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No. most of them have gone. There’s no need of you now to go.. She smiles locking her arms around his neck. Haan. Par aapko bhi ab jaana chaiye Na. he only groaned moving his face to her neck kissing her skin. Maan.. Please jao. Bhabhi mujhe dhoond rahi hogi Na. he took his time inhaling her aroma for sometime and than move away starring at her he kisses her forehead and went out from window.



After maan goes she lies on bed for some time, feeling his breath, lips and tongue still on her skin. Closing her eyes she touches the diamond on her waist and smiled. Today she admitted how important he is to her. Yes her family is everything for her but maan .. He is very special.. Very very special.. She can’t define her feelings for him to anyone. No one can understand their hidden feelings. It’s something really natural. There passion is increasing day by day and they love it equally.







After staying for an hour in her room she changes her cloths in her usual t shirt and shorts and peeped out to find their house empty. Everybody must have gone home. Coming out she find anjali guiding the workers to settle everything.





Bhabhi.. Aap Sohi nahi. Anjali smiled. Haan bus jaa rahi ti..



You should rest Bhabhi..



Anjali smiled went to kitchen. How can I sleep when I know you haven’t eaten anything since morning? Geet smile and is on dining table and again went to her maan dream land.  Anjali warm the food sitting beside her she start feeding her.



Kaha ti kabse?


I ..Was just tired .. So just lyed for some time. She shutter to lye for the first time with anjali but she can’t just tell her what have happened between her and maan. It’s something she would never like to discuss with anyone. It’s their love ..Their feelings ..That really special.


Smiling she look at anjali who was frowning at her ..She giggles changing the topic. Hmm.. Bhabhi soon you will forget to take care of me..


Anjali frowned shaking her head. Kya Mathlab Han?  Never say that again.


Geet giggle eating from her hand. Haan but ..Jab aapka baby hoga you will forget to love me. Anjali slap her playfully. I can never forget anything about you ok ..Stop talking that.  Anjali made sure geet ate properly and then only allowed her to go and sleep. 






A week was passed after brij marriage. They were sending to their honeymoon. It was also a week since geet and maan didn’t met. He got busy with all his work; his dad gave almost every big project to him seeing maan working great. They both talk in phone for only sometime where he will get a call or his mom will call him..



She tried many time meeting him but nothing was working so gathering her all courage she made her way to his office where she never ever have went before. But now she has to. She can’t stay this away from him and she knows somewhere he must also be feeling this distance.





Maan was working on his file when he get a call telling him there was a girl wanting to meet him. Send her in. He said absently and again looks at his file. He heard the door of his cabin open and look up only to get the shock, his jaw drop seeing geet in his office… his office.. and in a shirt and skirt that too above her knee.




She smile and entre closing the door, he was too stunned to even react and just gazed at her which make her giggle.. Kissing his cheek   bringing him in reality. Geet tum..



Haan main.. She sat in front of him on his desk. But maan look at her like she was some kind of alien. Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?  He got up but she holds his wrist and makes him.sit again. Kyun? I can’t meet you?




He gulped down. Meet me?  Aise?  Office main mini skirt pehen ke mere cabin main aa k mera kachra kar ke.. Wah.. He stopped murmuring when he felt a tug on his tie. Looking he saw her getting up and sit in his lap pulling his tie. Kya budbudha rahe ho? She whispered locking her arms around his neck.




Tum Aise yaha? Aur Aise kapre?


I always wear these cloths maan. She complained cutely.But for you I always try to wear full jeans.. Today I wanted myself to be with you. She said kissing his lips and smile moving back. Coffee Han? He chuckled knowing she must have tasted the coffee he just drinks few minutes before.



I don’t like if anyone sees you like this.


Uuffhh.. Here is no one and only we..Bus.


Now how can he ignore this? His sweet little innocent geet have came for the first time in his office, not caring another anyone in this world.. A small smile crept his lips and he wraps his arms around her waist bringing her more close. She smile keeping her head on his shoulder wanting to be close to her..He kisses her neck than lean back letting her rest on him.


They didn’t spoke anything but just sat close feeling each other’s embrace. Her fingers played with his hair while his fingers find her soft skin on thigh and got busy in stroking. Both just wanted to be close and feel this moment which they have not felt for a week now.













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