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He presses them lightly when she moves him smirking. Good night. Whispering she turn around giving her back to him and close her eyes. He frowned looking at her and hold her waist from behind kissing her neck. Good night jaan. She just smiles with her close eyes holding his arm around her and both slept happily.






Next  day when she woke up a sweet smile spread her face seeing him sleeping so peacefully, she have many plans to make him more happy. So for that she quietly move away from his arm and went to shower not waking him.




She finish making breakfast and keep them on table, the first thing she wanted to do is talking with Khushi. So simply dialing her number she talked to her. Mama yea sab buhat acha hai. Khushi explained excitedly everything she was doing. Maan came and hug her from back taking the phone. Missing you my princess. Khushi giggle excitedly and start talking with maan. Geet smile and let him talk while she feed him lovingly.




She has been making some plans for they from long but sometime things were out of hand and sometime situations. Though she never told him any of this. They don’t get the chance to spend some times with each other’s and haven’t had any real alone time for awhile. Unless she count the times that they spend together behind closed and locked doors, only fighting or accusing.





She has done some preparations for this evening’s meal ahead of time so she can concentrate on them only. She wanted to give this marriage a chance which couldn’t be possible if they are so close yet so far…






They spend some time together when geet insisted him to go out for some time and bring some gift for her. He tried to understand the sudden demand of gift but she just dragged him out wanting to concentrate on the task.






When maan went she hurriedly went to kitchen making all his favorite dishes, she wanted to make this night the most beautiful night of their life. It’s almost the sixth year of their marriage tomorrow and she wants it to be the best day. She knows he didn’t remember it, which is nothing new but she wants to bring a new life to their marriage in this day.






After preparing all the dishes it was almost late when she hear his keys in the door as she finish setting the table. She smiles knowing that he will walk through the door at any moment. And then she turn looking at him coming smiling back at her but when he look at the table and then at her,  she can see in his eyes that he  isn’t  sure what’s going on. But she also knows that he will love the surprise. Something special? He asked looking behind her shoulder all his favorite dishes.







She smile moving close holding his tie and whispered huskily. Yes… his arm move to her waist. Well there is something special here… you… she can see his eyes glitter.  I wanted to make a nice dinner for us since we will be alone after you finally decided to leave you daughter for a week.




This makes him chuckle and move his arm around her waist bringing her close. Moving close to her he cups her face and kisses her softly, moving back he whispers in her ear. You’re pretty special too. He said kissing her earlobe. She can feel the passion and lust in his kisses, knowing that they both just couldn’t control anymore tonight.




They knew from the look of eachothers that what they need. He move an inch away to look at her but she moves close capturing her lips with his moving her one hand to his hair bringing his face more closely. He closes his eyes kissing her. Crushing his body with him. His lips were so demanding that it made her groan and push her body more close not leaving any gap between them.





He slowed down and move away from her lips but keeping his forehead on her both chuckle because they know what exactly is going to happen here tonight. And somehow she probably does too, though they both try to hold on their beating heart and hug each others.





Somehow they find some restraint and make their way into the dining table. They sat together when he take his hand and look in her eyes. You look beautiful. A blush crept on her cheek looking down and finds the sari she bought only because he loves to see her in sari.





They have a nice dinner talking with some added flirting of maan again and again that that is just stroking their passion even more.






When they finish the dinner both clean the table, she was waiting for this moment from many day but when it came there was some nervousness in her to see that look in his eyes and wonder what’s going through that mind of his. She was continuously playing with her pallu while arranging things on kitchen counter when he hold her wrist turning her and keep his hand on either side.






Dinner was nice.. But.. What now? She blushed looking down and tried to move but he lock her tightly holding her waist. Bolo Na geet. This made her turn more red and hide her face in his chest giggling softly.




Precap: happy six anniversary







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  1. Neha singhania

    February 14, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    Very romantic


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