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Hmm.. I know it.. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him that she would be missing him like nothing. But he would never want her to see him in this condition. He was almost dead and his condition in front of her will not be good for her which he never wants.


Closing his eyes soon he slept with the help of seductive and called her name in his mind again and again wanting to see her angelic face for once..





Vicky was sitting beside maan when Adi entered the room and kept his hand on Vicky shoulder. He looks at him and both slowly went out. Adi how this happened? Vicky asked once he made sure they were out. Maan went to meet brij and there he shoots maan.



Vicky sat on chair. Maan is lucky. The gun went just above his heart. They operated him yesterday and he wanted to meet geet so the detective called me.



Vicky nodded. Somewhere his happiness have no bonds to see his brother finally, he is alive and finally back to them.. But he can’t deny the fact he is in his worst condition and wants to meet geet. Now how will he tell her about his condition? The doctor advised to not give her tension and this will make her so much stressed.



Adi find him lost in his thought. Vicky. Bring geet here. He looks at him. But Adi she..



She needs him Vicky. Let her see him.. They both need each other’s now..



He thought for some time. Yea. They really need each others. I will bring her. Standing he went out to bring his Bhabhi to her life. He don’t know how will he tell her and how will she react. Hoping for good he drives to his destination.




Mom and Annie were way too happy with the news. Their maan is alright is the only thing matters, they told Vicky about geet still being in her room and didn’t ate anything since she came from hospital. He made his way to her room and find her sitting on bed lost in her thought. He knows she must be dying to just have a glimpse of him and he will no more let these two people to suffer. They want to meet and he will make them meet. Wiping his tears he went to her.



Bhabhi. She looks up at him. Holding her hand he says.I have to take you somewhere.



I don’t want to.. She whispered lost somewhere.


Please.. She sighed and nodded.



All the drive she just sat silently not even once asking where he is taking her. She was lost in her own world. There is nothing left to ask or to do now. Once he stop the car he made her come out and lead his way inside the hospital all the while there was some nervousness in him how will she react seeing maan.




Finally when he reached to his room than turn to look at geet who was only looking down. Bhabhi… someone is waiting for you. She frowned not at all understanding what he is telling but he quietly open the door of some quiet room and gesture her to entre.




As she step inside a fresh wave of air hit her, something which made her lungs breath freshly. She steps forward only to see the person she was dying to see from these two days. Maan.. She whispered and went to stand beside him.  Maan..  But he was in his deep sleep unable to head her voice.




Not believing her eyes she sat on bed slowly touching him. Tears rolled down, making their way to her cheek. A whimper escaped from her lips which she silenced keeping her hand. Her maan, her life.. She smile and keep her hand on his cheek. Nothing can be better than this. God listen to her and gave her maan back to her.



Maan. She cried taking his hand on hers and kiss there not once did she take his eyes from him.



Vicky smiled happily from behind seeing her smile after so many days. A very huge burden from his shoulder is removed seeing them together. Now everything will be ok. Now if bro came Bhabhi will be ok and fine. Now he doesn’t have to think about anything. His precious people will do that now. Thanking god he enter inside to his bhabhi. When geet look at him she stood up and Vicky hug her letting her cry. Par..  Suddenly she realizes and moves back. Yea sab kaise?



Vicky made her sit in one of the sofa and sat beside her.Bro brij se Milne gahe the. A loud gasp escapes from her lip to which he nodded. usney bro ko shoot kiya. But thank god it just escaped from his heart. Geet look at maan thanking god million time for bringing her maan back to her. Giving her life back to her. She smile and sit beside him holding her hand and look at Vicky. I want to be alone with maan.


He just smile and stood up. Going to her he kisses her forehead and whispered. Take care.  Making his way out he could only smile after two whole days which were hell for everyone in their family and for his bhabhi the most who almost have lost her life and was alone in the most important pace of her life.


Precap: will they meet??









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3 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. Neena Hasnain

    February 22, 2012 at 12:52 PM

    Eagerly waiting 4 next part n thankss..

  2. Tamanna Rani

    February 22, 2012 at 12:52 PM

    awsem geet met maan

  3. mishy

    February 22, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    Ohhhhhhhh thank god finally she came to know abt maan nd she meet him…but abhi maan ka milna baki h…
    Ye precap aisa kyu diya yaar fir fasa rahi ho zoha….haha
    thanks nd update soon


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