05 Dec






The meeting still going on?


No sir. Mr. Mehra went far before. He looks at her curiously and frowned. Why is geet in conference room than. He nods his head and went to conference room to see hat taking her so long.




He opens the door and become shock to see her sitting down crying hard. Rushing to her he sat besides her holding her shoulder. Geet kya hua? She looks up by his voice and hugs him hard crying more. He was shocked by her red face and full of so many tears. What could have happened that made Ger like this. Geet. She cried tightening her hold hiding her face in his neck making his skin wet. He slowly close the door and hold her waist making her stand but she was feeling so week that couldn’t even stand.




He moves his hand and locks the door stroking Ger hair. Kya hua?? Bolo geet. She sniffs moving away but looks down, tears only rolling down. He cups her face moving her face up. WO. WO… he nods wanting her to continue. He came again… and… And… She again starts crying hiding her face in her palm. Feeling ashamed to even say it. She knows how miserable he will feel after knowing what happened.




Maan hold her face, who came?  What happened?  He whispered bringing her in his embrace feeling Ger becoming week and shake from crying. Rahul. She whispered hiding herself in his embrace taking his breath away. How can this happen?  Rahul came back? But how? What have the done which made geet like this? His fist clenched just by the thought, what if he again mislead with her. If he really did it than god save him.




Holding geet tight he made her sit on a chair and give her a glass of water. She sniffs and drinks few sips slowly. Keeping the glass he turns to her wiping her face and that’s when his eyes fell on her skin which has teeth marks. His anger reached in its peak and touches the marks softly which made her flinch and look at him with new tears filling her eyes. He cups her face shaking his head and kisses her forehead.




Khushi must be waiting. Let’s go home. She sniffs and nods her head. He hold her waist for support knowing well how week she should be at this moment. She holds his hand and his other hand support her waist helping her to walk. They reach the cabin where Khushi was drawing. Baby. Let’s go home. She looks up and smile walking to them. Maan reach his hand for her and hold both his girls going out.




He wanted to kill that person who dared to touch his wife for the second time. Rahul really have to pay for this. He has to deal with maan Singh khurana now. He was driving but his mind was not at all there. Rahul must have forgotten about past but he will now make sure geet will get the most terrible pain in his life for giving pain to his wife. He may think that’s its only maan who can only beat him and nothing else. But he forgets he is the maan Singh Khurana and he won’t tolerate a single pain on his jaan. Rahul have to pay all his life now.




Slowly turning to geet he saw her silently looking outside with her head on window. His heart ached to see this sadness in her eyes. Reaching for her hand he slowly holds her and looks at her. She looks at him and tightened her hold bringing his hand close to her heart. She needed his support more than anything. He was the one who vanished such a terrible memory from her and she needed him to do it again.



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Precap: nightmares….




Love you all.


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