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As much as ger didn’t wanted to leave her but geet insured to go as there must be something urgent that Vicky called. They went out to see all sitting. Chachu discussed with maan, they were urgently called for some business matters and have to leave. He even told, it was meera holidays for a month wo suggested to go for a month and they should come there for engagement. Maan and mom agreed and told them, they will come for the engagement.



Vicky was not so happy for this delay but geet made him understand the situations.






Geet entered their room with Vicky behind her. Maan was sitting on bed with his laptop, the moment he saw Vicky he rolled his eyes. Here he comes again. He sat beside maan resting his back. Geet sat in front of him. Bhabhi. Why this always happens to me? He complained pouting. She laughs. Everything happens for good. It’s for month only.






Yea. Only… it may be only, for you. But for me its 30 days wait. He sighed sadly, geet pull his cheek. Now don’t be sad. he looks cute but things need time to be solved.

Maan keep his laptop aside and look at them they both continue their talk while his eyes admire ger only. Wanting to touch and feel ger every parts always and forever, to keep her with him close to his heart always never letting her go. 






He move and hold her hand bringing her in his embrace so that her back rested on his chest and start playing with her hair inhaling the fragrance. Vicky rolled his eyes. Here you go again. Bro at least let me talk. He nuzzles his face on her hair while geet giggle. Shut up. He mumbled hiding his face on her neck, bringing her more cloe to him. only if vick would be here.



Vicky shakes his head. Waise bro. How about a party. Dad project need a grand party. Geet jump excitedly.  Oh yes. Maan sighed kissing her shoulder. I know. I just need time.





Time for what? She questioned turning around. Well. To sort something. Vicky and geet look at him curiously. What things? He simply holds her bringing her again close to him. Hai kuch. Holding her fingers he starts playing with them while Vicky and geet exchange a worried glance. What is in his mind now? geet sat agian comfortably on him looking down at their hands.




They sat for almost hours talking to each others. Maan lied down on his right watching both of them while geet rest her back on him pulling her knee up. She spoke up. Chachu wants engagement to be held on their place. It will be so exciting. Haina. She exclaimed excitedly. Vicky nods his head. but suddenly geet remember something.



She turns to maan. Maan. You told you will take break after this project. He closes his eyes. This is the question she is been asking him from morning again and again. he really have no time for any vacations, his works being really hactic including the project now.. he have to sort them himself and here she is again and again talking about taking leave. I know. I need time.










How much? Please take a leave for at least 15 days.

He opens his eyes looking at her curiously. Are you mad?  15 days. What’s wrong with you? Vicky look at both knowing where exactly they were heading. What do you mean?  You have told before, than why are you rejecting now.





Geet, please. I have some work. I will think about it.





Yes. Your work always comes first.  I doubt you even think about me.  She frowned and move away from him.  He sighed dejected and sat.Ok I’m sorry. I will seriously take my time. He looks at Vicky who was also giving him that look. A blaming look. How much he hates that.









Rehne do. Karo apna kaam.

With that she stood up and went out slamming the door. That’s not done bro. Vicky said making maan shake his head. You both are married nearly a year now, but you never have spent time peacefully with her.










He warned him. No Vicky bro. She also needs your time. He sighed rubbing his temple. I know. I think I said I need some time.


What is so important?










You want to know?  Than listen. My detective came to know about brij. He is being trapped. Very soon Vicky. And I don’t want geet to know anything about it.

Vicky frowned. I don’t want her to suffer more. She should forget everything. Only happiness.







Precap: maan keeping track on brij.
               Geet bechaari complaining.




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One response to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. jain

    January 8, 2012 at 8:50 PM

    i sumwere ws gussin it ll b brij… 🙂
    waitin d update… its gonna b interestin!! 😉

    great work!


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