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PART 80 



She silently nodded her head still sniffing and tears were nowhere to stop from falling. He wipes them. Made her lie down patting her head slowly. Her hand moves to her stomach feeling a little life inside her and tears again rolled down. Vicky heart ached to see her condition but he also know nothing can change her but only her maan. The tiredness, dosage, crying made her sleep in a deep sleep with her teary eyes. Vicky finds her sleeping so kiss her forehead.  Stood and went out only to find Adi sitting in a chair. He stood seeing him and hugs him immediately. He knows how. He will need this moment.




Adi made Vicky sit in a chair sitting beside him.Kuch samajh nahi aa raha kya karu Adi. Adi keep his hand on Vicky shoulder. He know what must be he going through, how much difficult it must be to him. Vicky told him about geet being pregnant and asking for maan again and again. Adi can’t do anything but prayed silently for maan safety. This family is ruining in just days due to his absence. Hope he come back safe and sound and holds on everything.





It was late when Adi suggested. Vicky, you should go home now. Vicky looks at him. Home? How can I leave Bhabhi Adi?



There are doctors with her Vicky. But don’t forget your family is alone there.


My family? She is also my family Adi. And she needs me now.


But your mother and sister also needs you Vicky. He didn’t say anything but just look down. Go Vicky. Tell your mom everything, you will feel much better.



Vicky thought for some time and thought it to be right. He also wants someone’s shoulder. His mom can only support and make him feel little better. They need him and he also needs his mother this moment a lot. Visiting geet for the last time he went to mansion and told mom and Annie everything about maan and geet. Somewhere he felt much better talking to them. They stayed together and prayed for maan.



But in these whole things only one person was left alone, there was no one for her, no one with whom she can share her feelings, a tear escaped from her eyes twinkling in the dark room. When everyone slept this late night having a very peacefully sleep but she can’t have that.



She knows Vicky went home, she know they must be sleeping this hour no matter how much sad they are but still they have someone with them. Mom have her children to whom she can find love, Vicky and Annie can clung and sleep in the warmth of their mother and find peace.



But she, she doesn’t have anyone. There is no one to hold her and Console her, that maan will be back. He will come back and will hold her close to him. She curled up sobbing hard than touch her stomach. She can’t even be happy, how cans she? How will she raise their child alone? What will she say to their baby?



She cried holding her mouth to stop the whimpers, and called him millions time to come back to her and their baby. They really need him.




Vicky entered the hospital next morning. Geet is going to be discharge; he signed all the formalities and enters her room to find looking out of window. There were no tears on her tears, she was not even crying but he can see the dark circles and her pale face which clearly shows she cried a lot. Bhabhi. She come out of her thoughts and looks at him blinking few times to come in present.  We have to go home. She simply nodded and stood up.




He made her sit in car and sat besides her ordering the driver to take them to mansion. He looks at her, she turn toward the window starring outside but he clearly knows the turmoil she is fighting with now.



His phone ring, hello.



Vicky listens carefully… I got maan. Some detective called me told me everything.



Vicky heart thudded loudly hearing maan name and glance at geet. He was shot and is in hospital. I need you here now. Will tell everything. But don’t tell geet about him now ok.





He hears what Adi says him from other side and his breath stops. Glancing at geet he makes sure she is not looking or she may understand the fear in his eyes. I will be there soon. He disconnects the call, but his heart didn’t stopped throbbing a loud with the new information Adi have given him. He can’t tell her this, no he really can’t tell. Don’t know how maan will be? Don’t know will geet be able to see him in hospital being shot. God knows how he is and what’s going on there. He should keep silence in front of her now and first visit maan.



Geet hear Vicky call ringing but somewhere she hoped silently whoever it is should give any information of maan. but Vicky silence after the call cleared her it was no one calling for maan so she just keep her head on window .this was all so suffocating her and this moment she only need him to hold her really tight and she can  cry all her heart out. She know everyone is in tension so didn’t want anyone to see her in this state. Sitting silently she just kept praying for him.






Precap: he stood in front of lifeless MAAN SINGH KHURANA.






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One response to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. kalika kale

    February 13, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    MAANEETFF-forever with you- PT 80

    osum update dear…i m sooo happy that atleast
    maan ka kuch to pata chala…
    sad about geet she is all aloan… apane baby ki
    khushiya bhi nai mana sakati…what she will do…
    scared about pre cap … plz maan ko
    thik kar do… plzzz


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