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Moving she kiss him sweetly on his forehead, he smile pulling her close to him and drift off. She stay awake for a few more minutes, snuggling into his arms, her last thoughts being how lucky she is to have Maan, whomever she love so Much and he too love her. She feels so loved, wanted and cherished right now. Her eyes close as she drift off, feeling so safe and secure in his arms.





They stayed in each other’s embrace for sometime feeling so happy and contented. After so many years they finally have become one which  they have missed for so many years, she keep her head on his chest feeling his finger trace her bare back. There was a sweet smile playing on her lips when she has seen his eyes filled with happy tears when they were close. How he kept saying her I love you again and again and kiss her.






But one thing he didn’t answered..He didnt even answered her when she wished him .. Of course he would be shock by suddenly hearing but he is not answering that is what confuses her. You didn’t answer? She whispered softly..He smile with his close eyes, he know what she means.. But he is loving her attention when she asked again..Sighing he hold her bringing her on top of him and open his eyes.





Did you know? He again smiles holding her waist tight.


She smiles, bolo Na?


Kya kahu?



You didn’t remember it was our anniversary right?




He chuckled kissing her cheek and look at her who was looking back with her raised eyebrows and a smirk on her face..She knows very well he would never remember it. Moving his finger he strokes her back up and down. Hmm..What do you expect from me?



I don’t know.. You tell..


You know me better..


Maan please..



He giggles making her lye beside him. Aik minute.. Kissing her lips he move up and wear his jeans going out. She lyed covering her body waiting for him. A smile crept her lips remembering everything happened few moments ago. Everything was so beautiful, so blissful..Now she won’t do anything which will bring an even a small wall in their relation.




They finally have become one after such a long time, after suffering from so much. They finally are together, happy. Bus sab hamesha hi Aise ho. This happiness remains forever in their life. Forget everything and just remember this.





She chuckled but soon his cold finger closes her eyelids. Maan.. She smiles keeping her fingers on his. Ssshhh love.. Close your eyes.. She happily did what he says. Closing her eyes she feels him sitting front of her and make her sit, she roll the cover around her resting her back on Bed rest.





He move close and kiss her eyes indicating her to open them. She opens them and find a huge cake in front of her written happy anniversary jaan.





She gasped looking up at him. Tumhe yaad ta? She whispered surprisingly. Never have he remembered their birthday, never ever have he wished her in their birthday than how now?




How can I forget this blissful day?  It’s our first anniversary we are together.. Its special.. He said stroking her cheek moving close kiss her other cheek ever so lightly.. Moving back he wipes the thin line of tear from her cheek. Why tears?



She sniff shaking her head looking at the cake.. This is so beautiful. He smile cupping her face and kiss her forehead. Then why didn’t you tell me before?



He smiles moving back. I wanted you to wish me first.


Oh maan. Throwing her arms around him she hugs him tight. This is so beautiful so nice..Happy anniversary jaan. She move back smiling and kiss him. Same to you.   They cut the cake together feeding each other’s where he stole the cake from her mouth giving her a kiss..




Thank you. She whispered keeping her head on his shoulder once they again settle on bed after their cake session. He holds her waist bringing her close. Thanks to you geet..For coming in my life.. He looks at her for sometime than smile. Good night. Kissing her forehead both close their eyes so happy and contented. He stroke the corner of her lip with his thumb feeling the smile which he died to see from so many year and now will make sure it remains forever with her. Leaning he kiss the corner and both slept peacefully.







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    I really like your writing style, excellent info , appreciate it for posting : D.


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