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We have to go for your checkup? His words make her think that he wants to do her test again. But why? She is fine now? Looking at him he can read her confuse look and chuckled. Whispering.. For the baby..

This makes her giggle and kiss his cheek. Theek hai.

Good night.

Good night.

Next morning geet open her eyes with a new bless, fresh fragrance and sweet aroma seeing his angel face so near her..  breathing softly in his deep sleep. Smiling her lean close to him wrapping her arms around his waist and tangled her leg between his. He moans a little holding her waist bringing her closer inhaling in her hair. She always get confuse about his this little act.. He hands or face eventually finds their way to her hair and he gets lost in them or always strokes his finger in them. But whatever it is she loves it. Planting a kiss on his neck she smiles feeling his breath on her hair.

What could be more beautiful than this moment. Very complete moment. Having the person so close to you with a little life inside you. She traces her finger on his neck seeing him frown stirring. She smile and almost forget about his injury moving more close which makes her head hit his chest and he yelp a loud. Ouch geet.

Terrified she look up finding him lie on his back rubbing his chest with his right hand..I’m sorry. I almost forgot. She caresses the bandage looking at him worried. Dard ho raha hai? He didn’t answer but just close his eyes in pain.

She sat rubbing his bandage but than irritated says. Who told you to lye like this?

And who told you to come close? She pout hurt by his word but didn’t say anything. Moving from bed she takes his ointment and sit on his side. Let me see. She whispered slowly removing his bandage but he jerks her hand. Don’t. I’m fine. He said without realizing his statement were only hurting her more and more and keep his right arm above his eyes.

She sat there looking at him for some time and than stood up. Tears rolled down from her eyes by his word. She didn’t do it purposely. He was so close to her after so many days she just wanted to sleep with him.

Sitting beside window she looks at the morning sun. How beautiful it looks but nothing felt nice by his words. Why was he so ride with her. A sniff escape from her lips and she raise her hand to wipe her tears but instead she felt a finger wiping them.

Looking up she saw him standing and wipe her both cheek sitting in front of her.. She sniffs looking away from him. But he continuous to wipe her faces.. You know.. I just wanted to experience. A frown build on her dace by his word not understanding but he just chuckled looking at her. You know..Hmm..  mood swings.. She frowns more but his chuckled turn to laugh and then she understand his joke.

Maan. Hitting his arm she pouts cutely looking away. I felt so bad.

Oww.. Come my mishti. Wrapping his both arm slowly he bring her close in his embrace kissing her hair. I’m sorry.. But you were looking cute..

That’s not fair. She pouts wiping her tears. He cups her face kissing her lips. Did I really hurt you? She asked to which he simply shake his head. No. How can it hurt me being close to you?

She smile leaning close keeping her head on his chest. But I love that. She smacks him giggling softly. Moving away both kiss each other’s feeling bless being so close and happy after which seems like eternity.

Her arms move around his neck coming close to him while nibbling his lips.. He too reached his hands wanting to make her sit in his lap but suddenly yelp in pain.. She move back worried kya hua?  He breathes in sitting and closes his eyes.. She moves close caressing his face than lean down kissing his chest. Sorry.He shakes his head not letting her..

Both came down for breakfast where all were already sitting and talking. Maan sat in his chair geet sitting beside him. Mom stood and went to kitchen.. Morning love birds. Vicky announced making geet giggle and maan glare at him. Mom came with a glass and put it in front of geet.

Yea kya hai mom?

Haldi waala doodh. Tere liye acha hai.. But geet make a face looking at the glass. Mou mat bana. Pee le. Pichle kuch dino se waise tuney khaana theek se nahi Kaya.

Maan. She tried convincing him but he simply moves the glass to her lips. Nautanki nahi. Piyo. Making a baby face she takes a sip and move it away .yuck..

Vicky laughs at her and says.Now you have to listen Bhabhi. Buhat suni humne aapki. Geet frowned and smack him hard. Tu chup kar. Maan smile and again pull the glass near her.lip.. Maan please. It’s so tasteless.

It’s good for the baby geet. Mom said sitting on her chair and eyed maan to make her drink. Without wasting time he convince her talking sweetly finally make her drink making a yuckiest face after that making all laugh at her.

She pouts cutely finishing the milk finally but one look at everyone she pouts more. Aap sab mera mazak bana rahe hona? Maan giggle wiping the corner of her lips. No sweaty. Nothing likes that.. Kissing her forehead he passes her the breakfast which she eats really slowly being full by that weird haldi waala doodh only. But maan being maan didn’t let her move for one long hour before finishing her breakfast.







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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. trs1391

    April 10, 2012 at 2:23 PM

    love it

  2. Najiha' Naina

    April 10, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    Superb.. Sweet update… Another decision… Hmm waiting 4 next update.


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