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I’m yours.. She whispered touching his cheek with her other hand stroking ..Praying that it will make him calm down and move his hand away. He stares at her for linger time not giving her a single hint of what will he do now.. She searched for some calmness in his eyes but instead his eyes were only searching for permission from her..

The next thing he did shocked her beyond anything in the world. Holding her shirt tight he ripped her all the buttons letting it open revealing her skin. Her eyes widened looking at him shock. Maan. She whispered looking at him but his hand move to her belly hiding his face on her neck. Maan no. she whispered trying really hard to make him know what he is doing is wrong. How can they even do this? This is not right..

But not a single voice of her went to his ear. The only thing which he wanted that moment was to taste her skin. Taste every inch of her. Feel every single part and mark his name everywhere.

Not wasting any time he remove her shirt from her shoulder nibbling her shoulder while other hand went behind her back to the hook. Please maan.She whimpered holding his hand. The moment her tears fall in His cheek when he was busy sucking her neck. He stopped breathing hard.

Moving up he look at her face. Tears rolling down her cheek. She sniffs shaking her head. No.

You don’t trust me? He whispered rubbing his thumb inside her hook. She shuddered looking at him. His eyes were speaking so many thinks. Asking so many questions.

He searched her eyes for an answer. Tell me? There was so much urgency in his voice. She knows by now there is no turning around. Somewhere he is out of his control today and stopping him is like impossible. His possession has reached his high point.

This is not right. She whispered when he brush his lips with her at the end point of opening her hook. She knows he will not stop but still tried to let him know where they are going.

Do you trust me geet? His question was still the same. A tear rolled down from the corner of her eyes which he licked making her gasp closing her eyes. Maan. She whispered slowly. He opens the hook. Her hand becomes fist around his neck. Jawab do geet. His again and again questing to her about trust was making her only week. Sniffing she swallowed hard

Yes I do.. She whispered making him look at her roaming his finger on her bare back. I trust you more than anything. That’s what he wanted to listen from her. Smiling he move a little above opening his shirt all the while looking at her eyes searching for any discomfort but there was nothing like that.

He throws his shirt and removed the last barrier from her upper body. You’re my geet. Whispering he hug her tight feeling her bare chest with his. Feeling the softness in his hard body.Geet. He moaned kissing her neck holding her tight in his arms. She holds him tight closing her eyes tight. Their hold was so tight that seems like their bone will crash but both didn’t wanted to leave another at that moment. It was so different.. They have spent so many beautiful moments together but nothing felt like that..

I can’t stay without you. She just hides her face in his shoulder. The feeling of her softness awoke a demon in him. He was dying to taste her but he knows his limits. He knows what he is doing and where their relation is leading. He knows they have did something really high but it doesn’t matter to him.. He loves her and knows very well where and what they are doing.

Both were breathing heavily feeling each other’s so close for the first time ever. Maan. She kept kissing his shoulder, neck, jaw feeling his lips nibbling him skin but not once he tried to mislead her. She trusts him more than anything. She knows how much he is controlling himself now because she too is in the same position.

Moving a little away he look at her eyes and got relief seeing her smile. Kiss her forehead he smile begging to trace his finger on her waist. I won’t go behind this.

She smiles keeping her hand on his cheek. I know. Moving him lyed besides her bringing her in his embrace. She kisses his lips and move awaybut he hold her waist not letting her go. Let me wear my shirt.


Maan. She touches his cheek. Let me. She whispered stroking his cheek. He looks at her for sometime than loose his hold letting her wear her shirt. She just closes two buttons again lying beside him taking the spread.

He holds her waist and kisses her. Good night. She whispered when he move inches away. It’s the best night ever. He whispered on her lips making her giggle. He moves back seeing her face turn deep red from the moment they touched each others. Bringing her in his chest both hold each other’s closing their eyes.

Precap: still together..




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3 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. trs1391

    April 2, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    superb and romantic

  2. mishy

    April 2, 2012 at 3:05 PM

    Awesome lovely romantic update….
    I know this …my guess is right ….
    Thanks …

  3. Najiha' Naina

    April 2, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    Little hot n most romantic yr… I love these hidden feelings of both.. As Maan klye ye janna k Did she trust him.. I know she trust him but good they didn’t lost in track… Boht acha tha update zoha…


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