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Dinner was nice.. But.. What now?She blushed looking down and tried to move but he lock her tightly holding her waist. Bolo Na geet. This made her turn more red and hide her face in his chest giggling softly.





He smile taking her in his arm and slowly made his way to their bedroom but not once taking his eyes away from her while she was only looking down away from his desired look.



Entering he gently put her on bed living her chin and without wasting anytime he touch her lips softly first. The moment past and she too participated cupping his face, their love is pretty uncontainable at the moment, and both of them were so in need. His kisses migrate to her neck and he nibbles her skin making it turn deep red whispering in her ear. I love you jaan.



Just feeling his passion more she gasped closing her eyes. He nibbles down her neck towards her collarbone while his hands grope and feel her curves slowly removing her pallu. She tried breathing with the thudding sound from her heart underneath the material of her blouse and his thumbs soon find them, rubbing them, making her whimper.




His hands continue to caress her curves while removing her cloth. He attacks her nipples in earnest now, licking and sucking one while rolling the other in his fingers. Her whimpers become soft moans as her hands feel his hard chest and blow. The passion between both becomes more in need. He licks and kisses continue downwards, and pause to her belly button. She inhaled a deep breath when he gives a very soft and wet kiss.







The night couldn’t be more beautiful than this. After waiting for so long they finally got so close to each other’s and now wanted to make more of it. She knew he wouldn’t stop or even slow down, she have made him suffer for so many years and now she don’t want to stop him.


His sounds of pleasure from his heart urge her to give him as much pleasure as she can. She just loves him beyond any words. Licking, sucking and taking each other’s name in their moans they spend long to just be close.





He kisses her forehead and hides his face on her neck. Her scent is intoxicating to him and he move to take her in his mouth again but he take her arm and pull me upward.






They continue to kiss each other’s untilled both couldn’t able to take anymore.  He lied her down on the bed. He lean down and kiss her again, pushing her back on the bed, till he lay atop her. She was not going anywhere now, not that she would want to, trapped underneath him and she was just loving’ it. They kissed and touch, her hands roaming up and down his strong back. He lay between her and she was sure that he can feel the heat emanating from their body.






I love you. He whispered pushing his way in ever so slowly to allow her to feel every thick inch entering her and claiming what is her once again.
She moans as he fills her up completely. They begin to move together, with her matching his thrusts to maximize their enjoyment. It feels so good and so beautiful to be where he really belongs. After so many years they finally are so close. They kiss and moan as they move together while expressing their love and passion for each other. It’s so beautiful being with her like this. Happy anniversary. She whispered, and felt him kissing her lips.





They ease down unto the soft bed underneath them. He kisses her a few times saying her again and again that he love her and lay down beside her. She moves her head resting on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around her. They lay there in bliss; no words have to be exchanged to each other. They both feel the love and passion that they both just shared and no words are needed to express that. Besides she was a bit too tired to talk anyway, actually both are. She looks at him and he seems tired too but with a big grin on his face.




Moving she kiss him sweetly on his forehead, he smile pulling her close to him and drift off. She stay awake for a few more minutes, snuggling into his arms, her last thoughts being how lucky she is to have Maan, whomever she love so Much and he too love her. She feels so loved, wanted and cherished right now. Her eyes close as she drift off, feeling so safe and secure in his arms.




Precap: arey!! Celebrate to kiya hi nahi???







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  1. trs1391

    February 20, 2012 at 11:04 AM

    awsem romantic


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