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We both. She giggles nodding her head. Yes. I have booked the tickets for Malaysia.  He hugs ger tight, why she loves him so much? Even after making such a biggest mistake she is only thinking about him and still wanting to give him a chance as always. He must be the luckiest person in the whole world.







There was some time left for Khushi to leave. She was all ready but geet was in her room packing her cloths when maan enters with Khushi, he lied on bed while Khushi stood there watching geet. Aap kaha jaa rahe ho? She asked with her tiny hands on her hips.Hmm. We are also going to a picnic. She looks at him frowning and climbed up the bed. Mathlab?







Geet smile seeing them and says. We will be back before you sweetie. Khushi smile and start playing with maan for some time.






Later they both went to drop Khushi. She happily ran inside while both stood outside, geet look at maan finding his usual sad face with lips very little pouted. She giggles moving her arms around his waist hugging Jim from side. He look down at her, she smile sweaty making him smile too. How much he wanted just a glimpse of her sweet smile. How lucky he is.







They packed everything .only two hours left to go to airport. Geet took the sari she wore on the date and went to change. Maan came in room but didn’t find her so too his cloths tto change. Geet came out just at that moment but her sight makes him gasp. Wow. She wore the same sari. She smile widely which make her blush and look down shyly.






He came forward holding her shoulder putting his finger under her chin.Jaan. She smile leaning forward but didn’t look up at him. Iraada kya hai? He chuckled making her turn in deep shade hiding her face in his chest. He holds her tight kissing her head.







They bid good bye to mom and dad and went to airport. After finishing all the formalities they sat on airport where she moves in his embrace keeping her head on his shoulder. He holds her close to him. Khushi was so happy.



Yea. She got what she always wanted.


Hmm. Are you not getting what you wanted?





No.He simply replied making her frown and look up at him. He strokes her cheek. I’m getting more than what I wanted. She smiles sweetly moving her face more close.





They sat in silence for some time. Just feeling each other’s so close without antithetical thoughts and wishes.






Sometimes I think… do I really deserve all this. She moves a little away.Maan. Stop saying this. He sighed holding her hand.Yea but seriously… I never thought it will happen… after what I have done all the while.







She didn’t reply, because there were no words left which can make him feel better. She tried so much and told him many time in these two days to forget everything but he doesn’t seems to stop lamenting. Maybe this can be really hard for him to digest the truth that everything is over.






But for him things are really going out of limits. He always known the truth that she loves him without any expectations, but this is the limit. Even after breaking her so much and so cruelty she even came back to him is the biggest thing for Jim and above that, he again made such a stupid mistake but she didn’t uttered a single word or never ever have uttered. She never have told him how much she feels hurt by his attitude but now he can clearly understand and really laments from his heart to hurt the lady who have given whole her life to him.






Chup kyun ho gahi?He questioned which make her sighed on defeat looking up at him. Maan… I want to forget everything. So please stop remembering the past.He can see the pain in his eyes for him. Obviously he know how much she hates to see him so much defeated and in guilt but what can he do? He is left to lament only. To remember the times where he always have hurt her and gave her pain where in return she always have given love and nothing else.





Maan. She whispered keeping her hand on his cheek. You know something? He just stares at her by which she smiles kissing his nose. You don’t look nice being serious. He chuckled shaking his head. Acha?





Hmm. Mera maan bewakoof ziada acha hai..He frowned pouting his lips. I’m not bewakoof ok.




You are… my duffer.






Jaan. He complained making a face holding her tight. She giggles kissing his cheek.I’m not duffer. The statement was more a question which make her laugh and close her eyes keeping her head on his chest.. Mujhe neend aa rahi hai..










She didn’t reply but kiss his neck with her closed eyes but a sweet smile on her face which soon melt him ..He smile kissing her forehead and bring her more close waiting for the new life..


he close his eyes but geet open her eyes and smile at him.. 


Precap: reaching Malaysia.








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2 responses to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. trs1391

    February 2, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    love it happy update

  2. mishy

    February 2, 2012 at 2:01 PM

    Soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet nice update lovely


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