food not looking anywhere else like him.. Must be waiting for boyfriend. He chuckled drinking his coffee. Girls of this country are so out of control..

It was almost an hour he was sitting but he also noted that no one came for that girl and neither was she looks like waiting for someone. Just patiently sitting alone. He glances at her few times when he got a call so went from their after sometime glancing at the girl for last time.

Next day he aging came to the same restaurant sitting and ordered his usual. The waitress again came smiling shyly and went making maan roll his eyes cursing her. He looks around at people and somewhere his eyes searched again for the same girl he saw yesterday. Just than he was about to look down when he saw her entering inside with a frown on her face which made her look really cute. Maan couldn’t help but chuckled at her cute expression and look down.. Soon his coffee came and he started drinking..

He sat their glancing at her again and again but suddenly she look at him making him look away quickly becoming nervous for the first time in his life.. Oh god. Dekha to nahi. Kya sochegi. Maan Singh khurana larki ko ghoor raha hai. He fumbled and slowly looks at her from corner of his eyes. She was ordering her food. After that she again look down which made him sigh a deep breath. Aahh. Nahi Dekha. He smiled and drinks his coffee.

Few minute passed when he was drinking his coffee and his phone rang. Seeing the I’d it was Dadi calling. Great. Inhi ki kami ti. Ab kahengi call nahi kiya. Yaad nahi kiya. He picked the call only to listen his Dadi repeating his mind.

Beta kaise hai aap.

Theek hu Dadi.

Haan. Aap to theek hai par itna yaad nahi k koi Dadi bhi hai yaha. She taunted making him roll his eyes. Dadi it’s just a day I came here.

Haan haan baatain mat banayie. Hum sab jaante hai.

Kaisi hai aap? He asked making her silence for few second. Theek hai. He nodded obediently. Aap jaldi aa jaate to acha Hota.

I will be back in three months.

It’s too much for me beta.

He talked to her and finished the call. Dadi bhi na. Looking up he saw that girl looking at her and just look away finding him looking at her. She looks away and twist her lips which make him chuckled. The girl is something really cute. Making really amazing faces every second.







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5 responses to “-MILE JAB AJNABI-

  1. trs1391

    May 10, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    maan drooling on geet

  2. Jeba Rahman

    May 10, 2012 at 1:49 PM


  3. Afsha

    May 10, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    That was cute
    N Maan drooling at Geet haaye

    • zoha25

      May 11, 2012 at 12:54 AM

      Haye haye 😊

      • Afsha

        May 11, 2012 at 11:39 PM



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