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Dev. Maan warned him giving him a glare standing again but he home him making Home sit. Oh please. Don’t show your attitudes to me at least. Sam giggles while Samar who was sitting beside geet whispered in ger ear. Sab Theek Haina. Geet look at him and smile blinking ger eyes assuring him.



Samar smile and look at maan who finally sit beside her. He clears his throat wanting so hard to spend some time with her but this dev. He made a face and stayed a little away to control his heartbeat.




They all sat together in dining table while geet and Sam were inside the kitchen arranging everything. Samar went behind them and stood beside geet. He nudges her shoulder making her look at him. What happened? He whispered softly. She looks at Sam who went out taking a bowl.




Why is maan behaving like this?




Geet. Yea dad KO papa and all that.


She rolled her eyes knowing exactly what he is trying to say or to prove. Everything is fine. He said sorry. She smile looking at him while he look at her with his serious eyes knowing very well there is something more. Now geet, who was so angry with him in the morning, is now so shy shy and so smiling .there must be really something. She sighed shaking her head by his usual self. Samar. He asked my opinion about all this.



And what did you say? He asked directly.



Well.. I said.. She looks at him and then looks down. I said yes.



What??  How can she say that? She was not ready for this marriage and when she got the chance to reject it and here she agreed. Are you serious?  She giggles nodding. But geet. He stopped when Sam entered.




Why are you here? Go with everyone. He looks at geet for some time and then went out but she knows very well he needs a brief explanation. Yes she wanted to reject all this but somewhere she can’t deny the trust and hope maan is building in her. He said sorry and asked for her opinion which no one ever did. She can’t deny the fact how he have kept her wishes first till now and is trying hard to make her happy.




She can see sincerity in his eyes which have build some respect for him in her heart. She can’t deny the fact his gesture made some strange feeling inside her. Somewhere she feels so beautiful and right being with him, the closeness she shared with him, now she doesn’t even feels a tinge of uncomfortness being with him, being so close with him.



Being so close to him there was not a single hint of guilt in her heart which made her think there must be something in him. Something really special. Something different from everyone else.





Smiling she take the salad and joined all at dining table where her seat was left beside him only, but without thinking she sat there and started eating.




All were busy talking with each other’s and laughing when maan move a little back very slowly moving his hand under the table and keep it on her thigh.




She gulped the bite nervously feeling his hand on her thigh. Oh my God, what is her doing? She move her other hand and remove his hand but to her dismay he hold her hand tight grabbing a glass of water. She fidgets trying to move but his hold only tightened. Tiring she sighed and continue to eat not wanting to catch someone attention.





Soon all elders left, leaving younger’s alone which only made situation worse for geet and maan. Dev cleared his throat. So.. Maan ab to tumaare paas paanch din hai. Kya karne ka iraada hai? Sam giggle and three look at maan and geet smirking.



Maan only made a straight face still holding her hand making her look down only. Tu apni chinta kar. This make dev look at Sam who look down shyly.




I don’t think, Aik hafthe main koi kisi ka dil jeeth sakta hai. Samar said taunting maan but his eyes were in his plate.




Don’t say that yaar. You really missed today’s scene. Dev and Sam start laughing making Samar frown and look at geet who have turned deep red.  What do you mean? This made them laugh more.



Geet was getting really uncomfortable with all the teasing. She never has experienced anything like this before nor was she the keen attention of all. Above all this maan holding her hand. She struggle hard wanting to leave at the moment, he look at her and knew very well how she must be feeling. Enough dev.. Dev silenced by his stern voice. He glared at him and looks down softly stroking her hand with his thumb.




They kept silence seeing maan getting all serious which is rare thing but really dangerous, dev didn’t said anything and indicated Sam to be quiet.





Precap: Samar taunting…

                 Now geet won’t like it. Will she?







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  1. trs1391

    February 9, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    love it awsem

  2. trs1391

    February 14, 2012 at 12:03 PM



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