11 Jan





Rahul is under arrest. She frowned and looks at him curiously. What? He smile and sat in front of her. Yes. Now he will pay for all his life. She gasped with her wide eyes. But before she could say anything they heard a loud noise. PAPA. Khushi yelled from behind making him turn in a jerk. There she sat by her knee in front of both of them with her tiny hands on her waist and puffy cheek.




She comes forward angrily.I’m talking and you both are not listening. Why? She asked cutely, with her raise eyebrows. Both chuckled, she look adorable with her cute cheeks turned red. Geet bring her in her lap. Haye, mera Bacha, we always will listen to you baby.  Maan kiss her cheek. Baby, take this and play. Khushi jump in joy taking his blackberry and went to couch playing games.






He turns to geet who was looking at him suspiciously.  Keeping his hand on her cheek.Yes geet. Everything is perfect now. He will never even think of seeing you. Forget about touching, he will think twice taking your name. She looks at his eyes to make it sure he is saying truth. He smiles assuring him making her sigh in relief and move in his embrace. He won’t come back. Will he?  She looks up at him. No jaan. He will never.








Few days were past and geet almost forgot the Rahul issue. She neglects to go to office anymore and told maan, she will stay at home. He listened her and agreed simply.






Maan came to home little late and saw his two loves one engrossed in their playing. He quietly changed and than lied on his side seeing both. Khushi jump on him. Papa. I love you. She kisses his cheek smiling cutely. He smile and stroke her hair. Love you too baby.





Papa, I am your princess Na. He nods his head. Ofcourse baby.





Mama. She called looking at geet. She looks at him nervously and then takes a paper passing to maan. He curiously looks at her and then paper than Khushi. Sitting straight he opens the paper and looks straight at Khushi after reading it. She made a cute innocent face which could melt anything. He sighed and folds the paper.






I think you know Khushi. You never went and never will go for any trips. He said keeping the paper. Khushi pout looking at geet. Maan. Please let her go.





No geet. No discussions. He again lied closing his eyes. Geet look at Khushi and than keep her hand on his cheek. Maan. It’s for week only.




No. he said strictly.



She wants to go.



Geet. A no means no. She sighed and looks at Khushi, gesturing her to come near. Papa, please papa. She pleaded kissing his cheek. I want to go. Pleaaassseee. She made a cute face.






After some silence he opens his eyes looking up at both of them. Geet move forward to his ear. If you agree. There’s a surprise for you. Moving back his eyes lightened by the name of surprise. Wow another date. He looks at Khushi and immediately smiles. Of course you can go. Khushi jumped in joy hugging him tight and thanking both of them.








Precap: will there be really any surprise???







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3 responses to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. kavita

    January 11, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    i am egerly waiting about surprise given by geet

  2. mishy

    January 11, 2012 at 3:08 PM

    Me too waiting for surprise but i think she is making fool of him then may be maan will be angery nd geet maan ko manayegi aisa hua to maja aayega

  3. trs1391

    January 11, 2012 at 6:14 PM

    its fabulous maan ready to let go khushi because of surprise


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