02 May


Geet. Saaf saaf Bol. Anjali asked really strickly making geet shiver in fear. Never have she spoke like this. What will she do now?

Her silence was making anjali more and surer about the doubt she was having. Was maan here in morning? Geet only look down not knowing how to answer her. Geet main kuch puch rahi hu? Anjali threatened her to say something but she was only and only sitting there quietly..

Not getting any answer she sighed frustrated and stood up holding geet wrist she made her stand looking in her face which was only down. Jawab do mujhe? She asked firmly but still the same silence.

Kaise aata hai wo tere room main? The next thing she thought asked her making geet more scared.. But anjali was not more angry.. Geet.. Geet move a step back whispering very slowly..Window. Anjali stood there not believing what she heard.. Maan is coming to this house to geet room god knows from many days and here she is standing with a love bite in front of her.. Does she even know what it means?

How can they be so catch-up and forget the limits.. How can maan do this when she always has thought of him as a very mature person.. This is really very wrong.. What if someone else see them? What if papa or her brother comes to know about these things.. Everything will be ruined.. Everything will shatter…

Do you have any idea what you are doing? She asked finally coming to reality seeing her with her head bowed.. Geet this is wrong.. You both should know your limits. This time she looks up but anjali couldn’t find any guiltiness in her eyes which shock her more than anything..

We know our limits Bhabhi ..And don’t say it is wrong ..We love each others.

Yes I know ..But this is ..You both are not even engaged? Anjali tried o reason herself but geet only frowned at her..

Aapki aur bhai ki bhi sagai nahi Hui ti Bhabhi ..Aap dono to milte Te ..

Geet..She shouts holding her arm tight. We always knew our limits ..She shouted glaring at geet who look away but a tear escape from her eyes feeling hurt by her words ..Anjali never have talked to her like this ..She thought anjali will understand their relation but she can never understand how they feel for each others.

But how can anjali make her understand the difference between her and maan relation.. There is so much difference.. At least ajay and she were family friends.. But maan.. He is from big family.. And this geet.. She is one of the innocence.. How difficult it will be for her to understand everything about being a wife.. A daughter in law.. She doesn’t even know how to talk to people than how can everyone will think of her marriage..

Anjali sighed seeing her tears and softened her hold making her sit on sofa sitting beside her she wipe her tears softly. I didn’t mean to hurt you baby. Holding her chin she makes her looks up. It’s just ..I’m really scared ..Geet sniff holding her hand which was on her cheek.

Mujhe maan pe khudse Ziada bharosa hai Bhabhi ..

I know ..But still ..She looks down and then looks up at her after a moment. I think it’s time everyone should know about you two.

This made geet look at her scared.. She never has thought about it.. And now what will all behave when they will come to know about them.. Somewhere this idea was scaring her but she knew anjali is right.. Geet stare at her for some moment making anjali scared that maybe she won’t accept it but she smile lightly nodding her head..

Agar aapko Aisa lagta hai to main maan se baat karungi. Anjali smile at her ..Cupping her face she kisses her forehead and hugs her tight.. This is the first time she have shouted at her and was really sorry but whatever happened was good for her.. Geet should know this is wrong..

Later in the evening anjali was working in kitchen and geet sat in living room thinking about her words. Now she has to talk to maan and they have to talk to all others.

She was somewhere scared of how will everyone react after knowing that her and maan relation is not friendship but love. Will they all be able to understand the depth of their feelings? Will they ever know the depth of their hidden feelings?






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4 responses to “-HIDDEN FEELINGS-

  1. trs1391

    May 2, 2012 at 1:51 PM


  2. Jeba

    May 2, 2012 at 2:13 PM

    amazing update

  3. Najiah's Naina

    May 2, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    Nyc Update… i know this will happen.. But Anjali is also rite.. Ab Maan Geet ko engage to ho hi jana chaye….
    Wanna Know Maans Reaction on that…….

  4. mishy

    May 2, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    Nice update…
    Actually Anjali is right..she was just scared for them….she is right they hav to talk to all now.
    Atleast they hav to get engaged…
    Waiting for maans reaction now…
    Hope wo geet ko galat na samje…


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