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Nahi. Now .. go to café and eat your breakfast there.


She sighed in disappointment knowing very well he won’t let her meet maan until she just eat something. Pouting her lips she curses him making her way to café.




She came from the café and glare at Vicky who only smile and let her go meet her soul finally.. He opens the door and let her entre inside walking behind her..




Once she entre inside.. She sees him in sitting positing with a bandage on his left shoulder.. Body covered with a single sheet only and talking to mom.  Tears fought to fall but she holds them.. Not now.. But she just needs him and nothing else.. Like he felt her and looks up at her who was lost in him. After so much dreadfully day here her maan is sitting in front of her smiling at her.. The smile, his eyes his arms which she has missed more than anything in the world..





He looks at her and smiled lightly.. Geet.. Ayo Na.. Than only she realize she was still standing at the same place looking at him only. Moving in small steps she went to him looking at him ..he smile looking at her but could see the pain in her eyes and tears threatening to fall any moment… vicky eyed mom and Annie to come out as they should spend some alone time together.. His moment is there and they should left alone..






When she went near him he holds her hand making her sit beside him slowly on bed looking at her.. Her face was looking so pale.. He doesn’t need any one to say his wife must have cried a lot these days .. His fingers move to her cheek wiping a single line of tear which finally made its way .. No one have to say him that she must be so scared not knowing what happened to him or where is he.. His thumb strokes her dark circle, her pale cheek.. Making his heart twist when a little moaned escaped from her lips..





Maan.. She moaned and keeps her head on his chest crying hard hugging him close to her.. I was so scared maan.. I was so scared.. His right arm move around her.. She kept weeping her heart out. Letting all the tears fall in his embrace.. Letting all her fear out hiding her face in his embrace inhaling his scene making sure to her he is finally there with her.. He understands the moment she entered hat she needs his support, his warmth .. Stroking her hair he let her cry out as much as she wants and take everything out from her heart.





After a long time he sensed her little calm.. Itna Miss Kiya mujhe?? He whispered slowly.. She moves back wiping her tears.. Hadh se ziada.. Sab se ziada.. Cupping his face she says.. Don’t ever do this to me.. He smiles shaking his head bringing her again in his embrace .. Kabhi nahi.. Whispering he kiss her head..







Acha ab Rona to band Karo .. She just sniffs moving her hand to his chest ..Caressing his bandage.. Buhat Dard ho raha Haina.. He moves her back wiping her tears.. Nothing can give me pain more than your tears geet..





She can see his eyes in pain and quickly wipe her tears.. But something suddenly caught ger mind and she smiled looking at him making him confuse by her sudden change of expression.. Just now she was crying and now there is a strange glint in her eyes..





I have to tell you something.. His finger move to caress her cheek with his thumb.. Bolo.. She looks at him..When you we’re not here.. I felt so alone and just wanted to end my life.. His thumb Move to her lips shaking his head. How can she even think like that..





She smiles.. This time you didn’t saved me maan.. Someone else did.. He frowned.. She keeps her hand on his cheek.. I’m having a part of you in me.. She whispered looking at his eyes taking his hand moving it to her stomach.. We got someone safe here.. She whispered softly seeing his eyes getting moist..





She smiles nodding her head.. You’re going to be papa. He moves his hand inside her sari feeling her skin.. Baby.. Our baby?? He whispered surprised.. He didn’t even though his could have happened.. His geet is pregnant.. They are going to be parents.. He prayed for this day so much and finally this happened. She chuckled seeing he shocked.. She lean down and kiss his lips softly which he didn’t let her move and hold her hair tightly kissing her .. Thanking her for everything she Sid for him.. I love you.. He whispered moving back and bring her again close to him kiss her forehead. She smiles keeping her head on his chest.. Hearing his heartbeat.. My baby? He whispered still not believing but she giggles wisphering in his ear. Your baby..






Aa happy tear escaped from his eyes feeling so contented having his love and his child in his arms when he have woke up with a new life. He tightened his hold around her making his life save.. Now they are his world and he will make sure they are safe and sound.. Around him always.. Happy..










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4 responses to “FOREVER WIH YOU

  1. trs1391

    March 7, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    awsem maneet met and baby new waah

  2. vidmaaneet

    March 7, 2012 at 5:21 PM

    Finally!!!! Am sooo happy!!! Maaneet at last!!
    Welcome junior khurana!!! 🙂
    Awesome update!!

    Thank you!

  3. Jyoti

    March 11, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    so happy with this part…..

  4. sirisha

    March 16, 2012 at 12:38 PM

    nice update I am eagerly waiting for next part


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