02 Apr


Hmm. He mumbled holding her hand making sure she is near him and slept peacefully. She stroke his hair letting him sleep and sat beside him all the time .she make sure everything is ok with him before taking him home not wanting to take any risk.

Finally it was a day when maan was being discharged. He made it cleared to everyone that geet will be with him and no one else in hospital to bring him home. Geet advised mom to make his favorite food for him which she happily agreed.

They both entered the mansion holding each other’s hand. Mom took both of their aarti. Dono KO Kisi ki nazar Na lage ab. Applying tika on both of their forehead she led them inside. They sat in living room enjoying this day by sitting close to the person they have missed so much in these days. This house seems so dull without him everyone now know this. Somewhere this incident makes them know his importance in their life and in this house. It was late night when maan discomfort while sitting was able to seen in everyone eyes so mom decided he should go and rest and both made their way inside their room.

Entering their room He smiled inhaling the aroma of this room which he missed terribly. It has some kind of magic which always relax his mind. The aroma always makes him forget everything. The aroma of his and geet love.

He sat on bed where geet put pillow behind his back and sat in front of him. Vicky entered the room smiling and sits on bed. Finally home sweet home Han bro? He asked smiling which made geet too smile holding maan hand but maan rolled his eyes at his brother.

Enough? Now you can go and live your own life. This makes Vicky frown cutely. Dekha bhabhi. Na thanks Na kuch bus jao. He always wants me to go. Bus.

Geet giggle turning to Vicky so her back to maan. And why should I say thanks to you? Vicky gasped a loud looking at him and then at geet not believing his own brother. I did so much. Maan chuckled shaking his head. Whatever you did was your duty. This is not only my family that I should thank you. It’s your too.

Vicky looks at geet who was also smiling at him. He smiled and went to maan. Sorry bro.

It’s ok.

No… Not for that… but.. For the way we all behaved with you. All the while.. He didn’t know how he should express what he means for them. He can’t express what he went throw in just a Day and he has been handling all tithe family alone all the while.. Alone after dad was gone.. How alone and terrible he must have felt at that moment.. Now he knows why he has become so arrogant.. Handling everything alone s not so easy.. when he almost died seeing his bhabhi so week for two days only but maan had spend so many years.. How difficult it would be for him seeing mom like that, seeing Annie and him so lost..

Now don’t be sad.. geet said standing beside him and pulled his cheek. Meera se baat ki hai? She asked to lighten his mood which works as he looks down shaking his head with a shy smile. Go. Talk to her.

Saying bye to both he went out leaving maan and geet alone. Geet lock the door and goes to take her night dress. Changing her dress she make him.lye down and lyed on right side of him keeping her head on His chest tracing her finger on other side. The bandage still makes her so sad.

He wraps his arm around  her. Both were feeling really lightened and for a change didn’t have anything to discuss or talk about. Enjoying the silence they just stayed awake holding each other’s feeling so close after so much they have went through. This feels so beautiful feeling each other’s so close after so many days. Staying away was terrible and that too like this. When he know his wife needs him the most now.. And now she is not alone. Someone else is also growing inside her. Someone which should be taken care but they were alone in this time..

Feeling geet silence he sighed. Why not sleeping? Finally whispered when they have spent 1 hour in great silence. She sighed holding his waist. Just feeling you. She too whispered slowly. I still can’t hold you fully. She smile moving up and look at him. When will I be able to move my hand?

Few more days. He sighed than close his eyes..Geet smiled at his restlessness leaning down softly kiss him making him open his eyes..I love you.. He smiles moving his arm around her waist.. Stroking her..

Hows my baby? She giggles again keeping her head on his chest. Perfect. Missed sleeping with papa. He smiles closing his eyes. They again lyed with a silence for some time when he opens his eyes.

We have to go for your checkup? His words make her think that he wants to do her test again. But why? She is fine now? Looking at him he can read her confuse look and chuckled. Whispering.. For the baby..

This makes her giggle and kiss his cheek. Theek hai.

Good night.

Good night.



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3 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. druhi

    April 2, 2012 at 1:15 PM


    finally he is back….

  2. trs1391

    April 2, 2012 at 1:26 PM


  3. Najiha' Naina

    April 2, 2012 at 8:17 PM

    Wow… Really sweet update zoha… Maan missing their room… How he inhale himself in the roon… Their silence speaks bt Maan ki bechaini to hold his Geet n worried abt baby so cute n sweet’


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