29 Apr



She closed her eyes when he lean down from her neck removing her collar so her upper chest was revealed and kiss there making her hold his hair tight as possible.. He nibbles her skin making her gasp a loud.. Moving back when he sees her closed eyes and turned deep red smiling he bite her chin making her hissed in pain.. Giggling he lays on top of her completely keeping her head on her heart.. Her finger smoothly moves to his hair brushing them making him smile…

She was lying on her back looking up at the ceiling while maan who have tied his waist band around her and was admiring her skin glowing with his band more.. Tracing his finger on her belly he lean closes and kisses there. She giggles closing her eyes feeling his lips and then opens them.

Listening her giggle he again kisses her belly than move up looking at her who only smile caressing his cheek. It’s getting late. You should go.She whispered softly only to receive a soft kiss on her lips from him.

Never tell me to leave ok. He whispered pulling her chain on her neck looking at her eyes showing his authority to her. She smiles moving her arms around his neck. I won’t. Par ab yaha koi aajayega. She knew well now how possessive he can get.. But she still loves it..

Aa jaanedo. Dekh lene do jisse jo dekhna hai. He whispered dangerously leaning close to her lips brushing them softly.

She giggles at his lips when he whispered moving close at her lips with every word. Maan. A little word escape from her lips feeling him just brushing his lips with her but not at all kissing..

He move back and look at her for sometime than kiss her forehead. His eyes were speaking some unknown volume which she tried to read but she was not able to read his eyes.. There was so much passion that she knows she can’t handle this moment.. His passions and desire are something which can be over limits sometime.

Acha ab Hato. She said than went to cupboard taking her shirt and jeans making her way to washroom but before entering she stopped finding him standing at the door..

Kaha jaa rahi ho? He asked holding her waist bringing her body to him. She keeps her hand on his bare chest. Nahane.

Hmm. Need some company?

Chi maan. She makes a face hitting his chest. He only giggles letting her go inside and lyed on bed waiting for her. She came out after sometime fully dressed and stood in front of mirror wiping her hair with a towel.

Maan stood besides her holding her shoulder. Ab main jao? She smiles knowing the statement was rather to convince him. Turning she kiss his cheek. Hmm. getting late Na. He sighed kissing her forehead and was about to go from window when she call him from back.

Kya hua?

Arey shirt to pehno. Showing his shirt she hurriedly made him wear it. Giving her a last kiss he went out from window which he not at all wanted.

Geet went down for breakfast where all men already have gone to office. Anjali was eating her breakfasts so she simply sits besides her kissing her cheek. Morning Bhabhi.

Morning. Anjali said nibbling her food..Why so late?

Geet look down and then to her smiling forcefully. Aise hi.

Anjali chuckled and was about to eat when suddenly her eyes feel on geet skin. She frowned looking. There was a deep red mark on her neck which makes anjali confuse for sometime thinking what it will be? But then her eyebrow rose really high acknowledging the mark.

Geet. Geet look at her. What’s this? She asked straightly removing her collar making geet flinch a little and move away.K.. kuch.. b. Bhi to nahi.. She blabbered looking down not knowing how she will face her after this and cursing herself to avoid the marks on her skin.

Geet. Saaf saaf bol. Anjali asked really strickly making geet shiver in fear. Never have she spoke like this. What will she do now?








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5 responses to “-HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. trs1391

    April 29, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    love it

  2. Najiah's Naina

    April 29, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    Uff… GEET to buri phasi… Ab kia hoga… ?
    Anjali will scold her for spending nite with Maan… Ye maan boht out of control ho rha hy…
    Bachalena… Or sanaya madam aag myn petrol dalgi shayad…
    Waiting …
    Nyc n cute update…

  3. mishy

    April 29, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    Awesome update…
    Finally back….
    Maan is really out of control…
    But ye precap nahi tha pehle…
    Ohhh ho geet phas gayi…per hope wo night spending ki bat na bataye….
    Anjali angery….oops..ab kya hoga….
    Update soon now…..bahot wait karaya…

  4. Nilima

    April 30, 2012 at 2:59 AM

    ur Backkkkkk
    lovely part…
    maan left a lovebite, geet didn;t hide it and now anjali found it…. mannn… Maan and geet in trouble… more then geet maan is in trouble… geet wont even let him touh her now.. hahaha
    poor desperate maan.. haha
    funny part
    loved it
    update soon

    • zoha25

      April 30, 2012 at 2:13 PM

      Hahaha Anjali must be so embarrassed..


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