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When they reach malasiya, maan asked her were they will go but she just smiled but dint answered. He looked at ger confused when she asked him quietly to take the luggage. He did what she told and came out of airport were a car was already waiting for both of them.





This was quiet shocking for maan when the car stopped at the hotel and few guards were already waiting for her to come taking everything from them. She just took the key from reception and told him to sign which he did after glancing at everyone who were grinning at them.






When they enter, it was beautiful two rooms and an apartment which was beautifully decorated. Everything was present there. He hugs her from back. How you did all this? She smile turning around moving her arm round his neck. Far before.. But was not getting nice time.





He strokes her nose with his. I should have done all this.


Why? Can’t I do anything?


You already did so much.


Hmm. she smiled moving close.Than I want something from you. He holds her by waist removing a strand behind. Let’s make this week the best days of our life. He smiles by her innocent demand. If she want happiness than he will give her and will make sure to make his week the best day of her life.



I promise. He wisphered kissing her forehead.





I will bring all the happiness in your life. She smiles keeping her head in his chest. Jaan. Ab main tumhe sab se ziada pyaar karunga.



She looks up at him. He kisses her cheek. Aur hamesha karta rahunga.





Haan hamesha.



Suddenly there was knock on the door. Food came and he went to fresh up leaving her to arrange everything. Coming back both sat eating quietly for some time when maan spoke up. I forgot about Khushi. She smiles taking a bite. She just went maan. I will call her later. Don’t worry. 



Why not? She is my daughter.


She is my too and she always wanted to go there.


Twisting his lips he ate quietly. She looks at him and giggles ruffling his hair. Maan wo theek hogi. Don’t worry.





He smiled and they silently finished their food than called Khushi. She was really excitedly announcing them about her all friends and masti. Geet smile listening to her, while nudging maan to say something in speaker. He said her to enjoy more and they will call often to check on her.





Kya hua? She asked when he laid his head on her lap hugging her waist. Hmm. I love you. He mumbled nuzzling her stomach making her gasp; he inhaled and kiss the skin slowly moving up she smile leaning down until her back touch the bed, moving her arms around his neck looking at him with all her desires pulling him down.





He smirked reading some thing clear in her eyes. He was happy she is not hiding them for the first time after so many years. Slowly kissing her forehead he strokes her cheek.You know something? He whispered than kiss her cheek softly.





Kya? Her finger moves to his hair playing with them.  Knowing very well what he wants now and she will not deny him today. Her finger move to his cheek and slowly to his lips tracing there and look at them with so much passion which he can clearly read. Her thumb presses his lower lip rubbing them and look up at his eyes making him know she also want what he does.





He moves down kissing her jaw and neck. She closed her eyes feeling him onlyI’m really tired. He whispered softly in her ear making her shiver inhaling a long breath only to open them wide. Tired? He is tired?






Looking at him she found him giggling which make her more angry turning bright red at her own boldness. Never have she put her first step and when today she did he is making fun of her. Getting angry she hit his chest looking at him furiously. Hato.  Yaha se.





He holds her tight still laughing. Kyun? Making an innocent face he asked. I’m also tired. She said furiously blushing hard and went to fresh up.






Coming back he again giggles holding her hand and made her lye beside him. She snuggles close, but his giggles were only making her turn more and pinker. Maan. She complained hiding her face in his chest she couldn’t help but too giggle softly. He kisses her forehead looking at her lovingly.I love you. She looks at him than close her eyes with a smile he died to see. Moving down he kiss her forehead.. Both eyes than her both cheek softly and move to her lips slightly brushing them.






He presses them lightly when she moves him smirking. Good night. Whispering she turn around giving her back to him and close her eyes. He frowned looking at her and hold her waist from behind kissing her neck. Good night jaan. She just smiles with her close eyes holding his arm around her and both slept happily.






Precap:  another surprise planning…






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  1. trs1391

    February 8, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    awsem update

  2. mishy

    February 8, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    Awesome very nice..


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