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Geet thought for some time. Maybe it’s right. She should have told Sanaya that she know what responsibilities are. She knows what home is. If she doesn’t have a mom it doesn’t mean she don’t know anything.




Wedding preparation was on high level. Geet and anjali were putting their best while ajay just do what the ladies ordered him. Maan become really busy in his business which geet complained thousand times a day. Poor maan have to bare all those and stay quiet.





Anjali asked Sanaya to come so they can select dresses together for her. She came and both sat in living room, anjali showed her the dresses. Geet was sitting on kitchen counter talking to maan on phone. You are so mean. She complained drinking the sip of juice. i told you before. I’m really busy.


I hate you.


Acha, you sure about that? He asked mischief. She frowned, making a cute face. I don’t know anything. I want you here. Bus. She storms the glass on table angrily. He giggles softly. Acha, now I have to go. Will call you later.



Haan Han, bus kaam aur kuch bhi nahi. She cut the call not listening his reply and went outside sitting beside anjali. She looks at her, kya hua? She shakes her head not wanting to talk in front of Sanaya.



The bell rand of door and geet stood up opening the door. The moment the door opens a loud gasp escape from her mouth. Maan. She whispered slowly, seeing him smiling and hold her hand pulling her little out. She smile wifely and hug him tight. Still hate me? He whispered softly muzzling her neck. She giggle shaking her head and move a little away, their faces inches away. He holds her waist tightly. She lean up and kiss his cheek softly.



Geet. Kon hai? Anjali called from back making them move away. He holds her hand and entre the house. Anjali smile seeing him. Maan. Come sit. He sat greeting Sanaya. Geet sat beside him. Maan, see these are Bhabhi dresses. So much Na. Anjali giggle, while Sanaya didn’t like the closeness between them. She talked to him without stopping while he only listens. Anjali bring tea for him.



Geet, you also select one. Anjali said passing her some dress. She took the dress and made a face at anjali and than maan. He takes the dress and picks one. This is nice. She smile and took the dress. Haan. Anjali take the dress and look at it. This is nice. Let me take it. Smiling she look at geet who frowned while maan smirked. Bhabhi its mine. Anjali chuckle and stood up. No. Now it’s my. With that she stood up but geet stopped ger. Bhabhi. Give. She shakes her head and tried to move but she hold ger and anjali escaped standing behind maan.



They ran for the dress, but suddenly anjali felt dizzy and stood holding her head. Bhabhi. All ran to her. Maan made her sit on couch and Sanaya ran to bring water. Bhabhi kya hua? Sanaya brought the water and made her drink slowly. Maan ran out to call doctor and ajay for her sudden fainting. Geet worriedly caresses her hair but anjali felt so week even to open her eyes.



It’s all because of you geet. How can you be so careless? Learn to be at least some responsible. Geet look down sadly, she didn’t did anything on purpose, nor did she know all this will happen. Maan came back and told them to take her to ger room. And went to call ajay again to come fast. Sanaya made her stand and walk. Geet stood beside anjali helping her when Sanaya jerk her away. Stop it. You already have done a lot. Saying this she went away leaving her behind.



She stood there very hurt by Sanaya, why she behaves so harshly to her? Was this all really her mistake? Is anjali in this condition because of her?  Sanaya took anjali to her room. Maan came back and found her standing there. Geet. She turn around with tears threatened to fall and hug him keeping her head on his chest but didn’t felt like talking at that moment, ger throat went dry even with the thought that this all is because of her.  Arey tumhe kya hua. She sniffs moving back and wipes her tears. He holds her shoulder. It’s ok geet. No need to be sad. He cups her cheek but saw ger sad face which he hates to see. He know how sad she must be feeling seeing anjali fainting unexpectedly. Chalo. Holding her hand he took ger to anjali room. This is the time she should see her.



Anjali smile weekly looking at her, she smiled back weekly but stood beside maan only. After sometime ajay came with the doctor. She advised to check her alone. All went out and waited for half hours when she came out. Nothing to worry. She is pregnant.  All smile delight and ajay ran hugging anjali. All went inside, Sanaya and maan congratulate her while geet only smile looking at her from far. Sanaya came and stood beside her.



Dekha geet.aaj surf tummari nadaani aur bachkani harkato  ki wajah se kya ho sakta ta. Tum itna laparwa hosakti ho. Geet look down but somewhere didn’t like her talking like this. Maan and ajay look at tum curiously.Bhabhi aap kya keh rahi hai?  It was not geet fault. Maan spoke unable to take Sanaya words, he know how much geet will feel hurt by this. No one talks to her so harshly. I’m talking the truth.  She is no more a small kid. Ajay clenched his fist and was about to stand up when anjali hold his wrist. Bus Bhabhi bus. Buhat keh diya aapne. He roared coming in front of her. Sanaya move a step back looking at his eyes. Ajay stood up but anjali tightened her hold. Geet. She called out looking at her princess almost in tears. Come.



Opening her arm she called ger. Geet went and sat besides her hugging her. Anjali look behind to maan gesturing him to take her away. Moving back she keeps her hand on her cheek. Will you make something for me? I’m hungry. Geet smile weekly and kiss her cheek, standing maan move his arm around her shoulder and wipe her tears going out. Ajay look at them going and turn to Sanaya.






Precap: Sanaya topass gahi bhai….






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4 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. Najiah's Naina

    January 3, 2012 at 7:52 PM

    nYC uPDATE dEAR!!!

  2. shrutims

    January 3, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    loved the update
    the best part was the precap

  3. kavita

    January 3, 2012 at 9:49 PM

    wonderfull update
    love innocent geet
    sanaya always hurt her

  4. mishy

    January 4, 2012 at 12:04 AM

    Awesome update love innocent geet but why she didnt answer stupid sanaya now ajay will tell her her level love maan he came for her nd take her side


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