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Slowly leaning forward he kiss her forward and keep his head on hers. She smile with her close eyes moving her hand and very softly hold his shirt for the first time feeling his warmness which brought a new and some sweet feeling in her.






Both lost in each others didn’t realize when Sam and dev entered the kitchen and their eyes popped to see them soon close. Dev smirked looking and Sam and clear his throat loudly enough.






They parted with their sudden appearance. Geet turn her back to them while maan stood looking Down both were very much in the moment that it didn’t even bothered them that where they are. Maan cough for some time and slowly ran out in-between them while geet fumble with the plate not knowing what she should do in the most embarrassing moment.






Geet.Sam called making her close her eyes tight and pray silently. Suddenly the door bell ring and she ran out making an excuse.





Dev and Sam stood there looking at them and look at each others, bursting in laugh. Finally… Sam laughs nodding her head. Yea. Finally. They laugh for some time when she stopped looking at him admiring her and slowly hold her hand. Finally. He whispered moving close. She giggles looking down and pushes him coming out.





She ran out thanking the person outside to come at the perfect moment and save her to face di and dev where maan left her alone. She opens the door and finds Samar with his mom and dad. Maa. She hug her tight. Papa. Samar stood behind watching her hugging them with a smile. Ahem. I’m also here. All laugh at him, geet Hug him and they enter inside.





Sam and dev meet them and make them sit. Main sab ko bhula lasting hu.




Main maan ko laata hu.


They both went leaving them alone. Kaisi hai tu? She smiles hugging him.Theek hu papa. Kitne time baad aye hai aap. He smile and patted her head. Samar wanted to ask her what happened between her and maan but can’t ask in front of them.





All others came and meet them. Bhabhi ji, yea hai humaari geet k maa papa. She smiles looking down.






Maan came down with dev and meet them. Samar parents loved his gesture how he touch their feet and called them maa papa like geet. They were experienced enough to see how well mannered and how perfect he is in everything. How he talked very less and very nicely. They noticed how he steals glances of geet.



Samar father smiled and look down. He real like this person for geet, he can say from his eyes that ger is the one for geet but prayed that he won’t take her so lightly all, but love and respect her values.






To aap karte kya hai maan beta?  He asked him..





Papa, main aur dev business sambhaal rahe hai.  Geet look at him and smile. She loves it how he was giving so much of respect to her maa and papa.





Samar father found it an opportunity and spoke. Arey Wah.. yea to acha hai.. Geet also love business. Geet look up at him. Tabhi to wo MBA karna chahti hai.






Dadaji look at him disappointed knowing very well what he wants to do .sam also didn’t seems to be happy. Geet look at maan who only smile. I know papa. And it is a great thing for me.


This make samar father smile and look at his wife. The only doubt thwey were having is also removed now. Thank you beta. He smiled delightly but maan glance at geet.





After a while when maan excused for a while and went to the staires but turned around eying geet to come behind and went.. she look at all nervously not knowing how will she go there. After sometime she finally came with a good excuse of her notes and went above.  Maan who was looking at her from corner waited till she reach near him hole her arm and jerk her toward him.





She was first shock but than look down when he made her back rest at wall looking at her. tumne aik sala ka jawaab nahi diya.


Kaisa jawaab?


Main tumhe kaisa lagta hu?


 She look down turning pink and fidget to go but he hold her arm tight. Jaane dijiye..









Pehle jawaab do..

she look up at him.. koi aa jaayega. Whispering she look deep in his eyes making her lost in the deep ocean. Aa jaane do…  than she know there was no escape fro his hold and from him.


Geet.. Sam voice brings her out of his eyes and a nervous expression on her face. Nahi.. Pehle Jawab do..



Di bhula rahi hai..

I don’t care. Sighing she look down.




Aap mujhe.. Mujhe.. He smile losing his hold and listened carefully.. bus Theek hi lagte hai.. He frowned but before could do anything she ran giggling making him smile ruffling his hair.




Later all elders went to guest room leaving then in living room. Dev can still feel the uneasiness of maa. And geet and smirked. Maan. Why are you sitting there? He holds his arm and made him sit beside geet who only look down. Dev. Maan warned him giving him a glare standing again but he home him making Home sit. Oh please. Don’t show your attitudes to me at least. Sam giggles while Samar who was sitting beside geet whispered in ger ear. Sab Theek Haina. Geet look at him and smile blinking ger eyes assuring him.



Samar smile and look at maan who finally sit beside her. He clears his throat wanting so hard to spend some time with her but this dev. He made a face and stayed a little away to control his heartbeat.




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