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Thank you. She whispered keeping her head on his shoulder once they again settle on bed after their cake session. He holds her waist bringing her close. Thanks to you geet..For coming in my life.. He looks at her for sometime than smile. Good night. Kissing her forehead both close their eyes so happy and contented. He stroke the corner of her lip with his thumb feeling the smile which he died to see from so many year and now will make sure it remains forever with her. Leaning he kiss the corner and both slept peacefully.




Next morning maan open his eyes, and the first thing he felt is her soft breath on his neck, her bare body hugging him tightly, her soft trances teasing her cheek.. removing the strand he lean down softly kissing her which make her frown and moan hiding her face in his chest.. He smiles at the bliss of his life. Never have he thought these beautiful days will also come in his life. He never even imagned that geet would be so close to him ever again. But even after so much she still is the same, still believing him and hoping for the best.





But now this time he will never let her down and make her life a heaven. He will love her from the bottom of his heart and make her life full of happiness. She is the world to him and will make sure she won’t be again getting to see his stupidness again.



Jaan.. He called tracing his finger on her back making her shiver.. Its morning.. Wake-up Na.. He said it so cutely which make her smile and open  her eyes slowly looking up at her.. He smiles kissing her forehead. She just snuggle close closing her eyes again. Chalo Na Kahi Bahar..




Mujhe Kahi nahi jaana hai.. She said sticking her body with his holding him from waist.. He pouts bringing her little up so she is level to his face..But I want to go out..  He said making an innocent face..



Hmm.. Maan.. She moaned frowning.. Opening her eyes she looks at him and chuckled at his cute frowning face and complaining lip all ready. Pecking him she says. Theek hai Chalo.. He smile kissing her lips and take her in his arms making his way inside the bathroom together repeating everything again…





They came out of the hotel holding each other’s hands… to.. Where you want to go?  She asked him .. He smiled squeezing her hand.. I know a place here.. And just wanted to go.. Kissing her cheek .. She smiled and went with him where he was leading her..






After a little walk she saw a mandir where he was leading and smiled.. So he wanted to come here. Without any questions she went with him but the thing which shocked him when he brought a sindoor and managalsutre.






Maan yea kya?? He keeps his finger on her lips silencing her and holds her waist entering the mandir .. We are starting a new life.. Main chahta hu k jab bhi tumhe dekhu .. You look like by wife.. My jaan.. He smiled tying the managalsutre around her neck and applying the sindoor ..




She can understand the depth of his words.. It’s been so many years.. They never had a proper wedding and now when they were together .. She was never wearing any sign of her marriage..  No matter how wrong he was but still their life have paid the biggest price than that. They suffered more that what was needed.




Touching her managalsutre she can feel how much he felt hurt seeing his own wife without their marriage symbol.. Living together yet so far.. Getting her after so many years but still he couldn’t have her fully..





She smile looking at him and says. I will wear this always.. He smile cupping her face and kiss her forehead.. I love you.. Not wasting any time she hugs him .. No matter how wrong he was but she can still feel how much it had hurt him every moment. She can feel laments in every words and every action of him..



She just hugs him tight not wanting to be away from him for just a single moment now. They will live together now and won’t leave each others.













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One response to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. Najiha' Naina

    March 6, 2012 at 1:24 PM

    Nyc update zoha… Only two more parts then this laments of maaneet will end… Haye romantic one sindoor n mangalstur part.,


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