06 Mar



PART 20 



Hmm.. I’m sure isne aur maan ne Milne plan banaya hoga…


Both started to laugh, maan frowned looking at her who couldn’t even face herself with her crimson red face. But he couldn’t understand her sudden changing of decision.





She looks outside feeling burning sensation in her body when he turns to look at her in front of dev and Sam. She knows his question eyes were only searching for an answer from her but how can she explain things to him like this.





Really?  But farmhouse kyun? Aur wo bhi Aise.. Achanak?? Dev asked curiously. Sam giggles looking at geet mischief and than speek.  Our farmhouse is really a big place.. Aik baar kho gahe to gahe.. She giggled seeing dev frowning. Maan look at her from the mirror not at all understanding the logic.. She hit her head chuckling…  Arey.. That is the perfect place for maan and geet to spend some time alone.. Without anyone notices..





This made dev raised his eyebrow high in amazement.. Wow geet.. What an idea.. He said with his wide open eyes thudding back on seat.. Never on earth had he thought geet can even think like this. Maan eyes also directly went to her but she just look away feeling the heat on her body with all the gazes to her. Maan smiled seeing her fidgeting with her dupatta nervously when dev and Sam giggled teasing them continuously..  He wanted tto hold her hands and make her calm down seeing her turning deep red..






After two hours They reached the farmhouse.. Dev and maan stood outside looking at the huge building.. Wow… Sam chuckled seeing dev open mouth.. All elders also reached and entre inside where soon they got busy.





Chalo.. Sam walk ahead while other walk behind her. Maan slowed down a little until geet came beside her and hold her hand making her gasp and look forward at dev and sam.. He smile bringing her close to him and walk with her. She didn’t resist his hold and silently walk.




They went inside.. Geet tum maan ko Ghar dikha do.. She knew they wanted to be alone so this is the only chance to stay with each others.





As wanting the same geet didn’t resist and walk to other side holding his hand she lead him to somewhere he doesn’t know but just blindly follow him. After about long 5 minutes he saw they were at some huge balcony. Due to night the place was dark with stars shining.





He look at her who was looking down at the sea.. Her eyes were sparkling with so much emotion. There was a little smile in her lips..Her beautiful face was speaking volumes but he want to listen from her mouth about her feelings, about what she like and what not.. He wants to listen his sweet voice again and again..






I love this place.. She whispered bringing him out of his thought and smile..  I always love to come here.. He takes her hand in his stroking her palm.. She looks at him and smile.. I never asked for anything from di.. But when you talked about going away.. I thought we should spend more time with each other’s only..





He smile putting his hand on her cheek and softly kisses the other. She closed her eyes inhaling his strong scent clutching his shirt tight. Not moving away he moves his arms around her bringing her in his arms.. They just stayed in each other’s arm silently..  Feeling so contented and happy. Why this seems to be so relaxed and really beautiful.. Being in each other’s arms they feel so beautiful.. They just wanted to be like this and feel the warm breath of each other’s..







Maan kiss her forehead holding g her tightly and whispered softly.. Aik baat puchu tumse?? She tightened her hold around his waist snuggling close.. Hmm..  That was only she was able to say.. This moment she only wanted to feel him and his heartbeat.





Ab to wrath rakho gi na.. Her face turns deep red hiding it in his chest.. He chuckled kissing her head.. Bolo Na.. He whispered softly.. She looks up at him.. His eyes were fixed on her searching for an answer. Keeping her palm on his cheek.. Is baar nahi.. His face fell by her statement and the hold also loosened but she smile.. har Saal rakhungi aap ke liye wrath..






Shocked by her reply he look in her eyes to find them shining in happiness. Cupping her face he looks deep in her eyes. So much respect for him in her eyes and that too in such a short time.. He couldn’t believe she really said that?  Har Saal? He whispered making sure if he heard right she smiles nodding her head.. Har Saal..






He looks at her with all the respect, all the love and possession. She, will keep fast for him only.. This is something really heart drenching for him.. This moment is the happiest moment of his life.. When just yesterday he explained her difficulties of their relation but sill she is ready to keep fast for him every year.. Does she know how much it affects him by her words. Does she know what place she is making for herself in his heart..




All these words of her are only making him fall for her more and more and wanting to be close o her more and more. She is the only girl in this world who can make him feel like this and drench his heart with lots of happiness. She is the girl of his dream..













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3 responses to “SAATHIYA

  1. Najiha' Naina

    March 6, 2012 at 1:33 PM

    Cute teasing session by sam n dev… Lage hathoon in dono ki bi kahani fix kardo 😀
    NYC Convo b/w them…

  2. Vidmaaneet

    March 6, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    Love it!! 🙂
    Finally some time to themselves…

    Interesting precap!!

    Update soon!! 😉

  3. mishy

    March 6, 2012 at 11:43 PM

    cute update zoha…love teasing session sahi me in dono ki bhishadi karado…..nd love maan geets understanding….nd conversation b/w them….so lovely…..update soon


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