14 Mar


All these words of her are only making him fall for her more and more and wanting to be close o her more and more. She is the only girl in this world who can make him feel like this and drench his heart with lots of happiness. She is the girl of his dream..

They went to dining room for the dinner where everyone was already present and eating. They sat quietly besides each other’s starting to eat.

Geet beta. Dadi suddenly called her from all. Geet look up at her startled that she was called from all. Dadi smiled and says.  Dinner k baad humaare kamre main aana. Kuch kaam hai. Geet look at her for sometime not knowing why she is calling her so suddenly alone and why she said in her room? What is there she can’t say in front of everyone. Nodding her head slowly she look down at her food but couldn’t eat anything now.

The fear suddenly caught in her heart. What if she asks about married? What will she say? She has never talked with anyone alone. God knows what she will ask. Never ever anyone asked for her opinion but what if dadi ask her what she wants? But then why will she? No one did.. She also didn’t ask her decision from the day one. Then why this? Why is she feeling something bad is going to happen..

Maan look at her fidgeting with her spoon but not eating anything.  He knew by than she always does this whenever she will be really nervous which is almost all the time. Smiling he look down again but knew well what is troubling her.

When everyone finishes the dinner all went to their rooms. Geet took the dishes and entre kitchen where Sam stops her. Tu jaa Dadi k paas. Main karlungi yea.

Geet fidget with her dupatta. Di aap bhi Chalo Na.

Pagal ho kya. Unhone tumhe bhulaya hai. Jaa.

Sighing she turn around finding maan standing at the door with his crossed arm. He raised his eyebrow asking her the reason but She look down and passed him slowly. He smiles shaking his head. She will never say what is troubling her. God know when this girl will change.

She goes to Dadi room and knocks the door. Ayo beta. Entering Dadi gesture her to sit in front of her in bed. She sits.. Dadi look at her for some time and then smile keeping her hand on geet cheek lightly. Aik baat to hai. Aap hai buhat Sundar.

This made her more nervous and looks down. This is so embarrassing and she just hated to be in the moment alone. And like someone or a special one listened her.. there was another knock in the door. Both look and find maan standing there.

He entreated and sat beside Dadi. I thought of joining you both.Somewhere geet felt little relaxed now and thanks him mentally. Now he is there so she doesn’t have to worry anymore. He will handle everything as he told her. Maan smiled relaxing in his elbow seeing her face little calm now.

Maan beta. Hum keh rahe then. Isn’t geet beautiful? Dadi asked and look at maan with a teasing smile. Maan look at geet. How can I say Dadi? Maine geet KO thori itne kareeb se Dekha hai.

Hat besharam. He chuckled looking at geet deep red burning cheeks. She looks so damn cute. Of course he knows better than everyone in this world how beautiful she is. He knows her better than anyone. He knows her closer than anyone. And he knows the reason of her blushing. Only he knows how much he love those cheeks turning in deep color just by his name.. Only he knows how her beautiful eyes spark with just a little happiness.. Only he knows how cute she looks with her little nose getting angry at him.

Dadi take a box from side table and keep it in front of her. I want to give something to you. Geet look at her confuse while she only smile and open the box taking out two very beautiful old design bangles.

Yea humaare kandaani kangan hai. Holding geet hand she made her wears them and holds her hand. Now these are yours. Ab khurana family ki zimmedaari aapki hai.

Geet look at her shocked. This is what she feared and here it came. Dadi look at maan and geet shocked face and smiled.  Bhai Saab ne haan kardi hai. Ab hum chahte hai k aap jald hi humaare Ghar aaye.

Geet tear were fighting their own battle to come out. Why this always happen to her. Maan have given her so much hope that she can do her study and now everything is shattered so suddenly. Why everyone want this marriage so soon. She knew from now maan can’t say anything as Dadi have already claimed her and her own Dadaji who have said yes not even asking her decision for once.

Hum buhat Khush hai beta. She looks at maan and than at geet but none of them were satisfied with her decision. Thinking it a shy silence she lean close kissing geet forehead.



Precap: maan fighting with Dadi.


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2 responses to “SAATHIYA

  1. Tamanna Rani

    March 14, 2012 at 2:02 PM

    nice part waiting for what will happen

  2. Najiha' Naina

    March 24, 2012 at 8:34 AM

    Nyc part…waiting k shadi kb hoti hy ab…


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