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They kept silence seeing maan getting all serious which is rare thing but really dangerous, dev didn’t said anything and indicated Sam to be quiet.




All elders were busy talking with each others, Dadi and mom really liked Samar mom and dad and talk to them really friendly. 





While younger one went to terrene and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Geet stood beside Samar looking down while maan steal glances of her.  You didn’t answer me? Geet look at him confuse. Geet I really can’t trust these people.





But you trusted maan in morning. Samar rolled his eyes looking ahead. But his family? They are same. They didn’t ask your opinion. Geet know very well why is he being like this. He always have hated the fact that Dadaji have fixed her wedding and now maan family also didn’t talked or asked her opinion is adding fuel.. She just kept quite not wanting to talk further on this..







Maan eyes were on both of them.  Dev and Sam took the chance and again started. Arey maan why are you so quite? He glares him knowing exactly what he means.



Samar rolled his eyes at them. You should spend more time with geet only. Sam and dev giggle dragging him beside geet. Haan. Aik dusre ko samajhne ka yahi to time hai. Sam said looking at them.




You cannot win someone trust in just five days. Samar said looking at maan intentionally; geet knew very well he is still angry because she says yes to him. Kya Pata kal sab apna Faisla badal de.



Sam and dev exchanged a look. Maan came forward to him. My first decision is always last one. At this Samar chuckled giving him a meaning look. Really?  What if you like some other girl tomorrow?





Samar. Geet whispered holding his arm he look at her furiously and then at maan. She nudges him making him look at her than shake her head indicating him to be silence. Par geet.





She again shakes her head making him irritate. Jerking his arm he gave maan last look and went away. She looks at maan and went behind him. Dev look at Sam suspiciously but she told him to ignore. This was Samar who will behave Sam with her too sometime..





Maan went behind them, he wanted to know what happened which caused Samar talk like this. Just in morning he was fine and left geet with him than what happened so suddenly that he is talking like this with him. When he was little far he saw geet manoyfing Samar talking really sweetly while he was look straight not listening to her.



Why don’t you understand? She looks at him hurt by his behavior.



You do not understand them geet. She sighed standing in front of him.




Samar.. You trust me right?  Then trust me this time please.She pleaded looking at him. Samar looks at her and hated the fact that these eyes were full of pain because of him. He sighed shaking his head. What if he is just time passing with you?

She smiles holding his arm. I have seen the truth in his eyes. He really is nice.



Maan saw her talking something. He saw her convincing him but couldn’t hear anything. His curiosity was building high point but he cannot just go and listen what they are saying. Whatever t is he is seeing geet for the first time talking so sweetly. He smiled looking at her; don’t know when she will behave the same with him too.




You always have been with me.. I want you now too.. Please. He look in her eyes and could see something spark, he couldn’t ignore his sweet and little geet is falling for this person which is good, he always wanted her to be happy and marry a person whom she would love but somewhere he is afraid that he won’t break her heart. I’m just scared geet.





Don’t be.. She smiles keeping her palm on his cheek. Samar I can feel something in his eyes. I can’t define it but… she sighed looking at him pleading. She wants his acceptance more than anything, he is very important to her and she can’t move forward by his this attitude. This finally made him sigh and nods dejected. Theek hai. Let’s trust you. She smile widely, Turning they both saw maan standing little far and went to him. Samar looks at geet who nudge him. I’m sorry… Samar sighed looking at him. Maan smiled a little and look back at geet. It’s ok..  Geet smile finally seeing both of them smiling and look at maan.






They again went to dev and Sam. Two hours past but maan restless to meet geet alone only increase but she was only with Samar and no one else. He wants to meet her and tell her the thing for which he has come. The most important thing. But how will he do that? The last solution he had is to take help from his brother so he went to dev telling him to make him meet.





He assured him and went to all. Well guys. I think we should let the love birds give sometime. Geet look down instantly by the look of dev and all giving her and maan. While giggling Sam hold her hand. Hmm. Chalo.. With that she drags her to their room and dev made maan enter inside closing the door behind. Take your time bro. Dev yelled making maan chuckled shaking his head,





Precap: Aik kiss to Banta Haina









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    awsem ab kiss hoga


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