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She heard all his words and thought for some time for some solution to his problem.  She can do anything to bring happiness in his face. . Main aapka intizaar karungi. Aur aap zaroor aayenge mere paas, He has become the person. For whom she feels something really very special and now she wants him to feel it. She wants him to feel special. She will make his Wish come true, she will do whatever he likes..



Geet sit on bed with maan sitting in front of her with his head on her lap one hand under his head. She brush his hair..Both sat in a silence for some time when maan spoke up.I was always a workaholic person..I love my work and it always comes first in my life. She smiles stroking his hair when he look up at her and smile. Par ab nahi. She frowned.




Now I want to be with you always..I somewhere feeling like you are more important than my work.



He again keeps his head down on her lap. Tumne mujhe itni jaldi badal diya.



Tumse door jaana nahi chahta ab. She chuckled ruffling his hair. Par ab to jaana hoga Na. sab Bahar honge. She was right they have to go. Why their life is so difficult that they can’t even meet with each others as long as they want.





Geet sat in her room thinking about what maan have said. Why was he so insecure to leave her? He wanted to spend time with her..She wants to do something for him which can make him happy. He seems so sad for not having some quality time alone.





Sam entered the room when she was sure maan has gone out. Kya baatain Hui? Geet look at her not sure if she could ask for her help? She never have talked about her wants and need to her but this is something else, this is for maan and she can do anything to make him happy.. Di …  she began with lots of nervousness.









Sam entered the room of Dadaji who was resting. Dadaji. He opens his eyes and smile. I want to say you something.



Kaho Na beta.



Wo.. Main soch rahi ti… all are here… why don’t we go to farmhouse and stay there for five days..



Dadaji look at her confused, farmhouse…






Geet sat in her room, don’t know what will Dadaji say? Will he agree? For the first time in her life she asked something like this from di, will she be able to do this for her? She was so scared about it when Sam entre the room.




She sits in front of him. I have told Dadaji what you said.



Thank you di..


Sam smile holding her hand. Pehli baar tumne kuch maanga hai, main kaise mana karti.. Geet smile a little.. Aur Dadaji bhi maan gahe hai.





Her smile got big with the word. Hugging Sam she thanks her again and again while Sam could only laugh at her. Obviously Sam knows why she wants to go to farmhouse.




Dadaji informed Savetri and all others that they will be leaving for farmhouse today only. Everybody agreed and got ready to leave.






Maan sat in driver seat waiting for dev to come..He was confuse with the sudden traveling to some farmhouse..when he wants to spend his time with geet but all are thinking of some kind of picnic. Sighing he just shake his head. God knows when will they meet properly and for a long time will be with eachothers after a long time when he saw geet and Sam also with dev he instantly eyed dev to make geet sit with him to which he just wink him smiling. Geet glance at him, he smile which make her look down again.






When they reach near car she was about to sit at back when dev hold her hand. Aik minutes geet… app yaha nahi yaha bete.. Taking her he made her sit in front and sit beside Sam which he also really wanted. Maan look at her, she was only looking down but he can see her deep pink cheeks. 





He start the car and went behind Dadaji car, Sam and dev were continuously talking to each other’s but maan And geet sat quiet. They both always need a chance to talk but in front of anyone they won’t be able to talk to each others.





Waise yea farmhouse ka idea… great han Sam..





Sam giggled.. It is not my idea… dev look at her confused, geet look outside of window knowing what she is going to say next. Its geet idea.. She said making maan look at her surprised. But she dare not look at him. Wow geet.. Awesome han..





Hmm.. I’m sure isne aur maan ne Milne plan banaya hoga…




Both started to laugh, maan frowned looking at her who couldn’t even face herself with her crimson red face. But he couldn’t understand her sudden changing of decision.










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    February 28, 2012 at 12:31 PM


  2. Vidhi

    February 28, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    I lovveee it!!!


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