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Geet hear Vicky call ringing but somewhere she hoped silently whoever it is should give any information of maan. but Vicky silence after the call cleared her it was no one calling for maan so she just keep her head on window .this was all so suffocating her and this moment she only need him to hold her really tight and she can  cry all her heart out. She know everyone is in tension so didn’t want anyone to see her in this state. Sitting silently she just kept praying for him.








The car stopped at khurana mansion, vicky look at geet who doesn’t have any clue where she is.. Lost in her own world. He came out, open her door. Bhabhi.. She looks up at him.  We are at home. This made her look ahead and realize where she is. Silently coming out Vicky help her to enter the khurana mansion.  The place seems so quiet today when it would shine with just the name of him.





Mom and Annie were already waiting for her.. When they saw ger tears twinkled their eyes seeing her pale face and dark circles. Mom stood beside her. Come beta. She step ahead holding her but stopped by her word. I want to be alone.. She whispered slowly looking down not wanting anyone else to see her condition. She just needs him and his embrace to shed her tears with and no one else.  Mom look back at vicky who sighed telling her tto leave geet.. She silently walks slowly and entered her room.






Mom. I have to go.. Vicky said when he made sure geet is not here. Par kaha? He explained everything to them which Adi told them. More tears flooded from their eyes. Yea sab kya hogaya? Mom cried.. Vicky embraced her while confronting Annie too. Please don’t say Bhabhi anything now.







Geet entered their room but it felt so dark and lifeless. The place which always had aroma of their love, the place which is witness of the closeness seems so empty.






She took his shirt inhaling his scent to her lungs to calm the feelings inside her. Why this does always happens to her only. First her mom snatched away, taking all their peace and happiness in their life and than his so called brother took her father away, giving the painful life to her. If this was not enough he also took maan from her. The only hope of her life. The only sunshine if her. The person who always has given her happiness is gone.







Lying on bed she cried silently only for the loneliness and so much hurt. Why does he have to take maan when he was the only hope, only happiness in her life. If this was not enough than now she is having a life inside to make her live and stay in this cruel world more and bare the consequences alone. Why this happens to her. She doesn’t want to live anymore.






Vicky entered the place Adi told him to come. His legs were trembling even by the thought which Adi told. With his heavy heart he went to Adi who was sitting in a chair with his bows head. Adi. He didn’t realize how cracked his own voice was.







Adi look up at him and stood up. Thank god you came.. Vicky only nodded his head looking down. Adi put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Vicky.. Control yourself please.






This made him take a deep breath and finally look at him. He’s there.. You can see him.. Vicky closes his eyes and saw the front door. Glancing at Adi he went ahead opening the knob with his trembling hands.






The sight inside burned him, the most amazing person, the great business man, the person who is the best among many and the perfect person lying in front of him.  He saw the lifeless body of the great MAAN SINGH KHURANA.





A tear drop. From his eye seeing the full of attitude person in such a worst state, the most terrible state. Tears started rolling down from his eyes and he slam on the chair beside him. Bro.. He whimpered taking his hand. Bro… He can only cry by the fate of destiny. How things turn up and down in just two days. How life have shown the worst part of their life to them.





Crying in his brother hand he let out the tears, the fears and all the burden of his heart. He know he have to go and face his mom, sister and most worst his Bhabhi.. How will he explain her about his own brother? How will he explain her, that the father of his child is here in front of him but.. how can he????






He cried for long in the most supporting person, the person who always has been there for him, his family but they never knew his value and now they know. They can know how much he is important to them.






His voice makes him open his eyes slowly. Vicky wipe his tears and smiled when he look at him. Geet. He whispered very slowly..





Bhabhi is fine. I didn’t tell her about you yet. Maan sighed closing his eyes. Where did you go bro? We searched for you so much.





Maan open his eyes slowly and mumbled. I asked the detective to not to tell anything till I will be fine. I knew geet would freak out.




She is really in her worst condition now too.





Hmm.. I know it.. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him that she would be missing him like nothing. But he would never want her to see him in this condition. He was almost dead and his condition in front of her will not be good for her which he never wants.





Closing his eyes soon he slept with the help of seductive and called her name in his mind again and again wanting to see her angelic face for once..





Precap: Vicky bringing geet to maan.







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  1. trs1391

    February 16, 2012 at 1:43 PM

    awsem geet crying and maan will recover precap is interesting


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