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I got their call in morning. And there my whole day went on presenting site seeing discussing and many issues. And finally they agreed. Geet smile and hug him kissing his cheek.



Ok now let’s celebrated this. Both look at ger curiously. I will make something sweet. And ofcourse coffee for my maan. Kissing his cheek she went to kitchen getting busy while maan adore her with his love.



She got busy in the kitchen, when maan and Vicky both made their way inside. Vicky sat on the counter while maan just stood beside her. Bhabhi, kya bana rahi hai? She smiles. Kheer, aur coffee. Maan hug her from back.I’m hungry. How about pasta.







 Vicky gasped nodding his head.  Fine. Than help me. Without any other words both helped her.



They sat and ate, while talking for long. Discussing about their business. Geet wanted him to take a gap which he said to wait.





They enter their room, after getting tired. He slams on bed closing his eyes. She smile and sat beside him caressing his cheek. Tired? He smiles with his close eyes and nods his head. She leans down brushing her lips softly with him. He smile kissing her softly moving his arms around her waist. She move back a little and nuzzle her face in his neck. It was the day she wanted to celebrate. The happiest day of their life. Looks like everything going in right track now.



First ger health and now the contract. She was way too happy and knows very well there will be no bonds of his happiness. Their hands got busy slowly removing each other’s cloths, removing each barrier between each others. Touching the burning skin awakening the desires which always dies to come out. This was the time they wanted to love each other’s the way they never did.



He made her lye besides her looking at ger as his whole life based on her; she is the girl who changed everything for him. Softly stroking her cheek he kisses ger Forehead.I can’t imagine my life without you. He whispered capturing her lips. She closed her eyes feeling him. His finger move to her body stroking, feeling every parts of her. She accepted it. Wanting him to feel every part of her the way he wants, the way he desires. His lips never left her skin feeling every part softly like she is some crystal and making ger glow more by his warmth.




His desires were uncontrolable, she sighed, moaned every where he touched, strockes and caressed. His mouth again went to her and entered her filling ger with his soul. Making her his, always his. She loved the feel and move in the rhythm with him, making him groan again and again increasing his pressure, she didn’t mind, she love it, every sort of him, every love, his passion he is the most amazing part of her. He didn’t move making his soul meet her, she throw her head back feeling the most incredible moment, thought they have made love many time but every time is special for them. She moaned his name, scratching her nail in his back, feeling the moment, giving him herself, wanting him to do with her everything he want today.







It was late, but they were still cuddle in each other’s arm. He was not letting her for the moment throughout the night; she didn’t even complain for once which made him feel special. He was hugging ger from back sticking her body with him, his face on her neck. Opening his eyes the first thing he did to tighten his hold sounds her, bringing her more close to him. Kissing her shoulder softly.



Moment passed, but he didn’t move, not wanting to leave ger today. Wanting to cuddle her in his arms always. But the loud noise of ring made him and ger paradise disturb. She moaned opening her eyes slowly and looks at her mobile ringing. Picking the phone she whispered sleepy. Hello. Maan hand move to her back and kiss ger neck. Haan Vicky bolo.



Bhabhi. Please both of you come out, it’s urgent.


Ok. Saying this she cut the call.



As much as ger didn’t wanted to leave her but geet insured to go as there must be something urgent that Vicky called. They went out to see all sitting. Chachu discussed with maan, they were urgently called for some business matters and have to leave. He even told, it was meera holidays for a month wo suggested to go for a month and they should come there for engagement. Maan and mom agreed and told them, they will come for the engagement.



Vicky was not so happy for this delay but geet made him understand the situations.




Precap: maan telling Vicky about stalker.




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