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But what can she do? Why does she love him so much that whatever he does with her, her heart never wants to punish him, never want to see him suffer Than why he always make her suffer?  How long will she wait?  How long she have to lament? How much more time will he take to understand her.



She lean back her head to window and a tear escaped from her eyes. Why he only have to hurt her so much that it become so hard for her to forget and come close to him.




Two days were past. He made all the arrangement for Rahul. He called his men asking him, about the work progress. He told him they have successfully put the illegal items drugs in his stocks and have made all the arrangements to prove Rahul illegal businessman. Maan called the police and his deductive informing them about his doubt on some illegal stocks in mehra business.



He hangs the call smirking, at the defeat of Rahul. Now he will understand what will happen when he mess with maan Singh Khurana. He made sure to make his whole life hell and a big mess which never can be solved.



Papa. He heard a low voice outside the door. He silently went to open the door not wanting to disturb geet sleep. He opens the door to see Khushi rubbing her eyes with pouted lips. Scooping her up in his arm he patted her to make her sleep. She keeps her head on his shoulder soon sleeping. It was almost midnight so he didn’t took her to her room and laid her on their bed lying beside ger.








She opens ger eyes slowly feeling little finger on her cheek. She holds Khushi bring her close, which made maan stir a little and open his eyes. He smile seeing her and lean to kiss her Forehead.I have to go somewhere. She move a little but he hold ger arm again laying her. You stay here. Today is Sunday. Khushi will need you. I will come soon… he stood and wen to get ready. Ready to destroy that Rahul. After getting ready he called the cops for getting ready. He lean down and kiss her on lips and went out.







Maan Singh Khurana stood in front of Rahul who was watching him with his deathly glare behind the bases. He stood with his crossed arms and smirked walking forward. I won’t spare you maan. He chuckled shaking his head. Pehle yaha se Bahar to nikal. He groaned hitting the wall frustrated.  He move forward and give him a glare whispering dangerously. You have made the biggest mistake of your life to touch my wife. This is just the starting. With that he holds his collar. Just watch Rahul… how I make you see stars in daylight. With that he punched him hard making his nose bleed and hit the ground.




I want to kill you right now with my own hands. But that will be really easy. Smirking he move a step back crossing his arm. Three months. You wanted three months for geet. See. In three days what I made you…. a criminal…chuckling he turns around to the inspector. Make sure he won’t get out whole his life. He nodded. And show him some of your devices daily. He again nodded looking at Rahul. Maan turn around. Good bye. With that he went out leaving him to live happily ever after.







He comes home thrilled to say geet about Rahul. She will be so revealed. As he entre the room he saw Khushi sitting on their bed talking animatedly with geet who seems to be lost somewhere. His foot step makes her look up. He smile and lye beside Khushi keeping his head on geet lap. Pata hai papa… she starts saying her school stories. He giggles softly and looks up at geet.
Rahul is under arrest. She frowned and looks at him curiously. What? He smile and sat in front of her. Yes. Now he will pay for all his life. She gasped with her wide eyes. But before she could say anything they heard a loud noise. PAPA. Khushi yelled from behind making him turn in a jerk. There she sat by her knee in front of both of them with her tiny hands on her waist and puffy cheek.






Precap:  maan knowing about Khushi trip






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  1. mishy

    January 5, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    Ohhhhhhhhh have to wait longer cant wait update soon zoha


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