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Geet look up at him feeling his hold loose and find him lost. Maan. He snapped out and looks down immediately.  She frowned by his unusual silence. You mean… I’m just nothing for you.





he waited for her to say something making him wrong but the thing which hurt him a lot was she look at her brother again not even answering him..



His dreams shattered to think he might be not become the part of her. But what will he do now to win her heart? What will he do to gain her trust? To make her understand how much he loves her. How can she not feel his hidden feelings? He always thought they know each other’s too well but what happened now? His live is nothing for her in front of her family?




 He was lost in his thought when her giggles got his attention. Looking down she look at him and giggling softly. He frowned whispering. What’s so funny?



Budhu ho aap bilkul. He frowned. Budhu? She finds him budhu? From where does he is budhu?  He made a weird face which makes her giggle more. It makes him angrier, here he is trying to fight with his feeling and she is making fun of him. Jerking his hand from her he look away but she again holds him.





Arey, jab app  aapke dil main special jaga bana sakte hai meri.  To main kyun nahi? She smiles looking at him while he looks at her in awe.




Itni bhi bewakoof nahi hu jo aap ke aankhon ko par na saku.





He smiles by her unlimited love, possession and so much respect for him. Her family which is the world for her but she is giving the most special place to him in her heart. How can he even think anything wrong about her, how can he forget no one can be so pure and so innocent than his angel in this whole world.






Hope there would be no people and he would have taken her in his arms thanking her to make him feel so special in his life, to show this beautiful side of the life. He never knew life is so lovely…


I don’t want to leave papa.. Never.. She looks up at him. But for you… I can leave anyone..    I will die if I didn’t get you maan..




They gazed each others lost in their eyes. None realized where they are standing what is the surrounding but the only thing they could see is the most blissful person of their life..




Lost in their own world they didn’t realize when anjali came and stood behind them. She shakes her head looking at them. Babaji, ab aap hi samjao inhe. Aise sab k saamne. Clearing her throat loudly, she look at them breaking there eye lock and strengthened them. Bhabhi.. Aap..



Haan main. Nazar to aa rahi hu na.. Tum dono ko..




Both glance at each other’s and look down. She come forward to them and whispered. Sharam nahi aati tum dono ko han? Maan look down immediately. What if someone see you? She looks at them angrily.



Bhabhi hum to?




Tu to chup hi kar.. Aik number ki besharam hai Tu.





Geet pout cutely making a face while maan dare not look up his eyes roam all around the hall. Now come with me. Holding her hand she move away and went to other family,






Maan stood there looking at her, she turns around and smiles at him, he smiled and looks down blushing cutely.






Much later when all the ceremony was finished, many guests were left and only family members were left. It was almost late so everybody let brij and Sanaya to their room. Anjali stood beside geet who so badly wanted to go to maan. He was again and again looking at her but couldn’t say anything as his mom stood beside her with sonali and looks like they won’t be able to meet alone now.

geet glance at him and pout making a face. he blink his eyes assuring her but inside he himself didn’t knew how will he go to her when anjali is hell bent on bringing geet with her everywhere she was going and his mom not letting a chance to let him be alone.



But suddenly he gets an idea and told his mom that he want to go home right now so went to meet everyone. When he went to anjali telling them he is going home, he can see geet sad eyes but couldn’t do anything infront of anyone.





Saying bye to everyone he went out and stood beside his car but inspire of sitting inside he smirked and entre the handa mansion again with the perfect idea to meet her.





Precap; kaise milega ab maan apni geet se





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    February 13, 2012 at 2:20 PM


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    February 13, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    Owsome and thanx for update


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