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His son is no more?  How can he say that the strongest pillar of their family is no more? How will he make her understand? How will he hold the whole situation alone? What will he do with Geet? She has listed all her senses, not even listening to anything. How will he make her understand her life is gone? What will he do now? Everything seems so shattered, what have god done to their life?






Vicky sat on a chair, this all is going worst than even thought and he is here left alone to handle it. How on earth will he be able to do that will calm the situation. He looks at his mom and Annie. Mom.. You both should go home.


But beta geet.


Don’t worry.. I will take care. She nodded and stood to go but again stopped. If you get to know about maan do tell me. He nodded and kisses her forbear feeling terribly week that moment. God know how bro handled so much alone all the while when he is feeling so alone just in a day.





He sat alone thinking of the way to find a single solution. Where will maan go so suddenly? But something caught him and he abruptly dialed a number. Adi.. Adi I need you hear.. In ***** hospital.. Come fast please. He explained everything to him and asked him to come fast.





Hanging the phone he heard the nurse entering geet room, he stood watching as many nurses and her doctor came. We need to take her for complete checkup.  He nodded and let them take her.






It was almost an hour when they brought her back, she was still not conciliation. Doctor called him in his cabin wanting to discuss something really important.






He entered the cabin and sat on chair with his thudding heart, he was not ready to hear any of bad things, already things are on their worst form, and hope geet will be ok.




Mr. Khurana. I checked Mrs. Khurana report and also her but there is nothing wrong with her.



Vicky sighed in relief taking out a long breath he was holding. It is just she is little week and sudden pressure made her faint. Vicky nodded looking at him with all his concentration. Is she ok now?



The doctor smile nodding his head and continues. Yes. You can take her home tomorrow but I want to tell you one thing. Vicky frowned.






Mrs. Khurana is one week pregnant. Vicky gasped a loud. Pregnant, Bhabhi is pregnant. Now what will happen, here when there is no hint of where maan is and now she is pregnant and will need him the most near her. How miserable will she feel when she will find out this.




He came out lost in his thoughts when his mobile rang. Hello.


Vicky. Meera voice from other side makes him sigh. Meera. He talked to her for sometime telling her everything except geet pregnancy. He felt much better after talking to her and thanked her before hanging.






Slowly entering her room she sat besides her keeping his hand on her head. She flutter her eyes and slowly open them, Vicky smile Vicky but soon become sad finding her eyes glitter in tears and look away sadly. Bhabhi… you have to be strong. She sniffs closing her eyes letting the drop fall down. I have to tell you something.





She looks at him least interested in whatever he wants to tell. This moment she just wants maan and nothing else.




He takes a deep breath holding her hand and slowly said. You are pregnant. She instantly look at him with her question eyes, Vicky nodded his head and then saw ger smiling a little moving her other hand to her stomach feeling the gesture.





She slowly sat straight and smiles widely. I’m pregnant. She giggle softly making Vicky too giggle in his tears but soon a moan escaped from her lips making him circle his arm around her. I’m pregnant. She cried hugging him tight hiding her face and tears. How much she wanted to celebrate this day, how much she wanted to tell this news to him before everyone. How much she craved. That they will also be called as parents.



She cried a loud hugging him wanting her love to come back listening ger cries. Maan. He can never tolerate her being so week but she was not having any choice other than to let all the pain out from her heart.



How the happiest moment of their life have become the worst moment. Why is she given another life inside ger when she doesn’t have the courage to live anymore? To breath anymore, when there is nothing to live and she wanted to go to him but here she have a part of him inside her growing. Now when she wants him more than anything but have to take care of someone else more than anything. Why?






Vicky soothed her brushing her hair saying her to calm down again and again.Everything will be ok.. she just cried not able to believe anyone now.  After a long half hour she slowly moves away wiping her tears and look down sniffing. Bhabhi, please be strong. I’m trying to find bro. But you have to take care of yourself.






She silently nodded her head still sniffing and tears were nowhere to stop from falling. He wipes them. Made her lie down patting her head slowly. Her hand moves to her stomach feeling a little life inside her and tears again rolled down. Vicky heart ached to see her condition but he also know nothing can change her but only her maan. The tiredness, dosage, crying made her sleep in a deep sleep with her teary eyes. Vicky finds her sleeping so kiss her forehead.  Stood and went out only to find Adi sitting in a chair. He stood seeing him and hugs him immediately. He knows how. He will need this moment.





Precap:  Vicky getting a call





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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. trs1391

    February 6, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    geet is ok but pregnant please make maan to come soon please hope maan will be ok

  2. mishy

    February 6, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    Awesome jaisa mene kaha tha she is pregnent very nice
    vicky getting call is maan being kidnapped nd brij is blackmaling geet to sign papers
    ohhhh smthing happen like this also please dont harm baby nd get maan back soon yaar


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