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Opening her arm she called ger. Geet went and sat besides her hugging her. Anjali look behind to maan gesturing him to take her away. Moving back she keeps her hand on her cheek. Will you make something for me? I’m hungry. Geet smile weekly and kiss her cheek, standing maan move his arm around her shoulder and wipe her tears going out. Ajay look at them going and turn to Sanaya.




Aap Bari hai Bhabhi. But it doesn’t mean you can say anything to geet. She look at him and then at anjali but she look away. You don’t know what geet to all of us is. You have no idea if bhaiya and dad will listen it what they will do. Sanaya look scared at him. You are coming to our family. The first thing you should learn is to love geet. And that’s also the last thing. He said very sternly looking at her eyes.






Bhabhi. She looks at anjali. Please don’t speak to her like that again. She said in her week voice. Both stopped when they saw geet and maan at the door. Anjali smile indicating ajay.  He turns around and smile looking at them.






Geet come and put the tray on side table sitting besides her looking at her sadly. I’m really sorry Bhabhi. Anjali shake her head hugging her.No geet. Don’t say that. Moving back she carsses her cheek.






After sometime brij and mohinder also came there. Ajay told them the good news. Par yea sab kaise? Mohinder asked suddenly. Sanaya open her mouth to say something when maan move in front of ger. Anjali felt dizzy uncle. And see, geet thinks it’s because of her. Mohinder look at geet frowning. Ab yea sab geet ko Kon samjhaaye, yea sab to ajay ki wajah se hua hai. He statr laughing making all the man laugh a loud, anjali become deep red looking down in shame. Sanaya look away, ajay slap his back.





All look at geet who was having a confuse look. All rolled their eyes. Now who will make her understand? She never will try to find the meaning behind any words.






Mohinder asked brij to drop Sanaya. All the drive Sanaya tried to say brij, she indicated the entire incident to him keeping her eyes on him only wanting to see that look in his face but he was only smiling, listening about geet. When they reach the destination. She speaks up. Don’t you think, geet should learn to be responsible? He frowned looking at her. I mean. She is such a spoiled…. she stopped in her track when brij show his hand to her with full angry face. Not a word against geet. Pointing his finger to her he says. Mind that. She gulped and looks down slowly nodding her head.









Maan was going back to work which was the hardest thing, when geet is there to stop him his waist. Mat jaona.  He smiles caressing ger hair. Geet. Have some work. She makes a face, keeping her cheek on his chest. He leans down keeping his cheek on her hair. You are so busy now a day.






I know. She moves a step making him step back untill his back hit the wall. She moves her one hand on his chest moving close to his ear. Maan tried not to react, he know she is on purpose seducing him so can’t go. But he has to. She kisses his earlobe softly moving close to the corner of his lips.





Uncle. He shouts, papa she jerk away turning around with her wide eyes but didn’t find anyone. He laughs hugging her from back. Meri geet kaise darne lag gahi? She pushes him by her elbow turning around. It’s all because of you. He giggles holding her waist and moves her to the wall hiding his face on her neck nuzzling there. Her arm move around his neck.






Bhabhi. She whispered trying to love him but he push himself more on her. Maan Bhabhi. She again whispered and pushes him hard. He made an annoying face. She eyed him, he turn around to find anjali actually coming to her room. Both strengthen themselves and smile looking at her. Maan. You still here?  He looks down.Was just going. Bye. He said and almost ran making anjali giggle at his red face. He always becomes so shy in front of everyone.







Precap: wedding started






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3 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. kavita

    January 9, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    awesome mindblowing super and all
    love it

  2. mishy

    January 9, 2012 at 1:27 PM

    awesome super cool very nice yaar zoha try to make it bigger update please
    keep writing update soon

  3. vidhi

    January 9, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    hah.. i wish sanaya had gt bad 4m brij.. bt 4 nw v l manage wit d glare.. lol…
    great wrk 🙂
    plz update soon…


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