05 Mar





They didn’t spoke anything but just sat close feeling each other’s embrace. Her fingers played with his hair while his fingers find her soft skin on thigh and got busy in stroking. Both just wanted to be close and feel this moment which they have not felt for a week now.



I missed you so much.. She complained holding his tie. He smile stroking her thigh and kiss her cheek. Me too…



Chaddo.. I know you didn’t.. She pout pulling his tie and playing with it. He chuckled at her usual complain she asked with his raised eyebrow showing his seriousness to her.



Arey.. WO kyun?




She pull away looking at him making a face.. Aur nahi to kya, itne Dino se mujhe to bhool hi gahe hai aap..





Moving close he kiss her cheek cupping her face.. Aisa nahi hai geet.. I’m just tied in work..





Haan haan… she makes a face and pulls her knees up keeping her feet on his thigh resting fully on him. He got alert by her position and called the reception to not allow anyone in his cabin.






He pulled her close tightly locking his arms around her making her sit comfortably and stroke her thigh. She fully leans on him keeping her head on his shoulder. Pehle buhat Bari Bari baatain karte the..  She again started to complain looking up at him. His finger move to her lower lip tracing there but she just continuous.






You are so important.. Tum meri ho.. Yea.. Woo… she mocked him making a face with her puff cheeks. He moves his hand on her cheek stroking her soft skin which has become deep red.. Moving close he kiss her lips softly.  Tum aaj bhi mere liye utni hi important ho geet.. Aur hamesha rahogi..






She twists her lips pulling his tie.. Baatain mat banaye ab.. Again looking downs he plays with his tie moving her face close to his neck and kiss there. He smiles at her face and kiss her forehead moving her little face.  Hmm… To main Aisa kya karu.. Jisse tumhe yakeen ho k you are most important to me..






She makes a thinking face moving her arm around his neck coming more close to him. He smile stroking her bare leg feeling the soft texture while holding her waist tight feeling the most soft thing he ever felt. He always has known she is very fragile but feeling ger skin his mind went to how true it is.. Somewhere they have reached in the position where they just want to feel each other more and more. He doesn’t know about her but his desires to feel are increasing every seconds and her being so close only worsen the situation.






Haaannn.. She said excitedly bringing him out of his thoughts.. He smiles ready to hear her demands.  You will come to my room tonight..






He look at her for some time, she looks so excited how he can tell her. Sighing he kiss her forehead. I wish I could.. But geet I have lots of work.. Her face fell instantly which he hate a lot. She tried moving back but her hold her waist bringing her close cupping her face.





Seriously.. Dad gave so much work at me and mom told to come home whenever work finish..



Her holds loosened and look down pouting. You can’t even do this for me?



Please understand…



I never argued single time when you tell me to do anything..




She looks down again but maan pull her chin stroking with his thumb. Meri geet hai hi aisi. She removes his hand looking away. Par mere maan Aisa nahi hai.





Now don’t be sad. He kiss her cheek many times to make her smile a little But her expression didn’t changed and instantly got up from his lap. I’m not sad.. He stood up holding her shoulder. To yea mou kyun bana rakha hai? She didn’t reply but just look down.





I have to go now.. She pulled out and was about to go when he hold her wrist, but she didn’t turned back. He came forward cupping her face and softly kiss her lips trying to gain her attention or to see a little smile on her face. Mujhe chorke jaaugi?



Haan. He smile and again peck her.Ab? She twists her lips.. Ofcourse its was hard for her to keep the anger but this time she won’t smile and make him do what he wants. She wanted him to come and only this will make him come for sure.





He kisses her both eyes stroking her soft cheeks. Geet kabhi maan se naraaz nahi ho sakthi.. he said confidently sure she would look at him  But she only look down he again kiss her but the moment he move back she ran out not wanting to face him.






He stood there seeing her, how can he make her understand .. But somewhere he too wants to meet her.. It’s been a while now they actually spend some time together. Every moment without each other’s now seems like years. He smiled looking down. Their feelings are only getting stronger day by day…  now he will have to manofy her which is not so hard for him but still he can never ever see her like this and can go to any extent to bring that sweet smile on her face again.

















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