20 Mar


He stood there seeing her, how can he make her understand .. But somewhere he too wants to meet her.. It’s been a while now they actually spend some time together. Every moment without each other’s now seems like years. He smiled looking down. Their feelings are only getting stronger day by day…  now he will have to manofy her which is not so hard for him but still he can never ever see her like this and can go to any extent to bring that sweet smile on her face again.

She was lying on her stomach cribbing about him..Kya Babaji .. Itna bhi nahi kar sakte WO mere liye? Pouting her lips she closed her eyes only to see his smiling face even with close eyes.. She opens her eyes angrily.. Nahi dekhna mujhe unka chehra.. Twisting her lips she frowned continuously cribbing about him.

Maan who was standing in her room from long listening her cribbing him cutely and complaining.. He just wanted to kiss her hard at that moment but kept silent and chuckled which make her turn quickly.. App?? She exclaimed sitting with a hugest smile on her face but soon frowned crossing her arms.. Why you came now?  Jaona .. Don’t you have work??

He smile sitting on bed in front of her ..She twists her lips looking away ..Maan smiled leaning close kissing her cheek than  move to her ear whispering .. Meri geet se important kuch nahi.. Saying so he lyed on bed holding her wrist bringing her on top of him ..She jerks on his chest where he locked his arms around her waist..

At first she was shocked by his sudden move but silently smiled inside ..Move .. She wriggled trying to move but his hold tightened on her wrist.. Ab to aa gaya huna?

Main nahi maanne waali aaj ..samjhe aap. She announced still struggling ..Maan loosened his hold a little which give her a chance to move but to her dismay he hold her waist making her lye beside him and smile again kissing her cheek .. Maan jaona baba.. She glared him tired from his tight hold but didn’t stop fighting..

She move around but he hold her waist sitting again bringing her to him.. Her back to his chest.. She wriggled but he only tightened her hold. This made him know she was wearing only short and T-shirt ..

Do you wear full cloths ever? He asked irritated ..She frowned pouting and then push him sitting on bed .. Maan also sit again holding her making her sit in his lap ..She finally cooled a little sitting quietly with her leg either side ..He holds her by waist.. You always have problem.. With everything I do.. jao mujhe nahi baat karni aapse .. She pouts cutely but didn’t move an inch from his lap.

Yes I have. He said cupping her face looking at her beautiful face.. Because only I am allowed to  see you like this.. A mear whispered make her heartbeats race which he made faster by gently kissing her forehead.. sirf main tumhe chu sakta hu.. He wisphers huskily raising her Goosebumps with his voice..

Moving down he kiss her lips softly moving back again whispered. Only I can kiss you.. she closed her eyes when he again kiss her but this time not leaving her and made his way inside her mouth playing with her tongue.. She gave in slowly moving her arms around his neck making their way to his smooth hair brushing them on her fingers. There was something new in his touches today.. Some urgency which she is not aware what it is? His lips were more than demanding than before.. It was long when she felt out of breath and move away only to feel his lips on her neck..

Maan.. A whispered escape from her lips which make him more possessive and whispered again.. Only I’m aloud to kiss you everywhere I want geet .. She can feel desires in his every kiss which were slowly leaning down to her collarbone.. His hand move inside her shirt gripping her waist tight.. She gasped holding on to him tight .. He slowly made her lye on bed lying on top of her not leaving her skin for a moment.

She was sensing his desires which were only getting out days by days without any controls. But the thing which shocks her the most was when his soft lips kiss her belly making her gasp a loud.. Maan.. He sighed kissing again and nibble her soft skin..

No matter how much he wanted to control but couldn’t groaning he hold her shirt tight wanting to take it off which is becoming the hardest barrier between them..  But she holds his hand opening her eyes wide.. No maan.. He stares at her not moving his hand away.. Your mine geet.. Only my..

She can feel the rage of jealousy in his voice. The insecurities.. But there is nothing to be insecure.. She is only his.. I know.. She tried to remove his hand but he didn’t move it.. I hate it when someone keeps their eyes on you. He whispered against her lips making her look in his eyes deep. Making her know he should be allowed doing anything to her.. But she shakes her head seeing so much desire in his eyes.. He was sure going out of control but she have to do something which can stop him.. But what?

I’m yours.. She whispered touching his cheek with her other hand stroking ..Praying that it will make him calm down and move his hand away. He stares at her for linger time not giving her a single hint of what will he do now.. She searched for some calmness in his eyes but instead his eyes were only searching for permission from her..


Precap: what will happen???






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5 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. trs1391

    March 20, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    awsemmmmmmmmmmmm ab kya hoga

  2. awesomepooja

    March 20, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    Loved it.
    Pls cont soon dear.

  3. mishy

    March 20, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    Woooooooooooooow uffffffff so much lovely nd hoooooooooot update thi….
    Uffffffff ab kya hoga???
    He loves her so much….
    Thanks dear for updating…

  4. neetudd

    March 20, 2012 at 5:07 PM


  5. Najiha' Naina

    March 24, 2012 at 8:44 AM

    Really nyc update zoha… Hmmm new more desires now… What will happen now?
    Will he calm?
    Uff itni short updatd..


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