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Her life is being decided, always have decided by Dadaji or Sam. Not once have they asked during all this, weather she want all this, what she wants to do?  What she feels about maan? 



She went upstairs to meera the person, the person who is going to change her life. As she approached him, who was facing his back to her and talking in phone. She clears her throat to gain his attention. He turns around and smile looking at her, gesturing her to sit and again got pro his call.



She sat on the swing looking at him engrossed in his call. His talks told her he is making some office call so look above the sky.


Two hours past.



Maan was still in his phone making excuses again and again to her. Geet was pissed off now. She rolled her eyes and stood up. By the time he finishes his call and turn to her smiling.Hi. She glares him. Mr. Khurana. If your time, calls, work and family are important for you than let me tell you, my time, family and work are also important. He tried to say but she cut him raising ger hand. If you wanted to work than why did you called me in first time?




She turns around to walk. Geet please listen. He stands in front of ger. It was important.



I also had some important work, but I left that because of you. She points her finger to him. I was stupid to come and waste my time here. With that she went away. Maan stood there, feeling extremely guilty. What have he done. Uuffhh how can he forget geet is not the kind of girl whomever he always met. Waiting hours for him for just a word. Running his hand in his hair frustrated, he thought of the way now to manofy her.







She storm to her room highly irritated with this person. What does he think of himself? She waited for her for two damn hours and he, he can’t even say a sorry. Angrily she sat on her desk opening her book. She has a presentation tomorrow. But for him she left it to prepare later and went to him. Give a chance to their relation as all wanted. But what happened, looks like he doesn’t really want anything. Bus showoff. Samajhta kya hai apne aapko?



Then realization has drawn her. Why is she expecting? From when is she expecting anything from anyone? This is what happens to ger every day, every moment. No one has valued her time, her wish, and her desires. No one has waited for her. No one has asked her ever what she like or what not, except Samar and his family. That’s why she is so close to them than anyone. That is the place she gets love from only.



Maan is also like others, wanting her to do what is told, and she have to. But somewhere she was expecting at least something from him and that too went in vain today. A tear slipped from her eyes, why is her life so difficult why can’t she get just a little thing she want. Peace, happiness.



Geet. Let me sleep. Switch off the light. Murmuring Sam turn to other side. Feet wipe her tears and switch off the lamp taking all her books and went to the place where she always study alone, sit alone thinking about ger life. She sat in the balcony taking the small torch and Starr preparing her work.







On the other hand maan discussed his issue with dev who accused him badly.How can you do this maan? He sighed sadly. This was the moment you should spend with her not office.


But dev.


Oh shut up. Work could have been done later,  tu mujhe bol deta, main kar Leta. This was so important man.



He knows he is wrong, but that moment nothing went in his mind other than work. Ok now sleep. We will talk in morning. He slept and closes the light. Maan too went to his room and didn’t know what he will do now. He knows he have hurt her, but she was the one who never expected anything from him than why was she angry so much.








Precap: sad geet


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One response to “SAATHIYA

  1. mishy

    January 5, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    Feeling bad for geet yaar zoha i thought its exciting but it is sad update soon


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