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He just smile and stood up. Going to her he kisses her forehead and whispered. Take care.  Making his way out he could only smile after two whole days which were hell for everyone in their family and for his bhabhi the most who almost have lost her life and was alone in the most important pace of her life.





She sat there alone for an hour holding his hand starring his face waiting for a chance that he will wake up, without any words, without any question. Everything she needed is maan nothing more. She strokes his hand with her thumb just wanting to talk to him for once but he was not getting up at all.



Vicky enters the room to find her still sitting in the same position. He knows very well leaving maan will be difficult for her now but she couldn’t ignore the fact that she needs rest now. He sighed at her stubbornness, she have not eaten anything from morning, just today she came from hospital still not well and now sitting in this position for so long. Bhabhihe whispered making her look at him.




You should go home and rest. This snatches the little peace from her face, her hold tighten on his hand. Looking at maan she says. No … I won’t leave maan.




Vicky sighed shaking his head. You have to Bhabhi … jaa kar rest kijiye, its late now. She again shakes her head looking at maan. Just now she have met him and how on the earth will she leave him again. How can she just go and rest when she knows nothing can calm her than him.  Bhabhi …He knelt down in front of her keeping his hand on her lap. Bro is fine now … You can come tomorrow morning. Please go and rest.




But geet was not at all agreeing anything, how can she leave him and go fine here. She said trying hard to make Vicky know this is the place she can get her mind rest but why is he again and again making her go.You’re not alone now Bhabhi you have to take care of yourself ... this make her remember about her pregnancy, which she almost forgot seeing maan. Now she realizes why he is forcing about her resting. Just now she have got to know the little happiness .. Yes now it is a blessing happiness when maan is here .. With them … beside them ..



She smile glancing at him and than look at vicky who was looking at her worriedly. Theek hai .. She mumbled slowly standing up. Vicky smile and stood up .. finally she understand something.




She came forward to maan keep her hand on his cheek and stare at him closely.. No matter how much she wants to stay with him but she also have someone else to take care. Bending she kiss his forehead .. I will be back. Whispering she kisses his lips lightly and leaves the room with her light heart and smiling face. Something she didn’t able to felt from two dreadful days.





Adi drop her to mansion, where mom was waiting for her convincing her to take dinner which she rejected saying she was not in mood. Mom sighed, she know no matter what .. she only needs maan now and he can only make her do things. She is just stubborn as maan.





entering her room she smiled lying on bed and thought about him. dekha baby aapne papa ko? but frowned kaise milaati aapko ..papa so jo rahe te.




koi baat nahi ..kal main papa ko milaaungi aapse. smiling she close her eyes but couldn’t sleep as her eyes only wants to see him..




Next morning when Savita wake up and went down finding geet all ready, waiting in lawn. Geet .. she turn around and smile. Savita shake her head at the anxiety of this girl. It seems like she is going to meet her boyfriend. Annie aayegi to hum sab challenge maan ko Milne.



They waited for Annie to come and went to hospital. All the ride geet was so desperate to go and hug her life tight not to let him go away for a second from her. she was all the while only smiling and was really very happy to see him again. Hope he will be able to talk to her today.





When they reached there and went to Adi and Vicky who were sitting outside of maan room. Vicky. He looks at them and smiled a happy smile after so many days. Bro is awake. You all can meet him. They all move forward, mom and Annie enters the room but when geet was about to entre Vicky hold her arm.



Where are you going Bhabhi?



She look at him confuse. Maan se Milne.




Nahi .. Aap bro se nahi mil sakti..





Her face fell by his words. Why can’t she meet him? He told her to go home at night she went and now he is again not letting her to meet him. But vicky..





He cut her.. Mujhe pata hai aap ne subah bhi kuch nahi Khaya hoga.. haina.. She twist her lip looking down and jerk her arm away from his hold. He smile and cross his arm.





Jab tak aap breakfast nahi karengi main aapko bro se Milne nahi dunga.. She frowned looking at him and give him a glare… main kar lungi par ..




Nahi. Now .. go to café and eat your breakfast there.





She sighed in disappointment knowing very well he won’t let her meet maan until she just eat something. Pouting her lips she curses him making her way to café.












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3 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. monikaseth

    March 4, 2012 at 12:43 PM

    awesome lovely want long long part with maan geet milan and maan come to know he is going to become father

  2. trs1391

    March 4, 2012 at 12:50 PM

    nice update hope maneet met soon

  3. Najiha' Naina

    March 4, 2012 at 2:05 PM

    That was so cute n sweet… Finally see the happiness on her face as khushi jo ai hy after maan now baby… Short update.. Want more yr zoha tm tarsati boht ho..


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