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She whispered trying to move him but he push himself more on her. Maan Bhabhi. She again whispered and pushes him hard. He made an annoying face. She eyed him, he turn around to find anjali actually coming to her room. Both strengthen themselves and smile looking at her. Maan. You still here?  He looks down. Was just going. Bye. He said and almost ran making anjali giggle at his red face. He always becomes so shy in front of everyone.








Anjali turn around to geet whose eyes were only at maan, she giggle and stand in front of her blocking her view which make her frown and then smile slowly. Bhabhi. I’m so happy. She Hug her tight but suddenly move back making her sit. Bhabhi. I’m really



 Anjali put her palm on her lips not letting her complete. No. You didn’t did anything ok. Don’t ever say sorry.







The wedding finally arrived. Everyone got busy in the preparation; geet let anjali relax and asked her to teach her almost everything instead of doing.




Today was Mehndi and she was running here and there for every single preparation. The function was about to start and she was still not ready. All were in there room getting ready while she was inside the kitchen making Kheer which anjali thought her two days before. After finishing it she pits some in a bowl and put it in a tray entering anjali room. Bhabhi. She turns from window. I made the Kheer. Can u taste how it is? She smile and take a spoon. Hmm. It delicious geet. Her eyes sparks and jump in joy. Sachi. Anjali laugh nodding.







The function started, Sanaya family came and almost every guest came. Geet entre her room to get ready after getting scolds from anjali. She wore her anarkali dress and did minimal makeup,

it was a tiring day and she was now too tired to stand whole night attending guest. but She have to, she shouldn’t allow anjali to do anything kind of stressful things. 



She came down and sat beside anjali who look at her and caress her hair. You look tired. Geet smile. Let me do something.



No bhabhi. Main kardungi.


Geet I’m fine. It’s just the starting, there’s nothing to worry. Geet just shake her head stubbornly.  Soon she saw maan coming inside and almost ran to him.



She greeted all and hugs Rajiv and let them inside making them.sit in one side. Soon she got busy in her work but maan eyes were only on her. He was desperate to spend time with her.



Anjali sat with them talking. All congratulate her while she blushed looking down.  All the ceremony went and all sat beside brij and Sanaya teasing and talking with them. Anjali noticed geet little away. She was not once sitting beside brij or Sanaya, keeping herself busy she was somewhere away from the celebration and was looking little down.



She looks at maan. Have you talked to geet?


No. She seems busy.Anjali sighed and search for her but she was nowhere to be found. Will you try to talk to her? She seems little down. Maan look at her for some time and then look for her not finding her he assured anjali he will talk to her and find what’s wrong.






The ceremony ended and everyone went. Geet changed her cloths and straight way went to brij room.  Bhaiya. He looks at him and smile. She sat beside him on bed hugging him keeping her head on his chest. Kaha ti aaj?  Apne bhaiya ke paas nahi aayi. She look up at him, he kiss her forehead.I’m sorry. He smiles shaking his head. Don’t say that. He kisses her cheek and both talked for longer time.





Precap: maan bechara in-between geet call and meeting.






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3 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. trs1391

    January 16, 2012 at 1:07 PM

    awsem geet learning everything and anjali sw\eet

  2. mishy

    January 16, 2012 at 1:22 PM

    Nice but ya no maaneet scene so sad yaar
    geet is doing good

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