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PART 44 



Papa. She looks at him shyly. Baby. Is that you? He asked jokingly hugging her tight. Ajay and brij kiss her cheek sweetly. How did you wear this? Anjali came forward. Maan gave her this sari. All three look at him thanking him from their eyes. Must say. Today you look little matured. Ajay joked by which he receive a smack on his arm. Brij giggle cupping her face and kiss ger Godhead.



Humaari geet KO aaj Kisi ki nazar Na lage. Anjali giggle taking a tip of Kohl from corner of her eyes and put it behind her ear. He blushed by so much comments and look down shyly and hug mohinder while trio men and anjali continuous to tease her. Papa. She made a baby face, seeing all laughing at her.





Kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho meri beti ko? Chalo ab sab jao.  Saying this all smile and went to their places. Brij sat on his chair, ajay and anjali went to welcome other guest.





Geet hold maan hand tight while walking which he knows very well why. Squeezing her hand he stopped and looks at her. Geet. She looks at him. Don’t worry. You really are looking good. She smiles sweetly holding his arm.But I’m really feeling so uncomfortable. He frowned looking down at her to find her looking around.





He looks around and fined some people stealing glances and staring at her. A smile spread on his lips knowing why she is feeling like this. Firstly this sari and secondly all starring at her.





Moving his arm around her shoulder he giggles looking at her pouting lips. Hmm. To yea baat hai. She knows very well this teasing gone of him. Turning to him she gives him a glare. It’s all because of you. Making a face she hit his chest softly which only make him giggle. He so much wanted to hug ger tight in his embrace and kiss her cheek really very hard but why this people have to stare them in this moment only.





Pouting her lips she look ahead.. tell me one thing.. she asked curiously turning to him..  why this sari??  He smile looking around and hold her wrist taking her to one corner.. because I wanted to see something.. he said smiling moving her to the wall stroking her cheek with his thumb.. Kya? She whispered looking at his eyes.. how will my gift look on your skin.. saying this he move his hand to her waist tracing his finger around the waist band.. maan.. She whispered closing her eyes moving her arms around his neck.



He kiss her neck as she come close to him..hold her waist bringing her more close.. Move to her jaw kissing her softly making her moan lightly and move away.. she looks down unable to see his eyes..I can’t control seeing you in sari.. she hide her face imidiately on his chest making him chuckle… kissing her head he holds her for sometime before going to the party again..





He stayed close to her holding her hand tight, because of her walking problem due to sari. She was bit suspicious about her being on everyone’s attention but maan being on his side made her soon comfortable.





After sometime when maan went to his dad and mom geet stood with anjali and sonali talking with them. She feels a tab on her shoulder so turn around only to find Anurag.Hey hi. She extend her Han excitedly almost forgetting about the previous incident of maan.





Anurag smile shaking than with her. Hello. I thought you will forget me? She giggle at him but soon her eyes caught maan standing behind him and smirked evilly. How can I ever forget you? Anjali look at them surprise while sonali went away. Maan stood there giving her a glare which she shrugged off.





Of course now it is her turn. He has made her wear sari, which made all her family tease and almost everybody is starring at her. But now she has her own weapon. She chuckled looking at anjali who raids her eyebrow indicating her to who he is?  Oh Bhabhi. I met him in office. He is bhaiya’s friend. She said and looks at him smiling. 





Maa. Stood there looking down unable to bare this person. Show off. Stupid… aur geet…  lovely and sweet. Huh.isse to main dekhlunga..  He actually makes faces seeing geet admiring him solo much. While anjali smirked seeing his expressions, almost showing how much jealous he is. Of course she will know the look. It’s the same look which she always sees in ajay eyes whenever someone she talks nicely. Oh geet your gone baby. She giggles shaking her head.






Precap : haaye. Sab k beech lost lost…






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