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Anjali smile looking both of them together and geet arm around maan. She saw her hugging Sanaya and wishing her kissing her cheek. Maan shake his hand with brij and move a little back letting geet meet Sanaya. She looks how maan was only and only looking at her and was only beside her. She can see how much he wanted her to be with him which cannot be happen like this. There are many people and having no choice she find geet leaving him and went to brij and ajay. She saw him getting restless and stayed away from everyone in one corner. The only time his smile got back when she went to him again.



The entire guest went late night. Geet went in her room quickly throwing her heavy dupatta on bed and turn to her mirror to take her necklace out when she saw behind maan sitting bed with her dupatta. He smile and come toward her wrapping his arm around her bare waist. What are you doing here? She asked angrily pushing him and tried tto take her dupatta from him which he didn’t let go. Maan. Give. He smirked and again jerks her to him. She struggle but he calmly hold her tight. After getting tired she sighed and looks at him. He smile and kiss her cheek throwing the dupatta on bed. Why are you angry? 



She again tried to move but he locks both his arm around her. Bhai and bhaiya were talking I didn’t spend time with them today. It’s all because of you. Making a face she pouts playing with his button. He chuckled hiding her face in her neck mumbling.I’m sorry. Kissing her skin he move back seeing her smiling a little and keep her head on his chest. You should go. Bhabhi said she will come.

he didnt say anything, move his hand to her cheek making her look up and slowly, kiss her lips. she close her eyes keeping her hand on his heart feeling his thudding beats. they kissed softly feeling the soft lips of eachothers. he nibble her lower lip moving his hand on her hair bringing her more close deepening the kiss. she moaned with the pleasure. his step move forward making her step back and stick between wal and his body. his hand roam around her waist to her back feeling th epoed skin. she move her arm around his neck moving her tongue in his mouth. their tongue played while his fingers moved to her stomach feelings her sking. they didnt wanted to move back but unable to breath he move a little back making her gasp and close her eyes keeping her head on wall both breathing heavily.
His face move to her neck kissing softly. they stayed ineachothers amr for sometime catching their breath. after sometime He made her sit on bed and sat in front of her caressing her cheek. You made my life so beautiful. She smile and kiss his cheek softly keeping her head on his shoulder. He holds her waist bringing her more close. He didn’t say just hold her for some time when there was knock on the door. Geet.



Bhabhi. Both look at each other’s scared.Go. She whispered pushing him to window. He went down but again peeped up kissing her cheek and went.



She straight herself and open the door. Anjali frowned by her behavior. She never locks the door. What took you so long? It makes her stammered and turns her face hiding her red embarrassed face.I was just changing bhabhi. Anjali come inside and take her night dress from cupboard.  Change and come. I need to ask you something. She nods her head and went to change her dress.




After coming she sat in front of anjali. She smile and keep her palm on her cheek. You never told what happened when you went with maan. Geet look down smiling shyly. Did he propose you? She look up frowning and then realized, all the while none of them have clearly confessed.  They didn’t once tell each other are clearly their feelings. Geet. She looks at anjali and slowly shakes her head. Anjali look at her curiously. What??



But Bhabhi I know he have feelings for me and he also know it now. Anjali shake her head dejected.  This girl will never change; no matter what she can never do anything without any explanations. Bhabhi. He proved it. Sachi.  Look.  Extending her hand she shows her ring which popped anjali eyes. Maan gave her the ring. A ring. What will happen to both of them? The one who is claiming her again and again his only and here this stupid girl who not once tried to make things clear or wants to see from that aspect. You should tell him what you feel for him. She tells holding her hand. Geet smile moving her hand and keep her head on her lap. He knows Bhabhi. More than me. Anjali smile and stroke her hair and prayed silently for both of their happiness. These hidden things won’t bring any problem in their life and they can be as happy as or happier than she is with ajay.



She knows maan live her way more, than ajay love her. Their love is very stronger and pure. Bus kisi ki buri nazar na lage.





Precap: geet and sonali shopping.



Love you all for all your love and support.

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